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Tag - The Cheebacabra

The Mackrosoft - S.E.M.E.

The Mackrosoft - S.E.M.E. (Digital release) Mackrosoft Records, 2009-07-15 Every time the synth-voodoo masters of The Mackrosoft drop a new album (which happens at a prolific speed), all the bouncin’ heads of Wax Poetics turn in unison. That trend continues with the release of their new album S.E.M.E., featuring eight tracks of the pure, unadulterated, ahead-of-their-time Mackrosoft music we’ve...

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The Mackrosoft - Shirts and Skins

The Mackrosoft - Shirts and Skins (CD) Mackrosoft Records MS0015, 2009...

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The Mackrosoft - Upgrade

The Mackrosoft - Upgrade (CD) Mackrosoft Records MS0014, 2009...

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grant phabao and djouls 21st Century Blaxploitation

Grant Phabao & Djouls - 21st Century Blaxploitation

Grant Phabao & Djouls - 21st Century Blaxploitation (MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2008-02-06 From oldschool wah-wah rides to psychedelic soul, from deep funk to b-boy partying, from soul rock to electronic grooves, from pop to disco, here's the first volume of a new series of mixes, covering the '21st Century Blaxploitation' genre. This is an imaginary soundtrack to a smashing...

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Aja West & Friends - Total Recall 2012

Aja West & Friends - Total Recall 2012 (CD) The Mackrosoft, 2007-05-22 Tracklisting : 01. Penny in A Fountain | Go Download MP3 02. The Getaway | Download 160k MP3 03. Wanna Get Up 04. Out Of Control 05. My Modo 06. Point. Click. Drag. Drop. 07. Clouds Imitate Life 08. I Don't Need Love 09. How Many lumps? 10. 2012 Suite 11. What's Really Going On? - Part I 12. What's Really Going On? - Part...

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Aja West - The Olympian

Aja West - The Olympian (CD) Mackrosoft Records MS0011, 2007-01-15 Tracklisting : 01. Goonie Birds 02. The Olympian 03. In Preparation 04. Soccer! 05. Whippin hustler 06. Psychoactive Suicide Hish 07. Snakes And Harpies 08. Manhood Tookin 09. God Made Me Funky 10. Animals Credits : Produced, recorded, written and engineered by Aja West Featuring Money Mark (Beastie Boys keyboard player) on tracks...

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The Best Of 2006 - Part.1

The 150 Best Records Of 2006 - Part 1 12 ELECTRONIC ALBUMS & SINGLES FOR 2006 PART 1 01. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - Secret Rhythms 2 (CD/2xLP) 02. Diesler - Keepie Uppies (CD) 03. Quantic - An Announcement to Answer (CD/LP) 04. Grant Phabao - Remixed & Remixes (CDR) 05. AFX - Hangable Auto Bulb (CD) / Chosen Lords (CD) 06. Senor Coconut - Yellow Fever (CD) 07. The Juju...

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The Cheebacabra - Exile In The Woods

The Cheebacabra - Exile In The Woods (CD) Mackrosoft Records MS0013, 2006-06-27 Tracklisting : 01. The Annunciation | Download MP3 02. March Of The Biomorphs | Download MP3 03. The Secret Agenda | Download MP3 04. Auto-Indexing 05. Chatter 06. Levitan's Eye 07. Sneak Attack 08. Rebirth Of The Electric Ant 09. The Treehouse 10. Dysplastic Nevi 11. A Journey Begins 12. Exile In The Woods Musicians...

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The Best Record Labels of 2005

01. Ninja Tune Records / Big Dada Records (UK) Cette année encore Ninja Tune et Big Dada ont occupé le terrain, avec un gros paquet de sorties, pas toutes complètement indispensables, mais d'une qualité globale inégalée, et incluant quelques merveilles à ne rater sous aucun prétexte: Skalpel, Super Numeri, One Self, Blockhead, Solid Steel presents Bonobo, Treva Whateva, Amon Tobin, Keep In Time,...

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Special Mackrosoft Records

Special Mackrosoft Records Le funk lounge west coast est toujours vivant, au delà du domaine de l'illustration musicale pure. Aja West, requin de L.A. qui s'est fait la main à bosser avec les Dust Brothers (B.O. de "Fight Club"), Beck, Santana, Money Mark ou Run DMC, a regroupé autour de lui une congrégation de funksters et de B-Boy plutôt allumés, qui nous balancent d'entrée une...

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