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Tag - The Heliocentrics

Mr Moo - Abstractions In Space

Mr. Moo - Abstractions In Space

What really happened after the 90's? Past the electronic revolution, once all the freaks fled the overpriced cities, between the last gasp of experience and the last band standing in the minefield of our time, a bit before we found ourselves digitally brainwashed, there was a stream gathering, a loose joint venture of alternate currents, not really a scene or to twist Jim's words: "Weirds...

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Nicolas Ragonneau Paris DJs Best Of 2014 Albums

The best of 2014 according to Nicolas Ragonneau

Nicolas Ragonneau used to write amazing pieces for Paris DJs: interviews, portraits, record reviews… Until one day he couldn't do it anymore. Day job, kids, etc., you know the deal! But the man has a lot of taste, he doesn't produce music, hence still finds time to listen to some new stuff. So we asked him to send us his "best of 2014" selection and the records he picked are quite...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol 3

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol.3

Already the third volume in our series of eclectic selections of free tunes found on the web, this mix is as eclectic as ever. Things start on a rather relaxed mood, with an electro-pop Serge Gainsbourg cover produced by Professor Oz for his wife Nélo, before some surprising deep funk dressing of Australian pop band Animaux by our regular collaborators The Cactus Channel, and an inspired...

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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 14

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.14

The last Soundcloud Selection we offered was on Xmas day… so it was high time to feed our listeners' ears with some honey newness! Hence this 14th volume filled with soul, hip hop, reggae, ethio-jazz, trip hop and more downtempo grooves for a more than two hours long rather relaxing session....

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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 13

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.13

Hope you've enjoyed the Xmas festivities with your friends and family. We've tried to complement those times with some new xmas mixes, a new xmas single, and to conclude the series fo cool gifts, our latest Soundcloud selection of the year, 37 tracks full of soul & coolness - with the mandatory xmas tunes here and there of course. Happy holidays everyone!!...

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Banlieues Bleues 2013

Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics + Rikki Ililonga, Jagari Chanda & Karl Hector and The Malcouns Live in Paris!!

The Banlieues Bleues festival has outdone itself with this amazing double-bill on april 6th in Aubervilliers, near Paris. First there will be the Nigerian afro-soul pionner Orlando Julius backed by psychedelic groove masters The Heliocentrics, followed by Zambian rock legends Rikkim Ililonga and Jagari Chanda, backed by German afro-funk kings Karl Hector & The Malcouns!! If you've never heard...

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Lazarus Horseplay

Lazarus and The Plane Crash - Horseplay - out now on Antique Beat Records

Lazarus and The Plane Crash - Horseplay (CD/Digital) Antique Beat 2012-01-02 "It is a strange hairy thing" says Stephen Coates (aka The Clerkenwell Kid aka The Real Tuesday Weld) about his new project Lazarus and The Crash Plane (an allusion to Gainsbourg's Cargo Culte?) in the interview he's just done for Paris DJs. And it is indeed a weird and bonkers creature, a psychedelic freaky...

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Mr. Chop Switched On

Mr. Chop - Switched On - out on Now-Again Records

Mr. Chop - Switched On (CD/2x10"/9"/Digital) Now-Again / Five Day Weekend FDW7705, 2011-10-17 Now-Again Records, in association with Five Day Weekend, presents Mr. Chop's Switched On over the course of a 9" single and a 2x10" LP. If you're a long-time Paris DJs reaer/follower, by now you know all about the man - but, in case you need a primer: Coz Littler aka Mr. Chop is a...

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Mr. Chop Silver Frequencies

Mr. Chop - Silver Frequencies - out on Now-Again Records

Mr. Chop - Silver Frequencies (Promo CD) Now-Again Records/Five Day Weekend FDW 7704P, 2009 Coz Littler aka Mr. Chop has been releasing his music on his own label, then on Gerald 'Jazzman' Short's Stark Reality label, then on Dusty's Jazz & Milk Records. He's now signed on Stones Throw's subsidiary label Now-Again Records and is releasing new music with the help of, among others UK...

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Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Rubber Orchestras - out on Heavenly Sweetness

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Rubber Orchestras (CD/2xLP/Digital) Heavenly Sweetness/Naïve HS048, 2011-09-12 "The griot is the sound of universal culture." The opening words of his third album (after Leggo de Lion on Kindred Spirits in 2007 and Bird Head son in 2009) introduces us to the universe of Anthony Joseph. Born in Trinidad and based in UK since 20 years, Anthony is one...

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