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Tag - Grant Phabao

Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - Return Of The Dig-Fu

Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - Return Of The Dig-Fu (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2014)

Chicago-born MC RacecaR & French producer Grant Phabao met at Paris DJs' studio, thanks to an introduction from hip hop activist Miska with whom the French label has been doing hip hop-themed compilations this year. They decided to try something new together. Grant Phabao had never produced any hip hop artist before. And RacecaR had never tried to write and record on afrofunk or reggae music...

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Paris DJs Playlist May June July August 2014

Paris DJs Playlist - May/June/July/August 2014

This playlist has been a few months in the making... We were kinda busy with our crowdfunding campaign this summer, but managed to get back on our feet and finally publish this mega-post filled with 49 short or not-that-short reviews of new singles, albums and compilations we received at Paris DJs those last months! As usual, this playlist focuses on the physical records sent to us, promo CD of...

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Que Pasa

Que Pasa - Que Pasa (CD, Miam Records, 2014)

What happens when an eminent jazz guitarist, a fiery accordeonist and a brilliant trombone player meet a gifted electronic music producer and an inspired DJ? As Miles Davis used to say: "I'll play first, then I' ll tell you what it is". if these three jazz musicians wanted to play with the music of the machines, it's because they remenbered that the true spirit of jazz is freedom .They...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Vinyl Is Good For You

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Vinyl Is Good For You (Limited 6x45 Boxset, Paris DJs, 2014)

This 6x45s boxset is heavily limited, a true collector's item. Featuring Afrodyete (The Breakestra), Alice Russell (courtesy of Tru Thoughts Recordings), Brownout, Grant Phabao, Jungle Fire, The Lone Ranger with Carlton Livingston, The Jays, this selection gathers the best DJ tunes from Paris DJs' digital releases of the past two years. It was crowdfunded through a campaign of pre-orders which...

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Brownout I Wont Lie Grant Phabao Remix

Brownout - Grant Phabao & Renegades Of Jazz Remixes (Limited 45, Paris DJs, 2014)

Brownout is the band. Grant Phabao is the reggae/dub remixer. Renegades Of Jazz are the Bboy Editors. Ben Hito is the illustrator. Paris DJs and Kept Records are the label. You're SO gonna love this one on vinyl!...

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Jungle Fire Firewalker Grant Phabao Remix

Jungle Fire - Firewalker / Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remixes) (Limited 45, Paris DJs, 2014)

Jungle Fire and Grant Phabao's musical universes collide with style & fashion on those remixes. The resulting combination is a unique 'Afrobeat meets Ska' concept, a blend of styles from L.A. to Paris creating a bridge between South America, Nigeria and Jamaica! Two explosive dancefloor fillers for sure....

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Grant Phabao The Lone Ranger Carlton Livingston Imitation Sounds

Grant Phabao, The Lone Ranger & Carlton Livingston - Imitation Sounds / Weh Reggae Come From (Limited 45, Paris DJs, 2014)

Two smashing combination tunes with Jamaican legends The Lone Ranger and Carlon Livingston… the two rhymesters kill it with style and fashion, over a thick and layered reggae riddim from multi-intrumentalist Grant Phabao on one side, a re-invention with an eye toward the past on another Grant Phabao roots reggae riddim, bringing back memories of breezy, sun-filled days on the island, on the other...

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Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol 4 Solid Gold B-Boys

Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol.4 - Solid Gold B-Boys

Fourth in a series of five free EPs collecting the best reggae reworks from the Paris DJs Virtual Releases podcast in high-quality audio, entirely produced, mixed and newly remastered by French superproducer Grant Phabao, 'Solid Gold B-Boys' gathers four reworks of indie Hip Hop artists from the USA, Uk and France: N.A.S.A., Ty and Versus. Those four reggae reworks have generated more than 20.000...

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Grant Phabao The Jays African Man

Grant Phabao & The Jays - African Man b/w Adrian Quesada Remix (Limited 45, Paris DJs, 2014)

The Jays, a Jamaican vocal harmony trio composed of Lloyd Forrest, Errol Wilson and Leroy Hall, with Paris-based 70s roots music expert Grant Phabao at the helm of production, deliver some brothers greatness that gets into your soul. On the flip, a remix by Adrian Quesada, full of psychedelic twangling guitars drenched into reverb rings so perfectly with the harmonies of liberty that it could...

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Grant Phabao AFRODYETE Itchin For Your Love

Grant Phabao & AFRODYETE - Itchin' For Your Love / Feelin' You Feelin' Me (Limited 45, Paris DJs, 2014)

The first 45 of Grant Phabao and AFRODYETE is a killer double A-sider, with a storming and entrancing, super hot, sexy and smoking soulful ska burner on one side, and some seriously soulful vocals over one of Grant Phabao's brand new Afrofunk riddims, featuring additional horn recordings from Les Frères Smith on the flip....

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