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Tag - CSC Funk Band

Bondi Blaster Lo Juimo

Paris DJs Playlist - September 2012

September was like a standard month for us, 50 new releases landed in our hard drives, while nearly as many real life records reached our shores. Out of those we selected 5 new albums worth checking, Criolo's Nó Na Orelha, a superb eclectic set from the 35-year-old São Paolo rapper blending hip hop, brazilian grooves and even afrobeat; Fink's live album and book Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet, a...

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Paris DJs selection for Record Store Day 2012

Record Store Day 2012 - April 21st 2012 This year's edition of Record Store Day is quite event with the rise of vinyl sales, with a lot of labels pressing some limited goodies for the occasion. Well of course the major ones are rushing on this marketing thing to try and sell the same music they've been selling for years over various formats, but some indie labels are very inventive and it was not...

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CSC Funk Band - Thing Are Getting Too Casual - out on Fatbeats

CSC Funk Band - Thing Are Getting Too Casual (CD/LP) Fat Beats FB5145-1, 2011-08-23 Fat Beats Records is proud to announce that their first funk signees, CSC Funk Band, will release their album, Things Are Getting Too Casual, on August 23rd, 2011. Recognized by the Village Voice as Brooklyn noise-punk scene's very first funk band, CSC Funk Band is a random, diverse, and eclectic 11-member band...

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Label Love Vol.3 - FREE Digital Compilation

Various - Label Love Vol.3 (Free Digital Compilation) Label Love, 2011-08-01 Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe - each track plucked and presented by label heads from Decon Records, Fat Beats, One-Handed Music, Stones Throw, Tru Thoughts, Wah Wah 45s, and Wax Poetics. Each label evokes its own signature...

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Electric Cowbell presents 101 Things To Do In Bongolia - out on Electric Cowbell Records

Electric Cowbell presents 101 Things To Do In Bongolia (CD/Digital) Electric Cowbell ECR701, 2011-06-28 Electric Cowbell has been releasing 45rpm vinyl records out of Brooklyn, New York, since the summer of 2010. 101 Things To Do In Bongolia is a compilation CD that documents the label's first batch of singles plus includes remixes and bonus tracks. This release captures the funky and eclectic...

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Superhuman Happiness / CSC Funk Band - split 45 out on Electric Cowbell Records

Superhuman Happiness / CSC Funk Band - Human Happiness / A Troll's Soiree (7") Electric Cowbell ECR 002, 2010-08-17 Superhuman Happiness is the musical love of Stuart Bogie's life (tenor sax player of Antibalas and all-around awesome dude.) Using layered horns and funky guitar and bass lines, electronic beets and blurps, Human Happiness will make you shake your Superhuman ass happily. This...

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CSC Funk Band - Bad Banana Bread / Canaca - out on Electric Cowbell Records

CSC Funk Band - Bad Banana Bread / Canaca (7") Electric Cowbell ECR 001, late 2009 When flipping though singles in the new bin how do you not pick up a 45 for a band that has got 4 alternate names on it? CSC Funk Band, aka CSC Racket, aka Newtown Creek Playboys, aka Thrift Store Find, aka Fuck The Funk Band. Whatever they want to call it, the Bad Banana Bread single is definitely (and...

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