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Tag - The Apples

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends and Family Vol 2

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends & Family Vol.2

Following up where we left off with the first volume, here’s the second part of our "extravaganza" mix digging into the vast selection of current artists, bands and producers from the unique "Paris DJs universe". We’ve left you last week with a 25-tracks selection of American friends, let’s now check out the rest of the world, with 25 more productions and reissues originating...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol 4

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland? - Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol.4 (Digital Compilation, Paris DJs)

Paris DJs with some insight from Zakari Frantz (The Souljazz Orchestra) have prepared for this 4th volume in the 'Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International' series a special treat, since they opted from day one to go into an Afro Rock direction with the title 'Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland'. Exclusive tracks are numerous, starting with a surprising Ethio-Twist number from Dereb The...

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Paris DJs Playlist September 2013

Paris DJs Playlist - September 2013

Reissues from Daptone, Analog Africa, Mukatsuku and Tramp Records, new releases from Record Kicks, Audio Montage, Ninja Tune, Tru-Thoughts, Soul Garden, Paris DJs, Brainfeeder… it's the monthly playlist composed of selections from the records (CDs and vinyl) labels and artists sent to us during the past month!...

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Markey Funk Gilli tha Kid in search of Mordy Laye Mixtape

Markey Funk & Gilli tha Kid - ...In Search of Mordy Laye (Mixtape)

This might be THE psychedelic mixtape of the summer! Cooked up by Markey FunkGilli tha Kid, inspired by the album The Mystery of Mordy Laye', the mixtape contains quotes and music by Broadcast, Ennio Morricone, MHE, Free the Robots, The Simonsound, Percee P, Edan, Alan Hawkshaw, The Voodou Ju Ju Drug, Computer Jay, Jean-Jacques Perrey, The Gaslamp Killer, Alain Goraguer, Shawn Lee, The Apples,...

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Radio Trip Mixes

Radio Trip - 60s & 70s Israeli Grooves Mixes

Producers Ofer 'Schoolmaster' Tal and Uri 'Mixmonster' Wertheim form the Radio Trip duo in Tel-Aviv. Their sample-heavy releases are records we're still looking for on CD (nowhere to be seen in France), blending obscure records cut-ups, blues, jazz, soul, funk & turntablism, messing up the headz' minds whenever possible. They've recently uploaded 3 mixes of rare Israeli grooves from the 60s...

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The Apples Fly On It

The Apples - Fly On It - out on Audio Montage

The Apples are an AMAZING funk band from Tel-Aviv, who's already been heavily featured on Paris DJs, with their incredible cover of Rage Against The Machine (played in Grant Phabao & Djouls Are Molesting Laura Vol.8, january 2008), the no less incredible cover of Snap! (played in Who Is Molesting Laura ? part 6, august 2009), or its b-side (played by Flevans in his March 2009 Mix). The band...

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Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra Last Odyssey

Paris DJs Playlist - May 2012

This may 2012 selection of 12 physical records (vinyls, CDs) sent to us by labels, artists and distributors was again not easy not build, with all the good music that's been released every week! Contact us is you want to be listed in this section next month - keep in mind that our music experts Djouls and Nicolas don't have the time to go through watermarked CDs and CD-Rs, but listen to every...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Bag Of Goodies Vol 6

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag of Goodies Vol.6

The march 2012 Bag of Goodies selection by Djouls and Loik is one for the dancers, soulful and full of breaks. Tel-Aviv funksters The Apples are back with a new album on Audio Montage - check our Israeli Funk Mix for more on that scene - and the first single Thang is a killer one, also available on a limited 7 inch… Next we have The Funk Ark, an afrobeat/afrolatin funk band from Washington DC....

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Paris DJs and Jewpop present Funk Soul Reggae and Hip Hop From Tel Aviv

Paris DJs & Jewpop present Funk, Soul, Reggae & Hip Hop From Tel-Aviv

The Bubble, Tel-Aviv's nickname, is now the Middle-East funkiest place to be! The music scene over there is bursting with infectious grooves, matching reggae, afro, oriental and hip hop beats, as a whole bunch of bands and artists ranging from Boom Pam, DJ Sabbo, Kutiman, The Apples, Karolina Avratz… to The Ramirez Brothers jam band, have emerged as a funk movement. Here's a taste of all these...

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The Apples - Kings - out on Freestyle Records

The Apples - Kings (CD/12") Freestyle Records FSRCD083, 2010-09-27 The brand new release from the nine piece instrumental Juggernaut. In a musical first for the band, they wrote, arranged and recorded music with specific collaborators in mind. They held sessions with two of their heroes; a congregation with two musical and spiritual father figures from opposite ends of The Apples' rich...

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