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Tag - Pop Levi

Pop Levi - Motorcycle 666 - out on Counter Records

Pop Levi - Motorcycle 666 / Rock Solid (Digital Single) Counter Records COUNTDNL037, 2011-07-04 Recently anointed by NME as a true cult hero, injecting some much needed fun into the boring world of rock, the one and only Pop Levi returns with a new single, a new band and a whole new life. Having scrapped release plans for his now-much-bootlegged Smack Musick album, Pop Levi returns from...

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Ninja Tune XX - The Twelve Inches

Ninja Tune XX - 20 Years Of Beats 'n' Pieces - The twelve inches Those who bought the incredible Ninja Tune XX boxset and registered their promo code on the Ninja Tune XX site were sent two exclusive Ninja Tune 12 inches. Four more 12 inches have just been released. Here's the lowdown on which tracks are exclusive to those vinyls and which are taken from the boxset CDs......

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Ape School - Remixes

Ape School - Remixes (Download) Counter Records COUNTDNL031, 2009-12-07 Since last witnessing our favourite professor take a facelong plunge down a slope of breasty moguls, in technicolour animalation, Ape School's Michael Johnson has enlisted star pupils for their interpretations of the subject matter at hand. Gold stars go out to the baker's half-dozen of this session's gifted class for their...

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Various - Strike! - A Counter Records Sampler

Various - STRIKE! - A Counter Records Sampler (CD/Download) Counter Records COUNTCD030/COUNDNL030, 2009-10-05 Back in 2006 the good people of Ninja Tune decided they wanted to start a rock label. But not any old, boring, run-of-the-mill rock label. Not a rock label pumping out the latest British indie four piece bands, or carefully crafted facsimiles of classic rawk. Not a label peopled by ironic...

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Pop Levi - Police $ign / Terrifying

Pop Levi - Police $ign / Terrifying (7"/Download) Counter Records COUNT021/COUNDNL021, 2009-06-01After the glossy, almost baroque production of his second album, "Never Never Love", Pop Levi decided it was time to get back to basics. Recruiting new drummer Hayden Scott and dragging along lieutenant and longtime bass player Lucky Beaches, Pop retreated to the Californian desert near...

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World Empire Inc. (Pop Levi) - Smack Music

World Empire Inc. (Pop Levi) - Smack Music (Ltd. Edition LP) World Empire, 2009...

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Pop Levi - Never Never Love (album)

Pop Levi - Never Never Love (CD/LP) Counter Records COUNT010/COUNTCD010, 2007-07-14 Tracklisting : 01. Wanamama 02. Never Never Love | Download MP3 03. Dita Dimoné 04. Semi - Babe 05. Fire On Your Feet 06. Mai's Space 07. You Don't Gotta Run 08. Oh God 09. Everything & Finally 10. Love You Straight 11. Call The Operator 12. Calling Me Down 13. Fountain Of Lies Links :

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Pop Levi - Dita Dimone

Pop Levi - Dita Dimone (7"/Promo CD/Download) Counter Records COUNT015, 2007-07-07 Tracklisting : 01. Dita Dimone 02. Dita Dimone (XRABIT and DMG$ remix) 03. Dita Dimone (Pink Enemy remix) 04. Semi-Babe (Astral Version) 05. Dita Dimone (Dirt Lab remix) 06. Dita Dimone (Mumdance & High Rankin remix) Links :

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Pop Levi - Never Never Love

Pop Levi - Never Never Love (promo CD/7"/Download) Counter Records COUNT009/COUNTDNL009, 2007-04-28 Tracklisting promo CD : 01. Never Never Love (radio version) 02. Never Never Love (Pink Enemy remix) 03. Love You Straight (Astral version) Tracklisting 7" : A1. Never Never Love B1. Love You Straight (Astral version) Tracklisting Download : 01. Never Never Love 02. Never Never Love (Pink...

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Pop Levi - Pick Me Up Uppercut

Pop Levi - Pick Me Up Uppercut (promo CD/7") Counter Records COUNT005, 2007-04-16 Tracklisting promo CD : 01. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Radio Mix) 02. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Hollywood Version) 03. Skip Ghetto (Hollywood Version) 04. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Album version) 05. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Radio Instrumental) Tracklisting 7" : A1. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Hollywood Version) B1. Skip Ghetto...

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