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Tag - Super Numeri

Mr Moo - Abstractions In Space

Mr. Moo - Abstractions In Space

What really happened after the 90's? Past the electronic revolution, once all the freaks fled the overpriced cities, between the last gasp of experience and the last band standing in the minefield of our time, a bit before we found ourselves digitally brainwashed, there was a stream gathering, a loose joint venture of alternate currents, not really a scene or to twist Jim's words: "Weirds...

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Loka Passing Place

Loka - Passing Place - out on Ninja Tune

Loka - Passing Place (CD/Digital) Ninja Tune ZENCD175/ZENDNL175, 2011-11-28 Loka, Ninja Tune's cult psychedelicists, purveyors of cinematic music that disturbs and troubles and intrigues rather than comforts, return with a new album, Passing Place. With many acts finding considerable critical acclaim in the music world right now through adventures in the outer reaches of...

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Ninja Tune 20 Years of Psychedelic Hip Hop Funk and Jazz

Ninja Tune - 20 Years of Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz - Selected by Djouls

Grant Phabao & Djouls - Ninja Tune - 20 Years of Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz (MP3 Podcast on 2010-08-28 We're still celebrating 20 years of musical activism from the english label Ninja Tune! The huge boxset is now coming out very soon... Parties in Paris and London are starting to get sold-out quite fast, and french magazine Trax has released a special (Ninja Tune...

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Snap Ant The Silver Selva

Snap Ant presents The Silver Selva

Snap Ant presents The Silver Selva (MP3 podcast on Snap Ant, 2009-04-23 Snap Ant, bass player from Super Numeri, granted us with one of our most downloaded mixes two years ago, a psychedelic mashed-up mix called 'In Dark Threes'. We're proud to say he's now back on with a new full tripping megathing of 58 tracks in 38 minutes that goes from psychedelic rock to...

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Snap Ant Mix

Snap Ant - In Dark Three's...

Snap Ant - In Dark Three's... (MP3 podcast on Snap Ant, 2007-03-11 Info : Ever heard of Snap Ant? He plays bass and kalimba with Ninja Tune's UK psychedelic masters Super Numeri, with Pop Levi and Karl Webb from Loka (check their discography). If you haven't heard them yet it's still high time! Snap Ant also released a very cool sample-free psychedelic pop album, "This Is...

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Loka - Fire Shepherds

Loka - Fire Shepherds (LP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN89/ZENCD89, 2006-03-24 Last year we had voted in our 'Best Of' selection for Super Numeri, and we're still listening to that album. So it's no surprise to find the Loka album in the best of 2006 list this year, as Loka is a duo fronted by Karl Webb, one of the three founders of Super Numeri. Go seek - and yes, there are vinyls for those albums!!...

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Coldcut - Man In A Garage

Coldcut - Man In A Garage (7"/12"/CDS) Ninja Tune ZEN12176, 2006-01-09 Tracklisting 7" : A1. Man In A Garage (album version) B1. Man In A Garage (Snap Ant Version) Tracklisting 12" : A1. Man In A Garage (Nick Franglen [Lemon Jelly] Remix) B1. Man In A Garage (Bonobo Remix) B2. Man In A Garage (Daedelus' Hydraulic Remix) Tracklisting CDS : 01. Man In A Garage (Album Version)...

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Super Numeri - The Welcome Table

Super Numeri - The Welcome Table (2xLP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN97/ZENCD97, 2005-11-28 Info : Super Numeri est un collectif de Liverpool dirigé par 3 membres fondateurs: Pop Levi, Snap Ant & Karl Webb (ce dernier formant chez Ninja Tune le duo Loka avec Mark Kyriacou). Pop Levi joue des claviers (piano électrique, farfisa), du vibraphone, de la sitar, de la clarinette et des percussions. Karl Webb...

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Pop Levi - Blue Honey

Pop Levi - Blue Honey (7") Invicta Hi-Fi LIQ033, 2005-10-17 Pop Levi plays electric piano, farfisa, vibraphone, sitar, clarinet & percussion in Super Numeri. Tracklisting : A1. Blue Honey B1. Mournin' Light...

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Snap Ant - iThis Is Jut!

Snap Ant - iThis Is Jut! (CD) Invicta Hi-Fi LIQ030, 2005-10-10 Review : Oh my what a strange album. It took me quite a while to get into, maybe because of the first misleading tracks... Opener "!Jut!" is a melodic dirty analogue thingie, quite a cool introduction to a lo-fi home-produced electro-pop psychedelic album. Then come "Shock Control" and "Function Room",...

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