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Paris DJs and Jewpop present Funk Soul Reggae and Hip Hop From Tel Aviv

Paris DJs & Jewpop present Funk, Soul, Reggae & Hip Hop From Tel-Aviv

The Bubble, Tel-Aviv's nickname, is now the Middle-East funkiest place to be! The music scene over there is bursting with infectious grooves, matching reggae, afro, oriental and hip hop beats, as a whole bunch of bands and artists ranging from Boom Pam, DJ Sabbo, Kutiman, The Apples, Karolina Avratz… to The Ramirez Brothers jam band, have emerged as a funk movement. Here's a taste of all these...

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Karolina - Smile 2 Me (video by Kutiman)

Kutiman video Karolina - Smile 2 Me Kutiman and his good friend karolina walking around the streets of Tel Aviv with a guitar and a pocket camera - this is what came out of it......

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GRANT PHABAO AND DJOULS 21st Century Afro Vol 4

Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Afro Vol.4

Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Afro Vol.4 (MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2009-02-21 What's African music today besides the many incredible reissues and compilations and a small 'afrobeat' rack? Here's a little deeper digging, with electronic afrojazz from France (Minimoogli), electronic afrosoul from Netherlands (thru England: AIFF reinterpreted by Diesler and Laura Vane),...

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Various - We Love Afrobeat!

Various - We Love Afrobeat! (CD) Comet, 2008-10-06 "I'm on several afrobeat projects these days, after a wicked UK tour with my Smith brothers, I'm proud to announce the release of a compilation on Comet Records, WE LOVE AFROBEAT! I have been selecting the tracklisting with Eric Trosset, a blend of afronewbeats!!! The new generation of afrobeat bands: We Love Afrobeat, due to release on Oct...

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Kutiman live in Paris

Exclusive KUTIMAN Live Show in Paris - Le Bus Palladium December 1st - 22h

The debut Kutiman Show on Dec. 1st in the city of lights – Paris! This aspiring young artist from Tel Aviv is taking his psychedelic funk sound live on stage for the first time! Joining him for this major event will be Karolina, the Israeli groove diva & Chaka Moon, the legendary bass player and vocalist. They will be backed by the funky Parisian band - Les Freres Smith. Join in for a...

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Kutiman - Kutiman

Kutiman - Kutiman (CD/LP) Melting Pot MPM047, 2007-10-26 Info : Ophir "Kutiman" Kutiel is a newcomer from Tel Aviv. The afro beat anthem "No Groove Where I Come From" caught the attention of MPM and people like Gilles Peterson or Diplo. His first album is just phenomenal music touching afro beat, west indian grooves, psychedelic funk and soul. Melting Pot Music wil release...

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Kutiman - Music Is Ruling My World (feat. Karolina)

Kutiman - Music Is Ruling My World (feat. Karolina) (12" virtual release/MP3 Podcast on Melting Pot/ParisDJs MPM042V/PARISDJS010, 2007-12-25 Tracklisting : A1. Music Is Ruling My World(feat. Karolina) Links : About the "Kutiman" album Kutiman interview - summer 2007: Now Kutiman, how did you come to Afro-funk?...

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Diesler - Podcast Adventures #11

Diesler - Podcast Adventures #11 (september 2007) Better late than never... here is the brimming full of goodness Diesler podcast adventure with Diesler & Stan navitigating through the choppy waters of presenting and talking at the right points in the records to bring you another fun filled show of humour and music. Ch-ch-ch-checkit!! Tracklisting : 01. Umberto ft. Wally Warning - Let Them...

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Kutiman - Music Is Ruling My World feat. Karolina

Kutiman - Music Is Ruling My World feart. Karolina (12") Melting Pot MPM42, 2007-06-08 Tracklisting : A1. Music Is Ruling My World (Original Mix) A2. Music Is Ruling My World (Sabbo + Kuti DJ Edit) B1. Music Is Ruling My World (DJ Day Remix) B2. Music Is Ruling My World (DJ Day Beat Edit) Links :

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Various - More MPM Sound

Various - More MPM Sound (CD/LP) Melting Pot MPM030, 2006-11-30 Tracklisting : 01. Breakout - Planet Rock pt.1 4:33 02. DJ Day - Gone Bad 3:51 03. DJ Adlib feat. Med - Everyday 4:11 04. The Phobos Peepl - Bike Ryder 2:37* 05. Kutiman - No Groove Where I Come From 5:05* 06. Imperial Breed - On The Run 3:43 07. Devil McDoom - Watching Sleazy UFOs Passing By 1:57* 08. The Soul Scapes - Soul Summer...

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