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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 13

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.13

Hope you've enjoyed the Xmas festivities with your friends and family. We've tried to complement those times with some new xmas mixes, a new xmas single, and to conclude the series fo cool gifts, our latest Soundcloud selection of the year, 37 tracks full of soul & coolness - with the mandatory xmas tunes here and there of course. Happy holidays everyone!!...

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BK-One with Benzilla - Rádio Do Canibal

BK-One with Benzilla - Rádio Do Canibal (CD) Rhymesayers, 2009-10-06 Better known as Brother Ali's DJ, BK-One takes his years of experience as a DJ and puts on his producer hat joining forces with up and coming Twin Cities beatsmith Benzilla, to craft a Brazilian musical bed for some of Hip Hop's most engaging MC's. Rádio Do Canibal features performances by Scarface, Slug (Atmosphere), Black...

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Eyedea and Abilities - By The Throat

Eyedea and Abilities - By the Throat (CD/2xLP) Rhymesayers Entertainment RS0111CD/RS0111LP, 2009-10-05 After a five year break exploring new sounds and building their personal repertoires, the dynamic duo of Eyedea & Abilities return with the follow up to their 2004 critically acclaimed sophomore album E&A. With biting guitars, fuzzy keyboards, melodic choruses, and some of their most...

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Brother Ali - Us

Brother Ali - Us (CD/2xLP) Rhymesayers Entertainment, 2009-09-21 Brother Ali's last album, the critically acclaimed, The Undisputed Truth, was a landmark in hip-hop, an album that carried weight equally with critics and fans alike, an album of bold statements and bolder beats, politically and socially aware without being preachy. His new album, Us, is a progression that will make Brother Ali one...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Hip Hop Non Stop

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Hip Hop Non Stop

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Hip Hop Non Stop (MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2009-09-18 Hip Hop isn't only the mainstream shit they try to feed you with. Hip Hop is vigorously alive, if you consider the huge amount of albums, singles and mixtapes released each week. In the vein of our It's The New Hip Hop Thing compilation issued on CD thru the Vibrations label last February, here's...

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Abstract Rude - Rejuvenation

Abstract Rude - Rejuvenation (CD/2xLP) Rhymesayers, 2009-05-05As a product of the legendary Goodlife open mic sessions, Abstract Rude splashed onto the scene in 1994 as part of the famed Project Blowed crew that included LA's Freestyle Fellowship and Aceyalone. As one half of the A-Team (with Aceyalone), one third of Haiku D'Etat (with Aceyalone & Myka 9) and frontman of his group Abstract...

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Brother Ali - The Truth Is Here EP

Brother Ali - The Truth Is Here EP (CD+DVD) Rhymesayers Entertainment, 2009-03-10It's been two years since Brother Ali released the critically acclaimed album 'The Undisputed Truth', and as the Rhymesayers lyrical heavyweight and producer Ant put the finishing touches on their upcoming follow up (Fall '09) the dynamic duo cap off the last two years with a new EP and a full-length DVD....

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P.O.S. - Never Better

P.O.S. - Never Better (CD/2xLP) Rhymesayers Entertainment, 2009-02-10...

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Atmosphere (Slug + Ant) - When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold

Atmosphere (Slug + Ant) - When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (Deluxe CD+DVD/CD/2xLP) Rhymesayers Entertainment, 2008-04-22 Info : What do you do when you record too many songs for your new album? How about drop an EP of that material for each season leading up to it's release. The midwestern duo is back at it to warm you up with their release of Sad Clown Bad Winter 11. With the...

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Atmosphere - Strictly Leakage (free album to download)

Atmosphere - Strictly Leakage (free MP3 album) Rhymsayers, 2007-12 Tracklisting : 01. YGM (4:10) 02. Little Math You (2:46) 03. Full Moon (3:45) 04. The Things That Hate Us (2:54) 05. Jewelry (1:33) 06. Get It To Get Her (2:42) 07. Domestic Dog (3:13) 08. Crewed Up ft. Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright & Blueprint (4:31) 09. What They Sitting For? (1:17) 10....

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