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Paris DJs Private Record Store new arrivals & back in stock vinyl #1

Our little record store in the north-east of Paris is slowly but surely becoming a thing, with more and more friendly people coming by to grab the vinyl (or CDs) they've reserved on our discogs page. We were known for welcoming bands and artists to "studio time & diner", now diggers from all ages are enjoying a cup of coffee and some music small talk... For those and all the others,...

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Funkadelic - Reworked By Detroiters

Funkadelic - Reworked By Detroiters (CD/12"/3LP, Westbound, 2017)

Paris DJs' history with George Clinton & the Parliament/Funkadelic crew is a very long one… It culminated first in 2006 when we were asked to cook some exclusive remixes (including a mad dub rework from Grant Phabao, approved by the Dr. Funkenstein himself, you can still grab the free download here), then again in 2012 when the P-Funk management requested us for a revamp of the...

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Paris DJs Wearplay EP 014

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Wearplay EP#14 - Massive Hits From The Grant Phabao Factory (T-shirt/Digital album bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2017)

Grant Phabao is Paris DJs' in-house producer and sound engineer, and no doubt familiar to you as France's premier reggae lord. Over nearly two decades of superb music-making, he grew to be a prime purveyor of Jamaican Soul, wether labeled "ska", "rocksteady", "reggae", etc. After releasing albums with Jamaican legends Carlton Livingston, The Lone Ranger, The Jays or...

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Paris DJs Wearplay EP 012

Paris DJs Soudsystem - Wearplay EP#12 - Dis Is Good For You (Japanese Version) (T-shirt/Digital Single bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2017)

Episode 12 of Paris DJs & Le T-shirt Français "Wearplay" series (Season 1) should come as a surprise to many. We've received along the years some recurring requests for printing on a T-shirt the "Dis Is Good For You" poster from illustrator Ben Hito, the first one he ever designed for us. Requests we never fulfilled. So when we started working with Japanese stores &...

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Paris DJs Wearplay LP 005

Grant Phabao & RacecaR - Wearplay LP#05 - A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque (T-shirt/Digital Single bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2017)

The fifth in our "Wearplay" series combining clothing, graphics and music production is an album already released on vinyl and CD last year, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. It was conceived as a hip hop album that wouldn't be beatmaking (hip hop beats), but would incorporate rapping over organic grooves such as afrofunk, soul, jazz, ska or reggae, with vocals from...

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Paris DJs Wearplay EP 002

Paris DJs Soudsystem - Wearplay EP#02 - Heavyweight Gambit (T-shirt/Digital Single bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2017)

The "Wearplay EP" series is an innovative brand new concept, combining clothing, graphics and music production — with a new hybrid work released every day of the week! For this Wearplay EP #02, illustrator Ben Hito has adapted Paris DJs' artwork from the "Heavyweight Gambit, No Holds Barred!" compilation, we've printed this re-design on a Made in France T-shirt, and picked...

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Shadow - Sweet Sweet Dreams

Shadow - Sweet Sweet Dreams (CD/2LP, Analog Africa, 2016)

The 22nd Analog Africa release is a beauty people couldn't begin to imagine how the feeling would be to actually be playing it - until now. As rare as it's insanely great, this long-awaited reissue is the holy grail of Shadow albums. The one featuring the monster cosmic soca disco track 'Let’s Get It Together', one of the heaviest island synth dancefloor thunderstorms of all time. Winston Bailey...

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Brownout - Iron Leg

Premiere : Brownout - Iron Leg (Mickey & The Soul Generation cover)

Austin-based Level One Sound run by our esteemed collegue Adrian Quesada has been the home to many great recordings, from The Funk Ark, Brownout, David Garza, Deer Tick, Natalia Clavier, The Echocentrics, The Electric Peanut Butter Co., Third Root, Money Chicha, etc. - A full fledged studio/production house where digital meets analog (2" and 1/4" tape machines) and an aesthetic nodding...

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Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - A Healthy Obsession With Petanque

Grant Phabao & RacecaR "A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque" LP - Support Paris DJs' 5th crowdfunding campaign

Help Paris DJs press a limited edition vinyl LP and CD of Grant Phabao & RacecaR's album 'A Healthy Obsession With Pétanque', along with some new t-shirts & sweatshirts, all illustrated by poster artist Ben Hito. Support Paris DJs' Crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank...

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Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - Think It All

Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - Think It All (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2016)

Chicago-born but now Paris-based MC RacecaR and French producer/multi-instrumentalist Grant Phabao are hard at work this summer, finishing the last details to their upcoming album 'A Healthy Obsession with Pétanque', and trying to find support to fund its pressing. Already the 6th digital single from the duo, 'Think It All' is a smoothing smoocher tune, quite unclassifiable with its unique blend...

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