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Tag - Medeski Martin and Wood

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends and Family Vol 1

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends & Family Vol.1

For quite some time we wanted to cook a new "extravaganza" mix digging into the vast selection of current artists, bands and producers from the unique "Paris DJs universe". We started gathering recent and upcoming releases from friends, from people we’ve worked with in the past, from many of those musicians who just kill it out there, while being unheard on the radio. It would...

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Nicolas Ragonneau Paris DJs Best Of 2014 Albums

The best of 2014 according to Nicolas Ragonneau

Nicolas Ragonneau used to write amazing pieces for Paris DJs: interviews, portraits, record reviews… Until one day he couldn't do it anymore. Day job, kids, etc., you know the deal! But the man has a lot of taste, he doesn't produce music, hence still finds time to listen to some new stuff. So we asked him to send us his "best of 2014" selection and the records he picked are quite...

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Paris DJs Best Albums of 2013

Paris DJs presents The 50 Best Albums of 2013

This year's best albums selection was the hardest one to make since we started being active on the musical web in 1996. There's a simple reason for that: we had never been that prolific as a label before. With 52 releases on Paris DJs (singles, albums, compilations or mixes) during the 52 weeks of 2013, most of our time has been spent cooking our own stuff rather than listening to the amazing...

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Paris DJs Best Of 2012 Contenders

Paris DJs presents The 20 Contenders Albums of 2012

10 best albums for 2012 was really hard to pin down. We had to leave a lot of very good record on the side. That's totally unacceptable with all the amazing goodies we received every month during the past year. Which is why we decided to select 20 more superb albums from 2012. The contenders!...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem 21st Century Hammond Vol 1

Paris DJs Soundsystem - 21st Century Hammond Vol.1

Forget about Jimmy Smith, Reuben Wilson, Jimmy McGriff or Dr. Lonnie Smith for a while and meet the new masters of the Hammond B3 in this often violent, mean and sick mix. Those prestigious ancestors' disciples are called Raphael Wressnig, Mike Mangan, Bruce Cohen, Joe Doria or Guillaume Métenier. From USA to Austria and France, they carry on the great soul jazz tradition (mostly in trio...

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Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra Last Odyssey

Paris DJs Playlist - May 2012

This may 2012 selection of 12 physical records (vinyls, CDs) sent to us by labels, artists and distributors was again not easy not build, with all the good music that's been released every week! Contact us is you want to be listed in this section next month - keep in mind that our music experts Djouls and Nicolas don't have the time to go through watermarked CDs and CD-Rs, but listen to every...

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Grant Phabao and Djouls 21st Century Afro Spectacular Vol 3

Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Afro Spectacular Vol.3

When I was younger you couldn't find funky, soulful or psychedelic Afro music at all in France. Then I stumbled upon a used Fela CD and with the arrival of the 21st century I discovered Antibalas. Both rocked my musical world and changed my life forever. Flash forward to 2012 and I now run the Paris DJs music agency, producing with label partner Grant Phabao the same kind of Afro music I fell in...

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Billy Martin & Wil Blades - Shimmy - out on Royal Potato Family/Amulet Records

Billy Martin & Wil Blades - Shimmy (LP/CD/Digital) Royal Potato Family/Amulet Records RPF1123/RPF1124, 2012-05-22 “He is the future to carry on the legend, the legacy of the organ” said Hammond B3 legend Dr. Lonnie Smith about his disciple Wil Blades. We knew Wil Blades as a talented sideman through various collaborations with the likes of Will Bernard, Terrence Brewer, Stanton Moore and Karl...

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Greg Rogove Piana

Gregory Rogove - Piana - out on Knitting Factory Records

Gregory Rogove - Piana (CD/LP/Digital) Knitting Factory Records, 2012-01-31 Claude Debussy is a major inspiration for musicians of every faith in popular music. Debussy's seeds can be found in bossa nova, pop or contemporary jazz music from Antonio Carlos Jobim to Ryuchi Sakamoto, from Chilly Gonzales to Joe Henry just to name a few. And now young and talented multi-instrumentalist Gregory Rogove...

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Medeski Martin and Wood 20

Medeski, Martin & Wood - 20 - series complete out now on Indirecto records

Medeski, Martin & Wood - 20 (Digital), Indirecto Records, 2012-12-20 Medeski, Martin & Wood have been celebrating their 20th birthday in many brilliant ways this year. First of all they gave memorable shows in the US and Europe (notably a residence at the Whitney Museum, NYC and a triumphant gig in Paris, Cité de la Musique), sharing the stage with longtime friends like John Scofield,...

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