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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 7

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.7

This seventh Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection is an extravaganza spectacular selection of 50 tracks, with a lot fo Afro tunes, some Reggae goodies, Latin bits, hip Hop bombs and more… All killer, no filler, and plenty of choice tracks for you to share!! The 'Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection' is now a bi-monthly series, with every odd number a selection of cool tracks to listen to as a full radio show,...

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Paris DJs Playlist Janurary 2013

Paris DJs Playlist - January 2013

With big outlet FNAC usual wrongdoings, which we warned about 7 years ago now, and Virgin Megastores closing, with some crookery from the distributors hiding their losses and rushing headlong into the wall, record labels are dying in France. Well not many have ever existed over here, but now they're disappearing at an accelerated speed. Warp Records was among the first ones. Numero Group, Daptone,...

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Blend Mishkin Mama Proud Riddim Remixed

Blend Mishkin - Unconditional Love feat. Peppery (Grant Phabao Remix) - on Mama Proud Riddim Remixed (Cast-A-Blast)

Cast-a-Blast Unleash the Mama Proud Remixed And it's Free.... as in Free Air, Free as a bird, Free Beer (yes please). You get the idea, No Charge, Gratis. A Massive multi genre remix album based on Blend Mishkin's Mama Proud Riddim featuring Ten of Europe's hardest working producers and remixers. Showing their talents on this release are The Dirty Dubsters, Palov, JStar, Grant Phabao, Jazz K...

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Grant Phabao and Djouls 21st Century Roots Kulcha

Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Roots Kulcha

Is this the 12th volume of the 21st Century Roots series? It's been a long time since we plunged into all those new roots reggae, dub, dancehall, ska and hip hop grooves that are getting released all over the world. We've included the stellar reggae remix of Selah Sue by our operator Grant Phabao for those who haven't got the free virtual release yet, and a superb unreleased remix from our irie...

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BnC Make Bail

BNC (Bruises n Cuts) - Make Bail - free download from Cast-A-Blast Records

BNC (Bruises n Cuts) - Make Bail (Free Download) Cast-A-Blast Records, 2011-10-11 High taxes, low wages, politicians, bankers and a wrecked economy. All this combined with a personal twist can't keep Cast-a-Blast's very own BnC from making it look like it ain't no thing, with his latest installment Make bail. A contagious funk riff lifted and reworked to speak out, make you both laugh & cry...

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Dedy Dread & DJ Rebel feat. Delhi Sultanate - Criss & Shine - out on Cast-A-Blast

Dedy Dread & DJ Rebel feat. Delhi Sultanate - Criss & Shine (Digital Single) Cast-A-Blast Digicab208, 2011-09-19 Cast-A-Blast are very happy to present this next release on the Bonafides series. Criss & Shine is an eclectic combination of Swing samples, Ragga vocals and Hip Hop beats produced by gifted upcoming artists Dedy Dread (Portugal) and DJ Rebel (Italy) featuring vocals by the...

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Palov - Troubles EP - out on Cast-A-Blast

Palov feat. Lady Faye - Troubles (Digital Single) Cast-A-Blast Digicab208, 2011-07-14 Palov is stepping to the forefront as an artist in his own right. His debut solo release What's That made it's way in radio, DJ play lists and compilations worldwide last year, revealing a top notch musicianship with guitarist and songwriter Angelos Angelides. This time the two of them are meeting vocalist Faye...

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Hidden Riddim - Now You Know The Name - out on Cast-A-Blast

Hidden Riddim - Now You Know The Name (Digital Single) Cast-A-Blast Digicab207, 2011-06-02 The Bass hop duo from the UK lay down four new bullets for there debut release on Cast-a-Blast. Now you know the name deals a fast crunchy beats with a colossal bass line that is guaranteed to shake ya fillings out! This one is a bass weapon that every DJ needs in there armory. Also featuring a remix from...

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Farm Fresh Sound System - Roots Once Again - out on Cast-A-Blast

Farm Fresh Sound System - Roots Once Again (Digital Single) Cast-A-Blast Digicab206, 2011-05-04 Roots Once Again is a euphoric reggae gem with funky hammond licks, skanking guitars and hip hop treatments by Cornwall's (UK) one and only Farm Fresh Sound System! "Roots once again, rockers reggae music"; the phrase sets the tone and mood for one of our most elusive releases so far, coming...

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Turntable Dubbers feat. Brother Culture & Campina Reggae - Get Lively Now - out on Cast-A-Blast

Turntable Dubbers feat. Brother Culture & Campina Reggae - Get Lively Now (Digital Single) Cast-A-Blast Digicab205, 2011-04-15 Turntable Dubbers team up with MC Brother Culture to revise an already classic Campina Reggae tune, for an alliance that brings together killer troops from Antwerp, London, New York, Poland and Athens! Get Lively Now is a bass bubblin' uptempo reggae sure shot with...

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