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Paris DJs Soundsystem Bag Of Goodies Vol 12

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag Of Goodies Vol.12

Hot on the heels of our August 2012 playlist of records we received during the pastmonth, here's its companion mix and final volume in the Bag of Goodies series. Final? Don't worry, our founders Djouls and Loik will be back next month with a brand new serialized concept - but shh! more about that later… This 12th volume, more than one hour long, covers many grounds, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Cumbia,...

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Kovacs Vortex EP

Kovacs - Vortex EP - out on Hiperbole Records

Kovacs - Vortex EP (Digital) Hiperbole Records HBR-007, 2011-10-28 Longtime friend and Hiperbole Jazz ambassador Kovacs a.k.a. Nandor Kürtössy was getting attention when he released his Eastern Block EP on the hungarian Budabeats Netlabel. Three years later he now releases his debut album on the hungarian Chameleon Records label which will be an exclusive give-away. The Vortex EP represents a...

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Loopez and Renegades Of Jazz Jungle Haze EP

Loopez & Renegades Of Jazz - Jungle Haze EP - out on Hiperbole Records

Loopez & Renegades Of Jazz - Jungle Haze EP (Digital) Hiperbole Records HBR-006, 2011-10-14 Hiperbole's latest signing Loopez teams up with Renegades Of Jazz for the Jungle Haze EP. Their idea of producing some tunes together turned quickly into some very productive sessions and after sending their works back and forth through the wires of the Atlantic ocean they produced two Latin tunes of...

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Triberg Himmelreich and Hollental EP

Triberg - Himmelreich & Höllental EP - out on Hiperbole Records

Triberg - Himmelreich & Höllental EP (Digital) Hiperbole Records HBR-005, 2011-09-23 Hiperbole Records is proud to present Triberg, a project by german producer and multi instrumentalist Michael Hoppe. Based in the south of Germany, deep in the woods amidst the wonderful Black Forest landscape, where gnomes and dwarfes rule the underground, and fairy tales and mystic brews have been born over...

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Savages - Dawntempo EP - out on Hiperbole Records

Savages - Dawntempo EP (Digital) Hiperbole Records HBR-004, 2011-09-02 The Budapest-based multi-talented Nandor Kürtössy a.k.a. Savages was already making waves with his first solo album Five Finger Discount, released in 2008 on Chameleon Records. Now this Hiperbole EP includes the first two tracks of his follow-up album Dawntempo, and shows again his wonderful taste for beautiful and...

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Audiophysical - Shellac EP - out on Hiperbole Records

Audiophysical - Shellac EP (Digital) Hiperbole Records HBR-003, 2011-08-12 Multi-Instrumentalist and producer André Lamb a.k.a. Audiophysical presents his first ever solo release, on Hiperbole Records. Already known as one half of the Madball Scientists, the New Zealand-born talent delivers a wonderful collection of musical gems with his five track Shellac EP. Audiophysical is a traveller in...

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Madball Scientist - All This Beauty EP - out on Hiperbole Records

Madball Scientist - All This Beauty EP (Digital) Hiperbole Records HBR-002, 2011-07-15 This summer sees the release of the All This Beauty EP from Madball Scientists, a collaboration between André Lamb from New Zealand and David Hanke from Germany. They teamed up back in 2007 via MySpace and started building up their songs by sending parts back and forth. In summer 2009 they had the chance to...

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Renegades Of Jazz - Moo Juice EP - out on Hiperbole

Renegades Of Jazz - Moo Juice EP (Digital) Hiperbole Records HBR-001, 2011-06-24 Hiperbole Records is proud to present Renegades Of Jazz' Moo Juice EP, their first digital only release. This oustanding EP starts with the freshly produced original Moo Juice where vintage styled sound meets new production techniques. A fun track about what we all love, so if you wanna take a break: Make it milk!...

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