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Tag - Funki Porcini

Funki Porcini Accident And Emergence

Funki Porcini - Accident And Emergence Mix

Ambient/Chill-Out/Downtempo/Eclectic Electronics master James Bradell a.k.a. Funki Porcini has quite a cult following thanks to his 5 albums/15-years long career on Ninja Tune. He's launched in december 2009 his own label, releasing since then no less than 2 albums and 8 singles. His latest album, One Day, has been released just a month ago on - and you can stream it...

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Funki Porcini - On

Funki Porcini - On (CD/Download) Ninja Tune ZENCD144/ZENDNL144, 2010-05-03 James Braddell AKA Funki Porcini returns with his 5th album for Ninja Tune, his first since 2002's Fast Asleep. Mixing together surreal jazz, found noise, synthetic strangeness and dream logic, On is as beautiful and odd as anything he has made. Braddell could be said to be something of a trip hop pioneer, operating out of...

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Funki Porcini - Plod

Funki Porcini - Plod (Download) self-released, 2009-12-01 Funki Porcini is mastering his new album for Ninja Tune right now and it's sounding fantastic. In the meantime Mr Porcini has rounded up a selection of tracks that won't make it onto the album, but are great anyway. He calls them "A series of bits and bobbies", you can check them out and buy them at his bandcamp page......

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9 Lazy 9 - Paradise Blown (Re-Issue USA CD)

9 Lazy 9 - Paradise Blown (CD) Ninja Tune ZENCD9US, 2003-10-21 CD Tracklisting: 01 5AM 02 Shak 03 Turn Me Loose 04 Edit 05 Black Jesus 06 All Aboard 07 Summer 08 The Herb 09 Brothers Of The Red 10 Take Nine 11 Spoonful Of Slow 12 Bad Boy 13 Not Nice 14 Interleud 15 It's Late 16 Gossip / Bad Boy 17 Lotto Jisco...

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Funki Porcini - Love, Pussycats & Carwrecks (Re-edition USA)

Funki Porcini - Hed Phone Sex (CD) Ninja Tune ZENCD23US, 2003-09-23 01 Purrfect 02 Groover 03 The Last Song 04 Snip & Lick 05 Carwreck 06 The Afterlife 07 12 Points Off Your Licence 08 Venus 09 Elephantitus 10 Theme Music For Nothing 11 I'm Such A Small Thing 12 Going Down 13 Carwreck (Wagon Christ Mix) 14 Carwreck (Squarepusher Mix) CD Artwork:...

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Funki Porcini - Hed Phone Sex (Re-edition USA)

Funki Porcini - Hed Phone Sex (2xCD) Ninja Tune ZENCD17US, 2003-09-23 Tracklisting CD1: 01 A Word Of Vice 02 B Monkey 03 Dubble 04 King Ashabanapal Pt 1 05 The Deep 06 King Ashabanapal Pt 2 07 Michael's Little Friend 08 White Slave 09 Poseathon 10 Wicked, Cruel Nasty And Bad 11 Pork Albumen 12 The Softest Thing In The World (Motorway Accident) 13 Something Wonderful 14 Tiny Kangaroo Dolphin (From...

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9 Lazy 9 - Sweet Jones

9 Lazy 9 - Sweet Jones (LP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN79/ZENCD79, 2003-06 CD Tracklisting: 01 The Woodworm 02 Code 3 03 Sunday Monday 04 Pound Stretcher 05 Keep Going Daddy 06 Big Six 07 Grazing Maize 08 Cosa 09 Tumble Weed 10 Carborante 11 The Flying Nun 12 The Last of the West LP Tracklisting: A1 The Woodworm A2 Code 3 A3 Sunday Monday B1 Poundstretcher B2 Keep Going Daddy C1 Big Six C2 Cosa C3...

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Funki Porcini - Fast Asleep

Funki Porcini - Fast Asleep (2xLP/CD+DVD) Ninja Tune ZEN57/ZENCD57, 2002-07-29 2xLP Tracklisting: A1 What Are You Looking At? A2 The Big Sea A3 We're Out Of Here A4 50,000 Ft Freefall B1 Sleepy B2 The Great Drive By B3 Last Night Over Norway B4 New Dope C1 16 Megatons C2 Tokyosaka Train C3 Terminal C3 UK D1 Weow D2 Offshore Birmingham D3 Back Home...

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Journeys By DJ: Coldcut "70 Minutes of Madness"

Journeys By DJ: Coldcut "70 Minutes of Madness" (CD) Journeys By DJ JDJCDS004, 2002-07 (re-issue) Info : Le mix culte "Journeys by Dj" , sorti à l'origine en 1995, en hommage aux pionniers du cut'n'paste, Double D & Steinski, Grandmaster Flash, William Burroughs, etc., a été réédité cette année avec comme pitch "The Best Mix of All-time", ce qui n'est pas loin...

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Funki Porcini - The Great Drive By

Funki Porcini - The Great Drive By (12") Ninja Tune ZEN12102, 2001-10 Funki Porcini se promène dans sa tuture... et en profite pour nous faire visiter les paysages doux-amers de ses rèves. On se laisse porter par cette envolée electro soul acide à roulettes, pendant presque 8 minutes, comme on feuillette un magazine au bord d'une plage bretonne en été: avec nonchalence, cheveux aux vent,...

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