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Tag - DustyTape

DustyTape Go Slow

DustyTape - Go Slow

'Go Slow' is a traditional shout from the Caribbean islands. You hear it on the sea side as an echo of your quick footsteps if you are one of those urban weary beasts. The locals, not only the rastas, makes fun of you, there is no way to hurry up after all… At some point that's what we want to shout to the world. Go Slow, consume less, think global, grab happiness from every tiny things like...

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Dustytape Con Mucho Gusto Vol 6

Dustytape - Con Mucho Gusto Vol.6

No Salsa Dura strictly speaking for this new volume of Con Mucho Gusto, but a blend of Latin music which goes from Colombian Cumbia to the Gipsy Disco music with a stop in West Africa, where in the 1960s/70s Cuban music and also Nuyorican Salsa New Yorkean set fire to the dancefloors and inspired local artists. The loop grows bigger but does not close… Que goce!...

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DustyTape Fiesta En Mix Corazon Con Mucho Gusto Vol 4

DustyTape - Fiesta En Mix Corazon

DustyTape - Fiesta En Mix Corazon - Con Mucho Gusto Vol.4 (MP3 Podcast on 2010-05-10 PUERTO RICO, MEXICO, HAITI, VENEZUELA, NEW YORK, PERU, SENEGAL, BENIN, CONGO, COLOMBIA. Thru 12 pieces and 12 different countries, this 4th volume of Con Mucho Gusto travels across the Latin music spectrum, exploring rhythms from funk to cumbia, compas and salsa dura, for all those with a...

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Ricardo Marrero & the Group - A Taste

Ricardo Marrero & the Group - A Taste (CD/Limited LP) Jazzman Records JMANCD027/JMANLP027, 2009-06-15 Just in time for summer and here's a mouth-watering taste of super latin soul! With the ingredients ranging from spicy hot funk to cool refreshing salsa, Ricardo Marrero's A Taste sets the scene for an exciting summer awash with soulful latin rhythms over a tropical breeze… an album of...

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DustyTape Piano Soul and Salsa Con Mucho Gusto Vol 3

DustyTape - Piano, Soul & Salsa - Con Mucho Gusto Vol.3

DustyTape - Piano, Soul & Salsa - Con Mucho Gusto Vol.3 Une sélection de Salsa Dura y Brava par Benoit de Vilmorin (MP3 Podcast on 2009-05-26 ll faut dire que jusqu'à il y a encore peu de temps, les latinos ont été vraiment hyper à la bourre sur la question d'internet mais ils rattrapent leur retard au galop. En effet ce podcast n'aurait sûrement pas existé sans la...

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Dustytape Vamo A Pescar

Dustytape - Vamo A Pescar - A selection of solid old school Panamean Music

Vamo A Pescar - A Selection of Solid Old School Panamean Music by Dustytape (MP3 Podcast on 2008-10-25 [comment faire?/how to?] Tracklisting : 01. Willie Colon - La Murga (from 'Asaltos Navideños' compilation, 2007 / Fania, originally released in 1970) 02. Ruben Blades - Juan Pachanga (from 'Bohemio y Poeta' album, 1979 / Fania) 03. Tambores De Mi Pueblo - Oiga Oiga Que Se Va...

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Dustytape Tribute To Ray Barretto

Tribute To Ray Barretto - A Dustytape Selection

Tribute To Ray Barretto - A Dustytape Selection (MP3 Podcast on 2006-03-01 R.I.P. Ray Après Lou Rawls, Wilson Pickett, Henri Guédon (un "Tribute To Henri Guédon" concoté par Manu Boubli sera disponible vendredi sur, Jay Dee, Lynden David Hall... c'était au tour du maestro Barretto d'aller rejoindre le grand orchestre de St Pierre et de taper le boeuf avec...

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Dustytape Salsa Con Soul

Salsa Con Soul - A Dustytape Selection

Salsa Con Soul - A Dustytape Selection (MP3 Podcast) 2006-01-02 [comment faire?/how to?] Tracklisting : 01. Ralfi Pagan - La Vida (from 'I Can See' 1975 / Tico) 02. Orquesta Dax Pacem - Salsa La Maraca (from 'Orquesta Dax Pacem' / Amaral records) 03. Eddie Palmieri - Everything is everything (from 'Justicia' 1969 / Tico) 04. Tito Ramos - Big T (from 'Where My Head Is At' 1972 / Cotique) 05....

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