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Paris DJs Playlist May June July August 2014

Paris DJs Playlist - May/June/July/August 2014

This playlist has been a few months in the making... We were kinda busy with our crowdfunding campaign this summer, but managed to get back on our feet and finally publish this mega-post filled with 49 short or not-that-short reviews of new singles, albums and compilations we received at Paris DJs those last months! As usual, this playlist focuses on the physical records sent to us, promo CD of...

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Omaha Diner

Omaha Diner - #1 Pop Hits Reconstructed (Limited LP, self-released, 2014)

With today's music business transformations, direct-to-fan projects are getting more and more attention. So when you gather amazing artists such as Charlie Hunter (seven-string electric guitar), Bobby Previte (drums), Steven Bernstein (trumpet), and Skerik (saxophone) together to re-imagine a fans' choice selection of #1 hits, in order to press a limited run of 1000 LPs (vinyl only, no CD!), don't...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem 21st Century Hammond Vol 1

Paris DJs Soundsystem - 21st Century Hammond Vol.1

Forget about Jimmy Smith, Reuben Wilson, Jimmy McGriff or Dr. Lonnie Smith for a while and meet the new masters of the Hammond B3 in this often violent, mean and sick mix. Those prestigious ancestors' disciples are called Raphael Wressnig, Mike Mangan, Bruce Cohen, Joe Doria or Guillaume Métenier. From USA to Austria and France, they carry on the great soul jazz tradition (mostly in trio...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem 21st Century Blaxploitation vol 4

Paris DJs Soundsystem - 21st Century Blaxploitation Vol.4

So many cool 21st Century Blaxploitation-sounding tracks have been released recently that Paris DJs couldn't pass on concocting a new imaginary soundtrack of their famous Pam Grier-illustrated series. This new selection gathers Blaxploitation Funk & Soul, car chase themes, old school Hip Hop, Afrofunk, Jamesbrownisms, some jazz, breakbeats and more thrilling grooves… Respect to the friendly...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Presents Skerik

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Skerik

Skerik (aka Eric Walton, aka El Guzano, aka Nalgas Sin Carne) has been playing (sax, but also grand piano, vibes and guitar) and has featured on more than a hundred records in every genre from jazz to psychedelic pop, from doom metal to post punk, from avant-groove to New Orleans brass band. His bands and projects include Skerik's Bandalabra (with whom he's just released a fantastic Live At the...

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Interview with Skerik (English version)

Skerik (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - April 2012) Skerik's discography is as easy to follow as an invisible tiger's trail in the melting snow... so do not even try. This untamable Seattle-born but ubiquitous saxophonist's output could be compared to John Zorn or Mike Patton's discography in that respect. Besides, he shares with the californian singer a common taste for noisy...

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Entretien avec Skerik (version française)

Skerik (Interview par Nicolas Ragonneau, pour Paris DJs - Avril 2012) La discographie de Skerik est à peu près aussi facile à suivre que la trace d'un tigre dans la neige fondue... ce n'est même pas la peine d'essayer, et il n'existe pas à ce jour une liste vraiment exhaustive de tout ce qu'il a pu accomplir. Né à Seattle, ce saxophoniste indomptable a joué sur plus de 100 disques et de ce point...

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Garage à Trois - Always Be Happy But Stay Evil - out on The Royal Potato Family

Garage à Trois - Always Be Happy But Stay Evil Featuring Skerik, Stanton Moore, Marco Benevento & Mike Dillon (CD/LP/Download) The Royal Potato Family RPF 1104, 2011-04-11 (CD/Download) 2011-05-02 (Vinyl) Garage A Trois was recently described by noted photographer John Margaretten as, "A transformative, punkalectic, pornographic seizure of sight and sound." Few descriptions have...

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The Dead Kenny G's - Operation Long Leash - out on The Royal Potato Family

The Dead Kenny G's - Operation Long Leash Featuring Skerik, Mike Dillon & Brad Houser (CD/Download) The Royal Potato Family RPF 1103, 2011-03-15 If the moniker for the combustible punk jazz trio The Dead Kenny G's doesn't say it all at first glance, one listen to their new album Operation Long Leash quickly makes intentions clear. Saxophonist Skerik, bassist Brad Houser and...

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Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet - Live At The Triple Door - out on The Royal Potato Family

Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet - Live At The Triple Door (CD/Download) The Royal Potato Family, 2010-05-25 Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet follows up the release of their classic 2007 studio album Husky with the perfect companion piece, Live At The Triple Door. Multi-tracked at the venerable Seattle jazz venue, the band winds their way through seven torrid performances, including a rendition...

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