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Tag - El Michels Affair

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Dont Sell Your Soul 45s

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Wearplay LP#20 - Don't Sell Your Soul 45s (T-shirt/Mix bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2017)

In the back of my mind I had this idea for quite some time, of a selection of vinyl we have in stock at the Paris DJs Record Store. In between other projects I finally managed to make it a reality, thanks to Erik Rug and Loik Dury who helped me pick the best tunes from our 45s stocks, thanks to Grant Phabao who carefully mixed the tracks and mastered the whole thing, and thanks to Ben Hito, who...

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Chef The Film Soundtrack

Chef Movie Sountrack (CD/Digital, Milan Records, 2014)

Jon Favreau is back in the writer/ actor /director chair with Chef, his latest concoction. The soundtrack album, featuring a song selection by KCRW’s own Mathieu Schreyer, perfectly mirrors the road trip of the movie. For each town, a sample of food and music: salsa-infused Miami to the sounds of Pete Rodriguez and the reggae beats of Grant Phabao, The Lone Ranger and Carlton Livingston,, the...

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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 9

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.10

Paris DJs are trying to keep on a bi-monthly schedule with this 'Soundcloud Selection' series... A mega program of two and half hours, with many many new releases, stuff to discover, like and share, some edits, a few of their own productions, picked through hours of Soundcloud digging, for your aural pleasure, it's a treat not to miss! For more extravaganza selections, reviews, etc., check the...

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Grant Phabao and Djouls 21st Century Afro Spectacular Vol 3

Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Afro Spectacular Vol.3

When I was younger you couldn't find funky, soulful or psychedelic Afro music at all in France. Then I stumbled upon a used Fela CD and with the arrival of the 21st century I discovered Antibalas. Both rocked my musical world and changed my life forever. Flash forward to 2012 and I now run the Paris DJs music agency, producing with label partner Grant Phabao the same kind of Afro music I fell in...

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Fallin' Off The Reel III - out now on Truth & Soul

Various - Fallin' Off The Reel III (CD/Digital) Truth & Soul Records TSCD010, 2011-03-16 Following up the success of the first two volumes, the third entry in Truth & Soul's Fallin Off The Reel series packs in 20 tracks originally pressed as limited edition 45s, listed in chronological order of their release. These choice selections from the label's expansive roster of contemporary and...

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The Whitefield Brothers - Earthology

The Whitefield Brothers – Earthology (CD/LP/Digital) Now Again/Stones Throw NA5047, 2010-01-11 While In The Raw's hypnotic, defiantly psychedelic funk music was grounded in the great musical traditions of both America and Africa, Earthology finds the Brothers infusing their funk with musical traditions that span the globe. With this new album, The Whitefield Brothers - and a multitude of guests...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Who is Molesting Laura Part 7

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Who Is Molesting Laura ? (part 7)

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Who Is Molesting Laura ? (part 7) (MP3 Podcast on 2009-08-22 T.I.M.E.C. honchos Grant Phabao and Djouls have recorded at least half a dozen more Molesting Laura episodes for this podcast series of the Paris DJs Soundsystem. This new one is centered around instrumental interpretations of famous hits and classics. Once again, please leave a comment if you...

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El Michels Affair & Friends - Ultimate Breaks & Beats - Instrumentals Volume One

El Michels Affair & Friends - Ultimate Breaks & Beats - Instrumentals Volume One (CD/2xLP) Traffic Entertainment Group TEG3315, 2008-08-19 "These are tight new vocal-less versions of 13 of the most classic breaks in the Ultimate Beats & Breaks catalogue, laid down in Brooklyn, NY, by a gang of trained studio assassins (including Leon Michels of El Michels Affair). The group puts...

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El Michels Affair - Enter The 37th Chamber

El Michels Affair - Enter The 37th Chamber (CD/LP) Truth & Soul/Fat Beats, 2009-04-21 As a part of the same Brooklyn funk/soul revival led by groups like the Dap Kings, Budos Band, and Menahan Street Band, El Michels Affair have been on the lips of soul enthusiasts and tastemakers for a while. Fat Beats Records proudly releases their new album "Enter the 37th Chamber," which picks...

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The Memphis Sounds - Ike's Moods

The Memphis Sounds - Ike's Moods (CD) Decision Records, 2009-01-27...

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