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Souleance - Le Plaisir - New 7 inch on First Word Records

Souleance - Le Plaisir / Chemise (7"/Download) First Word Records FW35, 2010-01-11 Souleance are back with their second single on First Word. After the massive success of their debut Le Monde EP, the French duo of DJ Soulist (What The Funk?) and producer Fulgeance (Musique Large / Peter Digital Orchestra / One-Handed) have crafted one of the first must-have releases of 2010. Souleance will...

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Soulist presents Quantic mix

Soulist presents Quantic

Soulist presents Quantic (MP3 Podcast on 2009-09-11 Will Holland alias Quantic is one of the most talented and prolific producers of his generation. Now living in Colombia, he's gathered an international cast of musicians including legendary pianist Alfredo Linares and drummer extraordinaire Malcom Catto (check our dedicated mix) and will be playing tomorrow Saturday September...

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Paris DJs crew live & DJ sets in Paris - August/September 2009

Samedi 12 Septembre 2009 SOULIST DJ set @ Quantic live show (Le Bataclan) Samedi 12 Septembre 2009 DJ OOF Cinemix @ Woodstock 40 Ans (Glaz'Art)...

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Souleance Le Mix

Souleance - Le Mix

Souleance - Le Mix (MP3 Podcast on 2009-06-17 Souleance is the result of the partnership between the talented electronic hip hop beatmaker/producer Fulgeance and Paris DJs resident Soulist, who's been organizing incredibly groovy What The Funk events for 6 years now in Paris with his partner Freeworker… Souleance is really a mixture of Soulist's organic influences, spirituality...

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Quantic, Cléon, Soulist et L'Aroye à La Maroquinerie Samedi 06 Juin après la Paris DJs Party au Panic Room

Quantic, Cléon, Soulist et L'Aroye à La Maroquinerie Samedi 06 Juin de Minuit à l'aube Le retour du plus colombien des DJs anglais est toujours un événement! C'est depuis Cali que Will Holland aka Quantic distille aujourd'hui ses productions qui n'en finissent pas d'inonder les étalages des disquaires du monde entier. Inprégné depuis toujours de la musique sud-américaine, il travaille avec de...

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Souleance - Le Monde EP

Souleance - Le Monde EP (12" / Download) First Word Records FW27, 2009-06-01 First Word are back with another banging release, this time from the first international signing to First Word, Souleance, live and direct from Paris. SOULEANCE is the result of the partnership between producer Fulgeance and DJ Soulist of What The Funk… Soulist and Fulgeance met in 2006 while performing and from...

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Soulist Music For Home Cleaning Vol 3

Soulist - Music For Home Cleaning volume 3

Soulist - Music For Home Cleaning Vol.3 (MP3 Podcast on What The Funk, 2009-03-01 Want to get in the mood to clean? Crank up the music. Put on your favorite 'Music For Home Cleaning' record. You'll be amazed at how fast you'll finished everything. Dance while you work. Make up your own dance moves in the privacy of your own home. Most of us like dancing but we have no time to...

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Let's party all night long after the Paris DJs Party!!

Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser) à La Maroquinerie Samedi 21 février...

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Natural Self + Erik Rug + Soulist le Vendredi 5 Décembre à la Maroquinerie

Natural Self + Erik Rug + Soulist à La Maroquinerie Vendredi 5 Décembre...

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Erik Rug Waxgroove

Waxgroove : 10 ans invite entre autres Soulist / Romain Bno / Dee Nasty / Loik Dury / Djouls / Almost / Jazz Liberators ...

WAXGROOVE - 10 ANS! 25 DJS, 2 SOUND SYSTEMS, 2 SALLES EN UNE... NOUVEAU CASINO + CHARBON Samedi 18 octobre au Nouveau Casino/Café Charbon DJs : ERIK RUG (Les Disques du Telegraphe) MC DYNAMAX (Zulu Nation) + DJOULS (Paris DJs) LOIK DURY (Paris DJs) CHAB ONE BETINO ALMOST (Supra) DUSTY (Jazz Lib) DJ DAMAGE (Jazz Liberatorz) LORD FUNK DEE NASTY LAROYE & KŸ MYS 35 RADIO SALAH FOURMY PIERRE WAX...

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