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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends and Family Vol 2

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends & Family Vol.2

Following up where we left off with the first volume, here’s the second part of our "extravaganza" mix digging into the vast selection of current artists, bands and producers from the unique "Paris DJs universe". We’ve left you last week with a 25-tracks selection of American friends, let’s now check out the rest of the world, with 25 more productions and reissues originating...

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Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno - A Life Worth Living feat U-Roy and Alice Russell

Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno - A Life Worth Living (feat. U-Roy & Alice Russell) (12", Tru Thoughts, 2016)

As a preview for '1000 Watts', the third album from his cumbia-reggae-dub project Flowering Infernow (out of a total of 17th full-lengths!) scheduled for mid-june, Quantic releases a month before on 12 inch vinyl a superb first single, with guests Jamaican deejay and godfather of the style U-Roy, and for the chorus, soul singer and long-time collaborator Alice Russell. A first, very successful...

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Space Captain - In Memory EP

Space Captain - In Memory EP (Digital EP, Tru Thoughts , 2016)

Jazzy psychedelic soul drenched in hip hop-infused electronica and dreamy indie rock, from Brooklyn, NY. This combo might seem hard to pigeonhole today but a few years back we would have called it trip-hop, a catch-all "genre" that's been making a big comeback recently. The main piece here is the languid closing track 'Two', very reminiscent of NY's vibes today....

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Anchorsong - Ceremonial

Anchorsong - Ceremonial (CD, Tru Thoughts, 2016)

After a first record released late 2011, 'Chapters', Tokyo-born, London-based musician Masaaki Yoshida a.k.a. Anchorsong is back on Tru Thoughts with a new album, 'Ceremonial', showcasing some newly found 1960s/70s afrobeat/highlife and South East Asian music influences. Blending crisp tribal percussion, burbling electronica, bass-heavy tropical workouts, soulful strings, Anchorsong's music should...

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Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing Remixes

Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing Remixes (Digital EP) Tru Thoughts TRUDD159, 2015-12-11

First self-released in 2005, then reissued by Tru Thoughts in 2007, the Hot 8 Brass Band cover of Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' quickly became a DJ bag must-have for all the cool party DJs, an instant classic bringing smiles to many audiences, small or large. The band re-recorded the tune this year for their 20th anniversary celebration and album (full info here), and a digital single is released...

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Space Captain - Two

Space Captain - Two (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

A new Tru Thoughts signing, Brooklyn-based band Space Captain brings a bit of the New york indie rock spirit to Brighton, and it's a cool surprise! Starting off like a delicate Fairground Attraction song, deeply touching with its perfect evocation of fragility, before building up into a psychedelic indie-rock whirlwind reminiscent of Marco Benevento's rollercoasting melodies, 'Two' has a unique...

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Ed West & RTKal - The Frass EP

Ed West & RTKal - The Frass EP (Digital single, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

Between a rub-a-dub/hip hop dubstep stomper ('Frass feat. Serocee'), some mad rapping over dark minimal dancehall vibes ('Madover'), a hypnotic Jamaican hip hop piece ('Woah Nanna') and a stripped-down to more-or-less-massive drums hip hop freestyle & chorus tune, this is guaranteed sound system action!...

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Moonchild - Please Rewind

Moonchild - Please Rewind (CD, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

Always widening its musical horizons, Brighton label Tru Thoughs adds another band to its roster, this time coming from Los Angeles, a dreamy pop/jazz/R&B trio called Moonchild who'vealready self-released two albums, 'Be Free' in 2012 and 'Please Rewind' in 2014. The latter got picked by the english label, and reissued at the end of 2015. It's a marvelous morning music record, with angelic,...

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Werkha - The Invincible feat Alex Rita

Werkha - The Invincible feat. Alex Rita (Digital single, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

Always a great singles label, Tru Thoughts picks out of the 'Colours Of A Red Brick Raft' album released in june 2015 'The Invincible feat. Alex Rita' as the second single and it's a welcome choice. The tune blends electronic beats, worldly claps & percussion, jazz arrangements and a catchy pop song where you discover new things at every listen. The single is packaged with a funky modern soul...

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Hot 8 Brass Band - Vicennial - 20 Years Of The Hot 8 Brass Band

Hot 8 Brass Band - Vicennial - 20 Years Of The Hot 8 Brass Band (2LP/CD, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

Brighton's finest, Tru Thoughts Recordings, noticed in 2005 the (now classic) luscious brass band cover of Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing by a brass band from New Orleans rather still unknown in Europe at the time, the mighty Hot 8 Brass Band. The English label licensed their self-released album 'Rock With The Hot 8' in 2007 and it's been a glorifiying alliance between the two since then, with two...

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