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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends and Family Vol 2

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends & Family Vol.2

Following up where we left off with the first volume, here’s the second part of our "extravaganza" mix digging into the vast selection of current artists, bands and producers from the unique "Paris DJs universe". We’ve left you last week with a 25-tracks selection of American friends, let’s now check out the rest of the world, with 25 more productions and reissues originating...

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The Soul Jazzmen - Inhlupeko Distress

The Soul Jazzmen - Inhlupeko (Distress) (LP, Matsuli Music, 2015)

English reissue label Matsuli Music is back with a new treat of rare South African music: The Soul Jazzmen led by Port Elizabeth pianist Tete Mbambisa with Duku Makasi (Tenor Sax), Psch "Big T" Ntsele (Bass) and Mafufu Jama (Drums). Their 'Inhlupeko' studio album, recorded at the beginning of the year 1969, is a piece of jazz history, recounting the pain of apartheid through bluesy jazz...

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Derek Gripper - One Night on Earth - Music from the Strings of Mali

Derek Gripper - One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali (LP, Matsuli Music, 2015)

Cape Town guitarist Derek Gripper is a solo performer playing with a 6-string guitar. The album 'One Night On Earth' was recorded in a single all night session, and consists of guitar interpretations of Toumani Diabaté compositions on the Malian kora. Yes you read right. The kora is a 21-strings African harp-lute, while Derek's guitar only has 8! Arranging and playing the complex kora arrangements...

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Ndikho Xaba and The Natives

Ndikho Xaba and The Natives (CD/LP, Matsuli Music, 2015)

Matsuli Music is all about very high standards with their reissues. If you follow our writings then you've discovered some killer South African Jazz albums by Dick Khoza, Batsumi or Sathima Bea Benjamin - check here to read the reviews and listen to the music if you haven't already. The label's latest release is a new gem recorded in the US in 1971 from Ndikho Xaba and The Natives. When he was...

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The Best of 2014

It's already february 2015 and this article comes late - which always better than never! Digital sales have now become a thing of the past for many, since a bit of notoriety gets your music available for free in just a few hours after release, and since the taxation has now changed in Europe for exporting digital products (that's a 20% downfall for us in France on digital exports). Most have...

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Sathima Bea Benjamin with Dollar Brand African Songbird

Sathima Bea Benjamin with Dollar Brand - African Songbird (CD/LP, Matsuli Music, 2013)

After the mid-1970s albums from Batsumi and Dick Khoza, This is the 4th in our series of reviews focusing on the Matsuli Music label based in London and specialized in South African jazz ancient to future. Originally recorded and released in 1976 on Rashid Vally's As-Shams ('The Sun') label, Sathima Bea Benjamin's 1976 deep vocal jazz masterpiece is another killer reissue of uplifting spiritual...

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Batsumi - Batsumi (LP, Matsuli Music, 2013)

First released in 1974, this long lost South African afro-jazz classic was reissued on Matsuli Music, with a superb remastering from the original master tapes. The pressing was very limited on vinyl, with only 500 hand-numbered copies in circulation. This new edition, the first one since its original 1970s release, quickly sold out, and was followed late 2013 with a 500 copies repress on clear...

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Paris DJs Playlist May June July August 2014

Paris DJs Playlist - May/June/July/August 2014

This playlist has been a few months in the making... We were kinda busy with our crowdfunding campaign this summer, but managed to get back on our feet and finally publish this mega-post filled with 49 short or not-that-short reviews of new singles, albums and compilations we received at Paris DJs those last months! As usual, this playlist focuses on the physical records sent to us, promo CD of...

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Batsumi Moving Along

Batsumi - Moving Along (LP, Matsuli Music, 2014)

Sometimes a vinyl LP arrives in the mail and what an amazing good surprise it is! This week we happened to receive the latest reissue LP from Matt Temple at UK label Matsuli Music, heavy 180g vinyl, thick, non-plastified sleeve, photography and in-depth liner notes, a bonus CDR version of the album… Before having heard a single note of music we already know this is high quality stuff, fully...

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Dick Khoza Chapita

Dick Khoza - Chapita (CD/LP, Matsuli Music, 2010)

Incredible 1976 album from legendary Malawian Afrojazz drummer Dick Khoza! In September 1976, in the aftermath of the June 16 Soweto uprisings, Dick Khoza took the Pelican Club house band into the studio to lay down the five tracks that comprise the Chapita album. Lost for over 30 years, these recordings are a fleeting glimpse of the mid-70s mood of downtown Johannesburg, filtered through the...

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