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Tag - Pepe Deluxe

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 13

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.13

Hope you've enjoyed the Xmas festivities with your friends and family. We've tried to complement those times with some new xmas mixes, a new xmas single, and to conclude the series fo cool gifts, our latest Soundcloud selection of the year, 37 tracks full of soul & coolness - with the mandatory xmas tunes here and there of course. Happy holidays everyone!!...

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Paris DJs Playlist March 2013

Paris DJs Playlist - March 2013

March 2013 was an exceptional month, with MANY independant labels and artists keeping on hitting us with download links and promotional records. Here's our selection of the best vinyl and CDs we received, a large one for a change (25 releases reviewed!), including of course the fantastic four Paris DJs releases of each of the four previous week, you know the deal by now! We also received an...

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Pepe Deluxe Go Supersonic Grant Phabao Remix

Pepe Deluxé - Go Supersonic (Grant Phabao Remix) (Digital Single, Paris DJs)

Pepe Deluxé is an inter-continental collective orchestra from Finland directed by James Spectrum (baron of Sealand) and Paul Malmström (explorer of worlds both know and unknown). They released their 4th album last year, 'Queen Of The Wave', a new, in-your-face, kind of eccentric thing, from bizarre pop to 60's psychedelic rock, from science-fiction to metaphysics, from heavy drums to pastoral...

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Paris DJs Best Of 2012 Contenders

Paris DJs presents The 20 Contenders Albums of 2012

10 best albums for 2012 was really hard to pin down. We had to leave a lot of very good record on the side. That's totally unacceptable with all the amazing goodies we received every month during the past year. Which is why we decided to select 20 more superb albums from 2012. The contenders!...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Bag Of Goodies Vol 4

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag of Goodies Vol.4

Hot on the heels of Djouls' new regular column, the playlist of physical CDs and vinyls sent to us by labels and artists, here's our monthly mix of goodies extracted from both those records and Loik's digital diggings. The duo has earned quite a reputation selection-wise and have cooked last weekend a one hour mix of brand new music, the 4th in the 'Bag of Goodies' series... Expect some brand new...

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Paris DJs Playlist - January 2012

We're opening a new section on the site, with each month a selection of records that labels, artists and distributors sent to us. By records we mean vinyl LPs, 12 inches, 10 inches, 7 inches, and CDs. Not the pay-to-listen-but-you-don't-own-anything kind of digital files, but the real treat, which is a LOT more work than the standard mp3. Expect to find some already released albums and singles...

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Pepe Deluxe Queen of The Wave

Pepe Deluxé - Queen Of The Wave - out on Catskills Records

Pepe Deluxé - Queen Of The Wave (CD/LP) Catskils RIDCD23, 2012-01-30 Queen of the Wave is the fourth record from Finnish duo Pepe Deluxé. Their first album, Super Sound, released in 1999 on Catskills Records, has aged quite much since then. Their second one, Beatitude, from 2003, saw them starting to write real songs, with arrangements to be filed between DJ Shadow, The Herbaliser and The...

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