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Tag - Lack Of Afro

Paris DJs Soundsystem Bag Of Goodies Vol 7

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag of Goodies Vol.7

This past month was quite heavy on the Afro side of music, we've published and prepared many mixes, with more than 3 hours to be aired soon. We've also reviewed 12 records (check our monthly playlist), two of those got played in this short mix (half an hour) that Loik and Djouls recorded this weekend one day before the 2nd round of the election. As usual this is a live thing, a spontaneous...

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Renegades Of Jazz Go Jazz Not Ape Vol 2

Renegades Of Jazz - Go Jazz Not Ape! Vol.2

The second volume of the Go Jazz Not Ape! series is now available at Paris DJs (and soon on the Renegades Of Jazz soundcloud). After the great response on the first part it's now time to continue with 30 minutes of Jazz, Funk, Breakbeats and Downbeats. This mix is perfect for a walk or your way to work. Big ups to Paul Curtis (Guitarplayer on the Hip To The Jive album) who recorded some awesome...

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Lack of Afro - This Time - out on Freestyle Records

Lack of Afro - This Time (CD/LP/Digital) Freestyle Records FSRCD089, 2011-09-19 Lack Of Afro (Adam Gibbons) has achieved a startling amount in the few years since his first Freestyle releases. Playing live and DJ-ing across the world, producing and remixing everyone from Tom Jones, The Pharcyde, The New Mastersounds through to Kraak & Smaak! In 2011, as well as collaborating on an album...

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Lack of Afro - A Time For feat. Wayne Gidden - out on Freestyle Records

Lack of Afro - A Time For feat. Wayne Gidden (7"/Digital) Freestyle Records FSR7069, 2011-08-15 Taken from the forthcoming third album This Time from multi-instrumentalist/DJ/remixer & producer Lack Of Afro (Adam Gibbons), this new touching and super catchy single is a beautiful collaboration with UK singer/songwriter Wayne Gidden, which invokes the feel of classic soul artists such as...

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Smoove Presents Mo' Record Kicks Act II - out on Record Kicks

Smoove Presents Mo' Record Kicks Act II (CD/Digital) Record Kicks RKX037, 2011-04-18 Mo' Record Kicks is back! And Act II is an even heavier collection of Record Kicks exclusives, b-sides, remixes and material that appears on CD and compilation for the very first time. The man behind this fine selection of RK sounds needs no introduction, DJ/Producer smoove has been an avid collector of all that...

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Square Records 002

Various - Square Records 002 - out now (this is still not the new Rebtuz!)

This is limited to 1000 copies worldwide only and will never be repressed. Dj Yakuza from Turkey gives the modern Disco treatment to Mr Saadiq. A big tune on the dancefloor as it builds and builds and builds. The track With no beats from Nas now has some beats but instead of opting for straight up Hip Hop drums DJ Yakuza goes for the Brazilian/ Bossa take. An officially commissioned mix from Mr...

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Mo' Record Kicks - B-sides, exclusives & remixes for forward-thinking cats

Various - Mo' Record Kicks B-sides, exclusives & remixes for forward-thinking cats (CD/LP) Record Kicks RKX030/RKX030LP, 2010-03-22 MO' Record Kicks is a new compilation full of exclusive new singles from Record Kicks' established as well as newly signed artists together with remixes and b-sides previously available only on 7". Almost all tracks here see the light on CD and compilation...

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Flevans - The 28th Devil

Flevans - The 28th Devil (CD/Digital) Tru Thoughts TRUCD208, 2009-12-14 Hot on the heels of his irresistible third album, 27 Devils, which came out in May, multi-instrumentalist Flevans brings you The 28th Devil, a devilish collection of remixes, bringing the melting pot of styles and sounds, glorious songs and dancefloor bombs on 27 Devils into even more danceable, club-directed territory. With...

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Lack Of Afro - My Groove - Your Move

Lack Of Afro - My Groove - Your Move (CD/LP) Freestyle Records FSRCD057, 2009-10-19 From starting to play the piano at the age of 7, through to picking up the alto sax, then being introduced to a drum kit, as well as plucking a few chords on the guitar, it's pretty safe to say that Adam Gibbons, aka Lack Of Afro, lives and breathes music. Taking it's cues from the heavy funk and soul of the 70s...

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Lack Of Afro - International

Lack Of Afro - International (12") Freestyle Records FSR077, 2009-09-21 On this brand new seven track 12 International taken from the forthcoming album My Groove, Your Move Wax & Herbal T rock the joint like men possesed, whilst on Closer To Me the amazing vocalist Roxie Ray (of Dojo Cuts) adds a bluesy, soulful touch that augments the signature Lack Of Afro big beat bonanza. With...

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