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Tag - The Procussions

Paris DJs Playlist May June July August 2014

Paris DJs Playlist - May/June/July/August 2014

This playlist has been a few months in the making... We were kinda busy with our crowdfunding campaign this summer, but managed to get back on our feet and finally publish this mega-post filled with 49 short or not-that-short reviews of new singles, albums and compilations we received at Paris DJs those last months! As usual, this playlist focuses on the physical records sent to us, promo CD of...

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Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol 3 Dynamite B-Boys

Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol.3 - Dynamite B-Boys

Third in a series of five free EPs collecting the best reggae reworks from the Paris DJs Virtual Releases podcast in high-quality audio, entirely produced, mixed and newly remastered by French superproducer Grant Phabao, 'Dynamite B-Boys' gathers four reworks of monumental American Hip Hop artists Lyrics Born, Jurassic 5, Big Daddy Kane and The Procussions. Those four reggae reworks have...

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Grant Phabao Live Soul System Dubtape Vol 2

Grant Phabao Live Soul System - Dubtape Vol.2

After producing albums and hit singles with Studio One's legends The Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston, The Jays, The Silvertones, Parisian dubmeister Grant Phabao was given the Jamaican stamp of approval of "the producer who brings back the original Lee Perry and King Tubby sounds with a modern twist". Phabao expanded his output with roots jamaican remixes for artists such as Alice...

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Mr. J Medeiros - Saudade - out on De Medeiros LLC

Mr. J Medeiros (formerly of The Procussions) - Saudade (CD/Digital) De Medeiros LLC, 2011-06-14 Los Angeles-based rapper, producer, singer and songwriter, Mr. J. Medeiros has carved his own path in Hip Hop. Known for his work with the indie label Rawkus Records and his group The Procussions, Mr. J. is back with a new record called Saudade available everywhere June 14, 2011. Mr. J. Medeiros is...

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Mr J Medeiros - Friends Enemies Apples Apples

Mr J Medeiros - Friends Enemies Apples Apples (CD) De Medeiros, LLC / Quannum Projects, 2009-09-20 Mr. J. Medeiros (of the Procussions) will release in 2009 his sophomore album "Friends, Enemies, Apples, Apples" on Quannum Projects to follow up his first release "Of gods and girls" released on Rawkus Records. Digital EP "The Art of Broken Glass" is available. The...

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DJ Vajra of The Procussions - Saul Good

DJ Vajra (The Procussions) - Saul Good (Free download) 2008-07-03 DJ Vajra of the Procussions has a free mix on his website. One of Q-Bert's favourite deejays & his judgement is totally on point. "So i decided, because i love all of you, to put my mix CD Saul Good up for free download on my website - if you download it, let me know what you think of it! thanks!" -...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Morning Sunshine

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Morning Sunshine

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Morning Sunshine (MP3 Podcast on 2009-05-18 It's been raining for too many days here in Paris so we decided to call for some rays of sunshine, with a mix to listen to in the morning, under a nice sunny vibe. Plat de resistance is a selection of supacool underground hip hop coolies to wake up to, until you're ready to leave for whatever it is you do when...

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Mr J. Medeiros - The Art of Broken Glass EP

Mr J Medeiros - The Art of Broken Glass (Digital) De Medeiros, LLC, 2009-04-20 Not since the emergence of Mos Def has there been an independent artist this deep, introspective, and provocative. This is the future of Hip Hop - soulful and intelligent lyrics rapidly delivered through complex yet smooth rhyme schemes. In 2009, Mr. J. Medeiros formed De Medeiros, LLC on which he released the EP...

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Pigeon John - Featuring Pigeon John 2

Pigeon John - Featuring Pigeon John 2 (CD) The Telephone Company, 2007-10-14 Info : Featuring Pigeon John 2 is part 2 of Featuring Pigeon John 1. The mixtape features rare and exclusive tracks by Pigeon John from 2003 until now. Tracklisting : 01. No More Greener Grass (feat. The Grouch and Eligh) / 2003 02. Open Bar (feat. Grits) / 2006 03. Side to Side (feat. Blackalicious and Lateef the...

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Mr. J. Medeiros - Of Gods And Girls

Mr. J. Medeiros - Of Gods And Girls (CD) Rawkus, 2007-08-28 Tracklisting : 01. Amelie (Feat. 20Syl Of Hocus Pocus) 05:04 02. Silent Earth 03:43 03. Strangers 04:01 04. Constance 03:33 05. Change (Feat. Strange Fruit Project And Rez of The Procussions) 03:47 06. King Of Rock Bottom (Feat. DJ Vajra) 05:07 07. Half A Dream (Feat. Marty James Of One Block Radius) 03:44 08. Keep Pace 03:37 09. Money...

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