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Tag - Keller Williams

Mark Diomede & the Juggling Suns Project - Regulus

Mark Diomede & The Juggling Suns Project - Regulus (CD, self-released, 2015)

A veteran from the jam bands scene in the USA, Mark Diomede launched Solar Circus in the mid-80s in New York, covering the Grateful Dead among others along with a few originals. The band evolved in the early 90s into Juggling Suns, touring, playing and releasing records for nearly two decades. One of those records caught our ears in 1997, 'Living On The Edge Of Change' (reviewed in French here),...

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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 13

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.13

Hope you've enjoyed the Xmas festivities with your friends and family. We've tried to complement those times with some new xmas mixes, a new xmas single, and to conclude the series fo cool gifts, our latest Soundcloud selection of the year, 37 tracks full of soul & coolness - with the mandatory xmas tunes here and there of course. Happy holidays everyone!!...

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Keller Williams - Odd

Keller Williams - Odd (CD/Digital) Basil Leaf Music/Sci-Fidelity Records, 2009-08-12 Everyone's favorite one-man-band, Keller Williams, releases his forthcoming album, Odd, through his brand new, fan-oriented download feature, 'The Once A Week Freek'. Long considered one of the most unique and prolific performers in all of rock, the Fredericksburg, Virginia native is known for flying by the seat...

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Keller Williams with Moseley, Droll & Sipe - Live

Keller Williams with Moseley, Droll & Sipe - Live (2xCD+DVD) Sci-Fidelity Records, 2008-09-16 Tracklisting CD1 : 01. Same Ole' 02. Skitso 03. Casa Quetzal 04. Tribe 05. Breathe 06. Thin Mint 07. Look at Where We Are 08. Reinhardt Rag 09. Newness Tracklisting CD2 : 01. You Are What You Eat 02. Killer Waves 03. Lonesome Angel 04. Still Wishing to Course 05. Temple Balls 06. Juggler 07. Play...

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Keller Williams - Rex (Live At The Fillmore) : A Grateful Grass Performance Featuring KW, Keith Moseley and Jeff Austin

Keller Williams - Rex (Live At The Fillmore) : A Grateful Grass Performance Featuring KW, Keith Moseley and Jeff Austin (Digital release only) Sci-Fidelity Records, 2008-04-29 Tracklisting : 01. One More Saturday Night 02. Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo 03. Eyes Of The World 04. Candyman 05. Loose Lucy 06. Black Peter 07. St. Stephen 08. Casey Jones 09. Brown Eyed Women 10. Bird Song 11....

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Keller Williams - 12

Keller Williams - 12 (CD) Sci-Fidelity Records, 2007-12-18 Tracklisting : 01. Turn In Difference 3:24 02. Anyhow Anyway 5:24 03. Tribe 4:48 04. Breathe 4:13 05. More Than a Little 7:50 06. Freeker By the Speaker 4:54 07. Butt Sweat 4:42 08. Apparition 4:37 09. Keep It Simple 4:35 10. Local 4:08 11. People Watchin' 5:16 12. Freshies 2:43 Links :

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Keller & The Keels - Grass

Keller & The Keels - Grass (CD) Keller Enterprises, 2006-03-21 Review : Keller Williams, one of the most (if not the most) talented guitarist/entertainer from the last ten years, is still a complete stranger to France. He played in Paris a huge total of 30 minutes, between 7:00PM and 7:30PM, opening for a shitty Michael Franti show some two years ago. At least 30 people have seen him that...

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Keller Williams - Stage

Keller Williams - "Stage" (Sci-Fidelity 2004) Le précédent album de Keller Williams, "Home", était déjà dans notre Best Of 2003 (les précédents étant tous chroniqués dans la discographie Sci-Fidelity Records), décrit comme une ravissante galette de "bonne humeur campagnarde contagieuse". Voici enfin l'album live, un double, qui va permettre de mieux se rendre compte...

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Keller Williams - Full Live Shows MP3s

Keller Williams - 3 Live Shows 128 kbps MP3s Si vous ne savez toujours pas qui est Keller Williams, c'est que vous n'avez pas lu le, ou que vous n'êtes jamais venu sur Pour les plus feignants, disons simplement que ce jeune homme est le Jimi Hendrix de la guitare acoustique et qau'il officie depuis maintenant 10 ans. Un de ses fans a mis en place un site pour partager...

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Keller Williams - Love Handles / Tubular / Live Tracks...

Keller Williams - "Love Handles", "Tubular" & a few live tracks... Après l'échec (de notre point de vue) de son précédent album, "Dance", constitué de remixes sans réel intérêt de l'album qui avait précédé, "Laugh", Keller Williams revient avec un album qu'il a entièrement composé et interprété. C'est le Keller Williams que l'on préfère, semblable à...

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