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12 prime 12s from the Paris DJs private record store

12 solid gold 12s from the Paris DJs private record store

Hot on the heels of yesterday's 45 picks, here's a quick selection of 12 prime twelve inches from the Paris DJs private records store, solid gold hand-picked for your listening or DJ bag pleasure....

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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 13

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.13

Hope you've enjoyed the Xmas festivities with your friends and family. We've tried to complement those times with some new xmas mixes, a new xmas single, and to conclude the series fo cool gifts, our latest Soundcloud selection of the year, 37 tracks full of soul & coolness - with the mandatory xmas tunes here and there of course. Happy holidays everyone!!...

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Paris DJs Playlist November December 2013

Paris DJs Playlist - November/December 2013

The end of the year is approaching fast so before going into the best of selections of singles, compilations, albums, mixes, here's the last playlist of the year, covering all the records we received during the last two months. Thanks to all the cool labels: Buy├║ Records, BBE Music, Compost Records, Ninja Tune, Tru Thoughts, Olbap Music, Goodfellas, Mukatsuku Records, Family Groove, Out There...

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Paris DJs Playlist August 2013

Paris DJs Playlist - August 2013

With some funk and jazz reissues coming from Family Grooves Records, Sonorama or Tramp Records, new releases on friendly labels such as Tru Thoughts, Big Dada, Ninja Tune, or Mais Um Discos and few choice selections, Paris DJs' last playlist of the summer is as eclectic as ever, picking into the records (CDs and vinyl) labels and artists sent to us during the past month....

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Paris DJs Playlist Janurary 2013

Paris DJs Playlist - January 2013

With big outlet FNAC usual wrongdoings, which we warned about 7 years ago now, and Virgin Megastores closing, with some crookery from the distributors hiding their losses and rushing headlong into the wall, record labels are dying in France. Well not many have ever existed over here, but now they're disappearing at an accelerated speed. Warp Records was among the first ones. Numero Group, Daptone,...

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