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The Cheebacabra Retouched

The Cheebacabra - Retouched (CD/2LP, Mackrosoft Records, 2015)

For more than a decade now and the first albums from synth-voodoo masters The Mackrosoft (alias Aja West and his brother The Cheebacabra), we've been pointing out a unique amalgam of organic jazz playing, hip hop beats with the cherished 70s P-Funk of George Clinton and the jazzy synth-funk from The Headhunters. The psychedelic funk fusion of The Cheebacabra's albums was the cream of the crop of...

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Paris DJs Best Of 2012 Contenders

Paris DJs presents The 20 Contenders Albums of 2012

10 best albums for 2012 was really hard to pin down. We had to leave a lot of very good record on the side. That's totally unacceptable with all the amazing goodies we received every month during the past year. Which is why we decided to select 20 more superb albums from 2012. The contenders!...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem 21st Century Blaxploitation vol 4

Paris DJs Soundsystem - 21st Century Blaxploitation Vol.4

So many cool 21st Century Blaxploitation-sounding tracks have been released recently that Paris DJs couldn't pass on concocting a new imaginary soundtrack of their famous Pam Grier-illustrated series. This new selection gathers Blaxploitation Funk & Soul, car chase themes, old school Hip Hop, Afrofunk, Jamesbrownisms, some jazz, breakbeats and more thrilling grooves… Respect to the friendly...

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Calibro 35 Ogni Riferimento A Persone

Paris DJs Playlist - March 2012

Our march selection was not an easy one to make and we had to leave a few records on the side such as the new albums from Slugabed or 2nd Class Citizen (watermarked CDs, how come labels have money to spend on crazy stuff like that is a mystery), or from Belleruche on Tru Thoughts and Blockhead on Ninja Tune (labels we strongly advise to check our Community Management services)… Of course the...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Bag Of Goodies Vol 6

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag of Goodies Vol.6

The march 2012 Bag of Goodies selection by Djouls and Loik is one for the dancers, soulful and full of breaks. Tel-Aviv funksters The Apples are back with a new album on Audio Montage - check our Israeli Funk Mix for more on that scene - and the first single Thang is a killer one, also available on a limited 7 inch… Next we have The Funk Ark, an afrobeat/afrolatin funk band from Washington DC....

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The Cheebacabra Pass The Information

The Cheebacabra - Pass The Information - out on Mackrosoft Records

The Cheebacabra - Pass The Information (CD/Limited 2xLP/Digital) Mackrosoft Records MS0017, 2012-04-02 You've been teased with the funky Coming Home To Roots, played in our 300th Paris DJs mix. Here's the album now, the third in a series of unique quirky jazz/funk/hip hop full-lengths after Metamorphosis (2003) and Exile In The Woods (2006). Those two are now hard-to-find vinyls, and this new one...

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Label Love Vol.3 - FREE Digital Compilation

Various - Label Love Vol.3 (Free Digital Compilation) Label Love, 2011-08-01 Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe - each track plucked and presented by label heads from Decon Records, Fat Beats, One-Handed Music, Stones Throw, Tru Thoughts, Wah Wah 45s, and Wax Poetics. Each label evokes its own signature...

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The best of 2009

Build An Ark - Love Part 1 (Kindred Spirits) parisdjs Garage A Trois - Power Patriot (The Royal Potato Family) parisdjs Groundation - Here I Am (Young Tree) parisdjs Lee Fields - My World (Truth & Soul) parisdjs Medeski, Martin & Wood - The Evolutionary Set (Indirecto) parisdjs Ocote Soul Sounds And Adrian Quesada - Coconut Rock (ESL Music) parisdjs Pablo - Turntable Technology (Soma)...

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The Mackrosoft - S.E.M.E.

The Mackrosoft - S.E.M.E. (Digital release) Mackrosoft Records, 2009-07-15 Every time the synth-voodoo masters of The Mackrosoft drop a new album (which happens at a prolific speed), all the bouncin’ heads of Wax Poetics turn in unison. That trend continues with the release of their new album S.E.M.E., featuring eight tracks of the pure, unadulterated, ahead-of-their-time Mackrosoft music we’ve...

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The Mackrosoft - Shirts and Skins

The Mackrosoft - Shirts and Skins (CD) Mackrosoft Records MS0015, 2009...

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