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M.A Beat! + Shawn Lee, Soulist, Whateverest & LK at l'Alimentation Générale - june 12, 2015

M.A BEAT! en concert exceptionnel avec Shawn Lee à Paris Vendredi 12 Juin 2015 20h/4h (+ exclusive Shawn Lee 'Planet Of The Capes Mix' to download here) Infos pratiques : facebook event

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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 11

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.11

So many cool new stuff coming out on Soundcloud every day, it's hard to keep track. So instead of publishing posts on social networks all the time (even scheduled), we've opted for a bi-monthly selection, already reaching number 11 today. Antoher mega program of two and half hours, with many many new releases, music to discover, like and share, some edits, a few of Paris DJs productions, all...

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Petit Bain How To Love

How To Love festival at Petit Bain - November 14 to 23

Programmation for the 'How To Love' festival at Petit Bain in Paris between nov 14 and nov 23 includes some very interesting events for our readers & listeners… On friday (nov 15) evening, right after the football game (Ukrainia vs France), rush out to see a live appearance by legendary producer Uwe Schmidt a.k.a. Atom™ a.k.a. Señor Coconut (and many other guises). He'll start playing a bit...

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Paris DJs Playlist Janurary 2013

Paris DJs Playlist - January 2013

With big outlet FNAC usual wrongdoings, which we warned about 7 years ago now, and Virgin Megastores closing, with some crookery from the distributors hiding their losses and rushing headlong into the wall, record labels are dying in France. Well not many have ever existed over here, but now they're disappearing at an accelerated speed. Warp Records was among the first ones. Numero Group, Daptone,...

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Soulist is Molesting Laura

Soulist is Molesting Laura

Last year we started talking with DJ Soulist about him preparing a jazzy, soulful, deep and groovy mix of covers for our Molesting Laura series. Early february he told us "next week". Let's make it short and a few emails later we were in June, and only 20 minutes of this mix were ready. Soulist never stops between his DJ gigs, the What The funk parties, the Souleance records and gigs...

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Calibro 35 Ogni Riferimento A Persone

Paris DJs Playlist - March 2012

Our march selection was not an easy one to make and we had to leave a few records on the side such as the new albums from Slugabed or 2nd Class Citizen (watermarked CDs, how come labels have money to spend on crazy stuff like that is a mystery), or from Belleruche on Tru Thoughts and Blockhead on Ninja Tune (labels we strongly advise to check our Community Management services)… Of course the...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Bag Of Goodies Vol 6

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag of Goodies Vol.6

The march 2012 Bag of Goodies selection by Djouls and Loik is one for the dancers, soulful and full of breaks. Tel-Aviv funksters The Apples are back with a new album on Audio Montage - check our Israeli Funk Mix for more on that scene - and the first single Thang is a killer one, also available on a limited 7 inch… Next we have The Funk Ark, an afrobeat/afrolatin funk band from Washington DC....

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Souleance La Belle Vie

Souleance - La Belle Vie - out on First Word Records

Souleance - La Belle Vie (CD/Digital) First Word Records, 2012-04-09 Beatmaker Fulgeance (Musique Large) and DJ Soulist (What The Funk) have now partnered quite some time ago under the Souleance guise. We introduced them in 2009 with a cool Souleance - Le Mix and they're now back with their first full length album, La Belle Vie, out April 9th on First Word Records. Three things characterize...

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Grupo Fantasma (Latin Funk orchestra) Vendredi 29 juillet à Petit Bain

GRUPO FANTASMA (US) - Live After Work 20h : DJ Soulist (FR) - DJ Set Vendredi 29 juillet à PETIT BAIN L'esprit Fania à Paris avec un orchestre acclamé de Austin, l'un des plus importants des projets indépendants dans le Genre Latin, attendu par tous les addicts de cumbia, salsa, old-school, funk, reggae et plus encore... Formé en 2000 Grupo Fantasma est édité Par National Geographic Music, the...

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Souleance - Soupape EP - out on First Word Records

Souleance - Soupape EP (12"/Download) First Word Records FW43, 2010-11-22 Souleance return with another EP packed full of quality. Following on from their highly acclaimed Le Plaisir and Le Monde EPs, Soupape is set to confirm the French duos burgeoning reputation. Beatmaker Fulgeance (Musique Large) and DJ Soulist (What The Funk?) have crafted 6 tracks of real quality. From the Brasilian...

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