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Tag - Malcolm Catto

Mr Chop

Interview with Mr. Chop (Coz Littler, english version)

Mr. Chop (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - March 2012) Those of you who have been following Paris DJs for years will know about Mr. Chop (aka Coz Littler) for sure. We've been supporting his music since the early days, from the outstanding EP 'Sounds From The Cave' (Jazz & Milk, 2008) up to his recent masterwork 'Switched On' (Now Again, 2011), one of our ten records of 2011 -...

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Mr Chop

Entretien avec Mr. Chop (Coz Littler, french version)

Mr. Chop (Interview de Nicolas Ragonneau pour Paris DJs - Mars 2012) Ceux qui nous suivent connaissent forcément la musique de Mr Chop (alias Coz Littler), car nous l'avons découvert dès la première heure avec quelques singles, puis son fantastique EP 'Sounds From The Cave' (Jazz & Milk, 2008). L'année dernière, l'impressionnant 'Switched On' s'est classé parmi les 10 meilleurs disques de...

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Mr. Chop Switched On

Mr. Chop - Switched On - out on Now-Again Records

Mr. Chop - Switched On (CD/2x10"/9"/Digital) Now-Again / Five Day Weekend FDW7705, 2011-10-17 Now-Again Records, in association with Five Day Weekend, presents Mr. Chop's Switched On over the course of a 9" single and a 2x10" LP. If you're a long-time Paris DJs reaer/follower, by now you know all about the man - but, in case you need a primer: Coz Littler aka Mr. Chop is a...

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Mr. Chop Silver Frequencies

Mr. Chop - Silver Frequencies - out on Now-Again Records

Mr. Chop - Silver Frequencies (Promo CD) Now-Again Records/Five Day Weekend FDW 7704P, 2009 Coz Littler aka Mr. Chop has been releasing his music on his own label, then on Gerald 'Jazzman' Short's Stark Reality label, then on Dusty's Jazz & Milk Records. He's now signed on Stones Throw's subsidiary label Now-Again Records and is releasing new music with the help of, among others UK...

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Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Rubber Orchestras - out on Heavenly Sweetness

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Rubber Orchestras (CD/2xLP/Digital) Heavenly Sweetness/Naïve HS048, 2011-09-12 "The griot is the sound of universal culture." The opening words of his third album (after Leggo de Lion on Kindred Spirits in 2007 and Bird Head son in 2009) introduces us to the universe of Anthony Joseph. Born in Trinidad and based in UK since 20 years, Anthony is one...

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Renegades Of Jazz Go Jazz Not Ape Vol 1

Renegades Of Jazz - Go Jazz Not Ape! Vol.1

Renegades of Jazz is David Hanke, who also produces music under the names of Mad Doc or Unifairfly, and who's also a member of groups Madball Scientists, Mankoora or Mash & Munkee. Renegades of Jazz is raw and heavy produced music, fusing jazz with breakbeat elements, bringing the jazz back to the dancefloor. Started as an experiment in trying something new, they were instantly signed by UK...

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The Rhythmagic Orchestra (Nostalgia 77 & Hugo Mendez) - out on Impossible Ark

The Rhythmagic Orchestra - The Rhythmagic Orchestra (CD/LP/Digital) Impossible Ark/Unfold UNFOLDCD012, 2011-03-28 The Rhythmagic Orchestra is a collaboration between acclaimed jazz producer Benedic Lamdin aka Nostalgia 77 and Hugo Mendez of World-renowned tropical music collective Sofrito, based on their shared love of jazz, Afro-Cuban, Latin and tropical sounds. The band comprised a young crop...

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21st Century Afro Extravaganza

Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Afro Extravaganza

The Paris DJs extended family has among the most pro-active in spreading the good word about worldwide African music. Celebrating the recent releases by One Foot In Jail or Franck Biyong on our brand new Colored-Inc. label, and announcing the upcoming albums from Oghene Kologbo (thru Kraked) or Ebo Taylor (thru Strut), here's nearly 4 hours of 21st century afrojazz, afrobeat, ethio-jazz, afrofunk...

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Quantic And His Combo Bárbaro - Traditions in Transition

Quantic And His Combo Bárbaro - Traditions in Transition (CD/LP) Tru Thoughts TRUCD/LP190, 2009-07-06 On the crest of a burgeoning worldwide wave of interest in the lesser-tapped sources of music from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa, Quantic and his new band, the Combo Bárbaro, are leading the charge. The stunning album, 'Tradition In Transition' (out on Tru Thoughts in July), and...

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Quantic And His Combo Bárbaro - Linda Morena / Enyere Kumbara

Quantic And His Combo Bárbaro - Linda Morena / Enyere Kumbara (7") Tru Thoughts TRU7192, 2009-06-08 This covetable 7" single provides the first taste of 'Tradition In Transition', the hotly anticipated upcoming album from Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro, which sees Quantic mining the lesser-tapped musical sources from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa and fusing those rediscovered...

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