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Venezuela 70 - Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth - Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s

Venezuela 70 - Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth - Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s (CD/2LP, Soul Jazz, 2016)

English label Soul Jazz Records released this summer a collection of experimental rock recorded in Venezuela in the 1970s, at a time when oil was flowing in abundance and consequently culture rather well subsidized. However, this music had never really got out of the country until now, it's really a beautiful discovery. As for example the piece from Angel Rada, 'Panico A Las 5AM' : on a first...

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DJ Format Psych Out - A Collection Of Funky Fuzz Laiden Gems

DJ Format's Psych Out - A Collection Of Funky Fuzz Laiden Gems (CD/2LP, BBE, 2016)

DJ Format is one of the coolest DJs in the United Kingdom. We've already invited him twice for an exclusive Paris DJs mix. He's also a relentless vinyl hunter, especially for the very very rare stuff, as proven once again in this compilation of highly psychedelic tracks, mostly groovy-rock, with fuzz guitars, really heavy drums and warm bass. We can't recommend this selection enough. Even for the...

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Space Captain - Two

Space Captain - Two (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

A new Tru Thoughts signing, Brooklyn-based band Space Captain brings a bit of the New york indie rock spirit to Brighton, and it's a cool surprise! Starting off like a delicate Fairground Attraction song, deeply touching with its perfect evocation of fragility, before building up into a psychedelic indie-rock whirlwind reminiscent of Marco Benevento's rollercoasting melodies, 'Two' has a unique...

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Golden Dawn Arkestra

Golden Dawn Arkestra - s/t (LP, self-released, 2014)

Funded summer 2014 through a Kickstarter campaign, the first (mini-)album from The Golden Dawn Arkestra is a stellar cinematic/afro/psych/surf record that has litterally been playing on repeat at Paris DJs for days. Produced in Austin, Texas, by Adrian Quesada, which means a lot, and already played twice in our mixes, which is also quite significant, this 6-track LP is a cosmic thang you mustn't...

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Moonchild - Please Rewind

Moonchild - Please Rewind (CD, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

Always widening its musical horizons, Brighton label Tru Thoughs adds another band to its roster, this time coming from Los Angeles, a dreamy pop/jazz/R&B trio called Moonchild who'vealready self-released two albums, 'Be Free' in 2012 and 'Please Rewind' in 2014. The latter got picked by the english label, and reissued at the end of 2015. It's a marvelous morning music record, with angelic,...

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STEPAK-TAKRAW - Socotra (LP, Soul Garden Records Japan, 2015)

Remember that killer 45 from Japanese Afrofunk band STEPAK-TAKRAW which we wrote about, something like a year ago? 'Phat Fat Jackson' was one of the highlights of the year singles-wise. with its blend of afrofunk, latin & surf music… In december 2013 the group had released their third album 'Socotra', but on CD only. That same album is now finally released on vinyl, through Soul Garden...

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Manu Delago - Why Don't You feat Joss Stone

Manu Delago - Why Don't You feat. Joss Stone (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

It seems like Manu Delago's totally unique music experimenting with the sound of the Hang instrument is spreading in the pop world. Here's a new song he produced featuring Joss Stone on vocals... sounding beautifully like vintage Kate Bush!...

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Mocky Key Change

Interview with Mocky

We last saw producer and multi-instrumentalist Mocky six years ago at an unforgettable show at the world's smallest cabaret, Le Zèbre de Belleville, in Paris. He was presenting the songs from his masterpiece 'Saskamodie'. Here at Paris DJs, the album has been in heavy rotation - and still is. Now Mocky has moved from Berlin to L.A. to embark on new musical adventures with local musicians. The...

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Manu Delago - Disgustlingly Beautiful feat Isa Kurz

Manu Delago - Disgustlingly Beautiful feat. Isa Kurz (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

Tru Thoughts Recordings fanatics are in for a surprise with this single from producer Manu Delago, one the world’s most famous Hang players. The "Hang" is a melodic percussion, a kind of steelpan that resonates (more info on wikipedia). Manu Delago has been playing the Hang with the likes of Björk, The Cinematic Orchestra, Anoushka Shankar, Andreya Triana, the London Symphony Orchestra,...

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Gypsy Hill - Our Routes

Gypsy Hill - Our Routes (CD, Batov Records, 2014)

London-based producers DJ Kobyashi and Herbert Newbert play a blend of balkanese, gypsy, hip hop & bass music. Their band Gypsy Hill is a 7-piece drum & brass ensemble, clearly aiming for the summer's festivals. Those guys have digested the electro-swing revival that followed Emir Kusturica's soundtracks' success. They've also been through hip hop, ska, funk, jazz and a lot of other...

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