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Mr Moo - Abstractions In Space

Mr. Moo - Abstractions In Space

What really happened after the 90's? Past the electronic revolution, once all the freaks fled the overpriced cities, between the last gasp of experience and the last band standing in the minefield of our time, a bit before we found ourselves digitally brainwashed, there was a stream gathering, a loose joint venture of alternate currents, not really a scene or to twist Jim's words: "Weirds...

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Paris DJs Best Albums of 2013

Paris DJs presents The 50 Best Albums of 2013

This year's best albums selection was the hardest one to make since we started being active on the musical web in 1996. There's a simple reason for that: we had never been that prolific as a label before. With 52 releases on Paris DJs (singles, albums, compilations or mixes) during the 52 weeks of 2013, most of our time has been spent cooking our own stuff rather than listening to the amazing...

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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 8

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.8

This heighth Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection is another extravaganza spectacular batch of 50 tracks, with a heavy dose of soul, some Afro funkyness, Reggae grooves, Hip Hop head-nodders and latin vibes… Don't hesitate to pick your favorites, like 'em, share 'm and playlist 'em again!! The 'Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection' is a series we try to do on a bi-monthly schedule, with every odd number a...

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Tobias Kirmayer The I Got Hope

Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp Records) - I Got Hope

Paris DJs' favorite Funk, Soul & Jazz German label Tramp Records is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, with many exciting releases, albums, 45s, 'The Story Of' series, the second volume in the 'Feeling Nice' series, and Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol.2! Our series of summer mixes was the perfect opportunity to join this celebration, and the label manager/A&R Tobias...

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Paris DJs Playlist March 2013

Paris DJs Playlist - March 2013

March 2013 was an exceptional month, with MANY independant labels and artists keeping on hitting us with download links and promotional records. Here's our selection of the best vinyl and CDs we received, a large one for a change (25 releases reviewed!), including of course the fantastic four Paris DJs releases of each of the four previous week, you know the deal by now! We also received an...

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The Greg Foat Group Girl With Robot and Flowers

The Greg Foat Group - Girl With Robot and Flowers - out on Jazzman

In 2011 Paris DJs named Greg Foat’s first outing, 'Dark is the Sun' (Jazzman), as one of its top ten albums of the year. I interviewed Greg back then (click here) because I was convinced that this young pianist was only just getting started. Little did I think that he’d be back so soon with a new, entrancing album of low-tech sci-fi jazz, 'Girl And Robot With Flowers' (Jazzman). This stunning new...

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Paris DJs Playlist October 2012

Paris DJs Playlist - October 2012

Woah October was heavy on the release side! As a label Paris DJs delivered new singles from Carlton Livingston and Pompidoo, a new album from Franck Biyong and the first compilation of Afro/Tropical grooves gathered by the Paris DJs Soundsystem… while as a media we received no less than 150 albums on all formats! It's quite hard to digest but we're trying our best, starting with this playlist, a...

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The Natural Yogurt Band Miles Newbold

Interview with Miles Newbold / The Natural Yogurt Band (english version)

Miles Newbold / The Natural Yogurt Band (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - May 2011) Everything began three years ago at the Music Library down to my house. There I met Gerald André, The Norvins’ drummer. “Hey Nicolas, you should listen to this, man. It’s very good and I think it’s really your stuff” he said, picking a CD from a shelf. On the sleeve were two men dressed like...

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The Natural Yogurt Band Miles Newbold

Interview de Miles Newbold / The Natural Yogurt Band (french version)

Miles Newbold / The Natural Yogurt Band (Interview réalisée par Nicolas Ragonneau - mai 2011) Interviewer un membre du Natural Yogurt Band ressemble à la quête du Graal ou de la pierre philosophale. Difficile et obsédant. La comparaison s’arrête ici, car finalement, j’ai réussi. Tout a commencé il y a trois ans. J’étais à la discothèque municipale en bas de chez moi, je discutais avec mon ami...

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Paris DJs presents The 10 Best Albums of 2011

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Rubber Orchestras (Heavenly Sweetness) info | mix 1 | mix 2 Bio Ritmo - La Verdad (Electric Cowbell) info | mix Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming (Dunham/Daptone) info | video Garage à Trois - Always Smile but Stay Evil (The Royal Potato Family) info | interview Lucas Santtana - Sem Nostalgia (Mais Um Discos) info Mr. Chop - Switched On (Now-Again) info...

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