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General Elektriks Parker Street

General Elektriks - Parker Street - out on Discograph/Quannum Projects

General Elektriks - Parker Street (CD/Digital) Elektriks Collection/Discograph (Europe/Japan)/Quannum Projects (North America) 2011-10-18 General Elektriks is the brainchild of French vintage keyboard player/ composer/ singer/ producer Hervé Salters. Blending keyboard funk, oldschool pop and hip hop beats in his home studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, Salters has released 3 albums as General...

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Pigeon John - Dragon Slayer - out on Elektriks Collection

Pigeon John - Dragon Slayer (CD/Digital) Quannum USA 2010-10-12, Other Tongues Australia 2010-11-19, Elektriks Collection/Discograph France 2011-03-07 Los Angeles-based indie rapper/singer/songwriter/rocker and funny man Pigeon John is back with Dragon Slayer, out in the US via Quannum Projects, and to be released in France through Discograph on march 7th 2011. Dragon Slayer follows up the...

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Lyrics Born I Like It I Love It Grant Phabao Remix

Lyrics Born - I Like It, I Love It (Grant Phabao Remix)

When Berkeley hip hop meets Jamaican reggae... Pressure keeps on rising for the upcoming releases of Grant Phabao's three (!) new albums with The Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston and The Jays (on his own label T.I.M.E.C. co-run with Djouls and Captain Detendu)... The french dubmeister offers here a bouncy reggae rework of I Like It, I Love It, taken from last year's hit album Everywhere At Once...

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ApSci - Best Crisis Ever

ApSci - Best Crisis Ever (CD) Quannum Projects, 2009-08-11 Best Crisis Ever, the new album from trans-continental ApSci (pronounced APP-sigh), was begun in a Brooklyn apartment overlooking a coffee factory in 2006, and finished in a Sydney apartment by the beach in 2008. While 2005's Thanks for Asking was a collabo-rich hip-hop-electro diary with guests spanning from indie-rap pinch hitters Mr....

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The Mighty Underdogs - Droppin' Science Fiction

The Mighty Underdogs - Droppin' Science Fiction (CD) Definitive Jux, 2008-10-14 Tracklisting : 01. Monster 02. Hands in the Air 03. So Sad feat. Julian Marley / Damian Marley 04. Gun Fight feat. MF Doom 05. ILL Vacation feat. Lyrics Born 06. Science Fiction 07. Laughing at You feat. Casual 08. Escape feat. Mr. Lif / Akrobatik 09. Doglude 10. Folks 11. UFC Remix feat. DJ Shadow 12. Want You Back...

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Lyrics Born - Everywhere At Once

Lyrics Born - Everywhere At Once (album) Anti, 2008-03-18 (US) 2008-04-18 (Europe) Tracklisting : 01. Intro Tag 02. Don't Change 03. Hott 2 Deff 04. Differences feat. Joyo Velarde & B'Nai Rebelfront 05. Cakewalk 06. Shoe Hoes Anonymous (skit) 07. I'm A Phreak 08. I Like It, I Love it 09. The World Is Calling 10. Top Shelf 11. Is It The Skin I'm In? 12. Homeland Security (skit) 13. Do U Buy...

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The Mighty Underdogs (The Gift of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker, Headnodic) - The Prelude EP

The Mighty Underdogs - The Prelude EP (12"), 2007-10-29 Tracklisting : 01. U.F.C. ft. DJ Shadow 03:20 02. Gunfight ft. M.F. Doom 04:08 03. Love-Life Soundtrack ft. Ladybug Mecca 03:42 04. Status Symbol 02:37 05. Get Out Of My Life 03:35 06. Bring Me Back 03:30 Links :

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Pigeon John - Featuring Pigeon John 2

Pigeon John - Featuring Pigeon John 2 (CD) The Telephone Company, 2007-10-14 Info : Featuring Pigeon John 2 is part 2 of Featuring Pigeon John 1. The mixtape features rare and exclusive tracks by Pigeon John from 2003 until now. Tracklisting : 01. No More Greener Grass (feat. The Grouch and Eligh) / 2003 02. Open Bar (feat. Grits) / 2006 03. Side to Side (feat. Blackalicious and Lateef the...

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Pieces Of Peace - s/t

Pieces Of Peace - Pieces Of Peace (CD/LP) Quannum Projects/Cali-Tex, 2007-09-25 Tracklisting : 01. Cease Fire 02. Pollution 03. Flunky For Your Love 04. I Still Care 05. Peace and Blessings 06. Yesterday's Visions 07. Pollution (Instrumental) 08. Yesterday's Vision (Instrumental Alternate Take) Links :

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Tommy Guerrero - From The Soil To The Soul

Tommy Guerrero - From The Soil To The Soul (CD/LP) Quannum QP0701, 2006-10-10 Tracklisting : 01. Hello Again 02. The Under Dog 03. Badder Than Bullets 04. Tomorrow's Goodbye 05. No Guns More Glory 06. War No More 07. Salve 08. Mission Flats 09. 1966 10. Don't Fake It 11. Just Ain't Me 12. Create And Destroy 13. Let Me In Let Me Out 14. Molotov Telegram Links :

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