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Tag - Burnt Friedman

Mr Moo - Abstractions In Space

Mr. Moo - Abstractions In Space

What really happened after the 90's? Past the electronic revolution, once all the freaks fled the overpriced cities, between the last gasp of experience and the last band standing in the minefield of our time, a bit before we found ourselves digitally brainwashed, there was a stream gathering, a loose joint venture of alternate currents, not really a scene or to twist Jim's words: "Weirds...

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Boddhi Satva Invocation

Paris DJs Playlist - February 2012

We've started this year a new section on the site, with each month a selection of records (vinyls, CDs) that labels, artists and distributors sent to us. Contact us is you want to be listed in this section next month.Our monthly selection always has a bit of space to feature friendly labels such as (this time) BBE Music, Perfect Toy Records, Numero Group, Soundway Records and Ninja Tune, who all...

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Burnt Friedman Bokoboko

Burnt Friedman - Bokoboko - out on Nonplace Records

Burnt Friedman - Bokoboko (CD/2LP/Digital) Nonplace NON33, 2012-02-03 You won't find any of the 4 exclusive tracks from the Zen' Aku 12 inch released last summer in this new album, but you'll get 10 new instrumentals, recorded and mixed in Burnt Friedman's Berlin studio during the past three years. The sound is mesmerizing, with prepared oil barrels/steel drums, all kinds of wood and metal...

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Burnt Friedman - Zen Aku EP - out on Nonplace

Burnt Friedman - Zen Aku EP (12") Nonplace NON31, 2011-06-10 Burnt Friedman rattles the pots and pans and also presents his latest technological breakthrough in the form of the rubber band guitar. He is careful to provide in his orchestrations the outer-rational sound of things banging into other things, or scraping across them, or being struck by a human hand. Guest appearances come from...

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Various - Nonplace 10th Anniversary Edition - out on Nonplace

Various - Nonplace 10th Anniversary Edition (CD/Download) Nonplace NON28CD, 2010 With this 10th Anniversary exclusive instrumentals CD Edition, Nonplace celebrates ten years of labeldom. It's not merely a wild mixture of adventurous quality grooves, but an assembly of tunes from extremely different sources. The contributions come from Flanger (Atom™ and Friedman), Burnt Friedman, Jaki Liebezeit...

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Friedman & Liebezeit - Secret Rhythms 4 - out on Nonplace

Friedman & Liebezeit - Secret Rhythms 4 (CD/Download) Nonplace NON30CD, 2011-04-15 The fourth album release in the Secret Rhythms series by Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit results from a ten-year collaborative project encompassing live performances and studio sessions. What began as a rehearsal for a concert delivered at Cologne Triennale 2000 turned into a long-term exploration of the...

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Ninja Tune XX - The Twelve Inches

Ninja Tune XX - 20 Years Of Beats 'n' Pieces - The twelve inches Those who bought the incredible Ninja Tune XX boxset and registered their promo code on the Ninja Tune XX site were sent two exclusive Ninja Tune 12 inches. Four more 12 inches have just been released. Here's the lowdown on which tracks are exclusive to those vinyls and which are taken from the boxset CDs......

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Ninja Tune 20 Years of Psychedelic Hip Hop Funk and Jazz

Ninja Tune - 20 Years of Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz - Selected by Djouls

Grant Phabao & Djouls - Ninja Tune - 20 Years of Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz (MP3 Podcast on 2010-08-28 We're still celebrating 20 years of musical activism from the english label Ninja Tune! The huge boxset is now coming out very soon... Parties in Paris and London are starting to get sold-out quite fast, and french magazine Trax has released a special (Ninja Tune...

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Burnt Friedman - Con Ritmo (expanded edition)

Burnt Friedman - Con Ritmo (reissue) (CD) Nonplace NON26, 2009-03-06 The first Nonplace CD, "Con Ritmo", originally released in 2000, remastered, edited and redesigned - it contains 4 extra tracks from the late 90s electronic jazz-dub production period... Strongly advised if you haven't heard it!!...

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Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - Secret Rhythms 3

Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - Secret Rhythms 3 (CD) Nonplace NON25CD, 2008-09-26 Tracklisting : 01. Morning Has Broken 9:01 02. Gegenwart 9:43 03. Trittbrettfahrer 5:40 04. Die ehrliche Haut 6:30 05. Entsafter 8:04 06. Wirklich Version 4:06 07. Sandale 9:33 Note : This is the third release in Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit's collaborative Secret Rhythms series, following Secret...

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