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Loik Dury - Open-Minded Groovy Ride Spring 2016

Loik Dury - Open-Minded Groovy Ride Spring 2016

It's been a long time since we published a mix from our beloved co-founder Loik Dury. Let's put things right with this new one without any boundaries, from acoustic to electric, with hot thangs and cold bits, some stuff quite deep but phat nonetheless, also some phat shit but deep nonetheless, music from all over the world, a touch of techno… To cut a long story short, this is a vast blend from a...

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Radio Trip Mixes

Radio Trip - 60s & 70s Israeli Grooves Mixes

Producers Ofer 'Schoolmaster' Tal and Uri 'Mixmonster' Wertheim form the Radio Trip duo in Tel-Aviv. Their sample-heavy releases are records we're still looking for on CD (nowhere to be seen in France), blending obscure records cut-ups, blues, jazz, soul, funk & turntablism, messing up the headz' minds whenever possible. They've recently uploaded 3 mixes of rare Israeli grooves from the 60s...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Incredible and Out-There Covers

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Incredible & Out-There Covers

This is the 5th is a series of 10 mixes of thematic covers hosted on 10 different blogs/websites, announcing or celebrating the Paris DJs mix #400 to be aired at right after christmas… and maybe the funnier one! Our friends hosting the mix this time come from Italy, check Martini & Jopparelli's Music Selections for some hip hop, reggae, jazz & soul mixtapes and news. This mix, on an...

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Chris Menist Leftfield Sunshine

Chris Menist - Leftfield Sunshine

Chris Menist is already a legend in our books with his mind-blowing Thai compilations on Soundway Records and Finders Keepers. We had the chance to invite him in April 2011 to celebrate his Sound of Siam and Thai? Dai comps and he gladly accepted our invitation to celebrate Soundway Records 10th anniversary with a new exclusive mix. "It's a kind of left field-tropical selection, featuring...

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Batida Tirei o Chapeu Mixtape

Batida - Tirei o Chapéu Mixtape

A distinctly vibrant project with it’s feet firmly rooted in the past, Batida combine samples from old 1970s Angolan tracks with modern electronic dance music. Here's what he has to say about our Paris DJs invitation: "I did this mix as did early Batida radio shows: mixing old tunes with new beats. On the old side you have Angolan tunes i choose not based on the artist but on grooves i like,...

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Phil Meadley Eastern Bloc Rockin Beats DJ Mix

Phil Meadley - Eastern Bloc Rockin Beats DJ Mix

Nascente’s global funk train arrives in Eastern Europe with the release of Eastern Bloc Funk Experience: Psych-Funk, Satellite Soul and Cold War Disco. Having visited the warmer climes of Brazil, Cuba, Caribbean, South Africa and beyond with selectors like Andy Smith, Quantic & Hugo Mendez (Sofrito) on board, Nascente arrives behind the iron curtain and serves up a revelatory new experience....

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DJ Manchild Nonstop Disco Dandia

DJ Manchild's Disco Dandia

We recently did a focus on Australian label HopeStreet Recordings, reviewing a bunch of 45s from The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, The Bombay Royale, The Cactus Channel and The Putbacks. Hope Street have been working with a couple of Melbourne's most widely travelled DJs and collectors, about getting some mixes together related to their releases, and asked Paris DJs to help spreading the good...

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Paris DJs and Jewpop present Funk Soul Reggae and Hip Hop From Tel Aviv

Paris DJs & Jewpop present Funk, Soul, Reggae & Hip Hop From Tel-Aviv

The Bubble, Tel-Aviv's nickname, is now the Middle-East funkiest place to be! The music scene over there is bursting with infectious grooves, matching reggae, afro, oriental and hip hop beats, as a whole bunch of bands and artists ranging from Boom Pam, DJ Sabbo, Kutiman, The Apples, Karolina Avratz… to The Ramirez Brothers jam band, have emerged as a funk movement. Here's a taste of all these...

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Anthony Joseph World People

Anthony Joseph - World People 03 (The Rubber Orchestras Paris DJs Mix Part 2)

Anthony Joseph is now one of our 'resident DJs' with this third mix, the second part of his The Rubber Orchestras Paris DJs Mix: From the Plantation to the Revolution (get the part 1 here) and also the third volume of our World People series. We had the chance to meet him last week in Paris, and even if we knew it while listening to his albums and mixes, we can assure you the man has got the...

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Anthony Joseph The Rubber Orchestras Paris DJs Mix Part 1

Anthony Joseph - The Rubber Orchestras Paris DJs Mix Part 1

Anthony Joseph - The Rubber Orchestras Paris DJs Mix Part 1: From the Plantation to the Revolution (MP3 Podcast on Heavenly Sweetness, 2011-09-10 A selection of sounds from Anthony Joseph to accompany the release of his third album with the Spasm Band, Rubbers Orchestras. "Featuring some vintage soca, calypso, steelpan, psychedelic funk, and voodoo jazz. Some surprises,...

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