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Tag - K7

Paris DJs Soundsystem Bag Of Goodies Vol 5

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag of Goodies Vol.5

There's a particularity to our Bag of Goodies mixes this year. The selection is only made up of records and music either sent to us by labels and artists, or which we actually bought in record stores in the recent weeks. It'll be hard for us to be more supportive and current than that. We usually gather for a listening session with a few of our favorite new tracks in the bag, and try to hit the...

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Brandt Brauer and Frick

Interview with Paul Frick (from the Brandt Brauer & Frick Ensemble)

Paul Frick (from Brandt Brauer & Frick) (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau - october 2010) No-computer electro German trio Brandt Brauer & Frick has released a new album (Mr. Machine, !K7 Records), just one year after their debut record You Make Me Real, and this follow-up is a must-have for both hypnotic groove addicts and sophisticated experimental music lovers. Our fellow interviewer...

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Motor City Drum Ensemble - DJ Kicks - out on !K7

Motor City Drum Ensemble - DJ Kicks (CD/Digital) !K7 Records/La Baleine K7285CD, 2011-06-29 Stuttgart's Danilo Plessow, better known as Inverse Cinematics (Pulver Records) and then Motor City Drum Ensemble, will be mixing the next edition of DJ-Kicks, due for a July release. The mix features Plessow's expert selections from a wide array of genres ("A classic Dj kicks, not just a house...

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The Herbaliser Band - Session 2

The Herbaliser Band - Session 2 (CD) K7! Records K7245CD, 2009-07-07 Back in 2000 The Herbaliser released their acclaimed double vinyl album Session 1. Almost a decade later, they now want to capture this latest live chapter on record. Session 2 spans more than a ten years of Herbaliser live favourites, from the underground beats and breaks of their 1997 album Blow Your Headphones to the more...

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Scratch - Loss 4 Wordz

Scratch - Loss 4 Wordz (CD/2xLP) Goldust Media/!K7, 2009-05-18Loss For Wordz is Scratch's introduction to a new audience. Although his beatboxing is still the foundation, singers predominate, melodies are pushed out front by a supporting cast of traditional instruments and the vast array of beats and sound effects at the disposal of this man's extraordinary mouth offer guidance and decoration...

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Tosca - No Hassle

Tosca - No Hassle (CD/LP) Studio !K7 K7240CD/K7240LP, 2009-04-28 Prepare to get chilled. No Hassle is the fifth full-length released by the Tosca duo, who are comprised of Richard Dorfmeister (of legendary trip-hoppers Kruder & Dorfmeister) and Austrian musician Rupert Huber. Whereas much of their previous material had Dorfmeister's dubby basslines up front, this album was developed as a more...

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Boozoo Bajou - Grains

Boozoo Bajou - Grains (CD) Studio !K7 !K7235CD, 2009-02-23Boozoo Bajou (alias Florian Seyberth and Peter Heider) return with a gentle album taking their modern electronica with blues, jazz, soul, latin and dub elements on a lighter and brighter path, absorbing acoustic folk and classic songwriting into their progressive musical journey. One for HEAVY lounging!...

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Matthew Herbert - Score

Matthew Herbert - Score (CD) Studio !K7 K7CD212, 2007-03-26 Tracklisting : 01. Funeral (Vida y Color 2005) 02. End (Vida y Color 2005) 03. Rivoli Shuffle (Le Défi 2002) 04. The Apartment (Le Défi 2002) 05. Singing in the Rain (Le Défi 2002) 06. Cafe de Flore (Trio Reprise) (Le Défi 2002) 07. Gang of Boys (Vida y Color 2005) 08. Blood and Hair (rejected demo from Manolete 2007) 09. Bull and Cloth...

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Koop - Koop Islands

Koop - Koop Islands (CD/LP) Studio !K7 !K7208 / Compost COMP234, 2006-10-04 Tracklisting : 01. Koop Island Blues (feat. Ane Brun) 02. Come To Me (feat. Yukumi Nagano) 03. Forces ... Darling (feat. Earl Zinger) 04. I See A Different You (feat. Yukumi Nagano) 05. Let's Elope (feat. Mikael Sundin) 06. The Moonbounce 07. Beyond The Sun (feat. Earl Zinger) 08. Whenever There Is You (feat. Yukumi...

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Dani Siciliano - Slappers

Dani Siciliano - Slappers (CD) Studio !K7 !K7201, 2006-09-04 01. Slappers 02. Didn't anybody tell you 03. They can wait 04. Why can't I make you high 05. Frozen 06. Too young 07. Think twice 08. Big time 09. Repeats 10. Wifey 11. Be my producer Links :

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