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Mr Oizo - Moustache (Half A Scissor) - vinyl edition out on Brainfeeder

Mr Oizo - Moustache (Half A Scissor) (2xLP) Brainfeeder BF012, 2010-12-13 2005 album released by Mute Records in the US, finally available on vinyl thanks to Brainfeeder... Five years after the 2000 debut album of Mr Oizo, Analog Worms Attack, featuring a tune featured in an advert featuring a lemon-coloured creature who drives a car and bobs his cute ol' head Mr Oizo returned with his second...

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Teebs - Ardour - out on Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus' label)

Teebs - Ardour (CD/2xLP) Brainfeeder BF010/BFCD010, 2010-10-18 As music from the Los Angeles area thrives and swells across the globe, one of it's most beloved and deeply rooted members steps out with an LP full of infectious melodies, subtle hip-hop and a kaleidoscope of sound. Music for the imagination. Ardour is the debut album by long time running My Hollow Drum, Dublab, and recent...

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The Gaslamp Killer - Death Gate EP - out on Brainfeeder

The Gaslamp Killer - Death Gate EP (promo CD/Download) Brainfeeder BFCD013P/BF013, 2010-10-11 Death Gate marks the return of Los Angeles-based producer and DJ William Bensussen, otherwise known as The Gaslamp Killer. The new five track EP, on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label, is a dark, bleak creation that is unmistakably part of the GLK's universe. Describing the record, he states "Death...

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Teebs - Why Like This - out on Brainfeeder

Teebs - Why Like This (promo CD/Download) Brainfeeder BF011/BFCD011, 2010-10-04 Teebs is a producer and visual artist from Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder camp. His debut album, Ardour is coming out this year, and it is a cracker. With a melodic, icy feel to his tracks that recalls the snow-capped atmospherics of Hauschka and Yagya as much as it does his peers like Flying Lotus, as well as a gorgeous...

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Lorn - None An Island - out on Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus' label)

Lorn - None An Island (Download) Brainfeeder BFDNL008, 2010-09-13 Lorn aka Marcos Ortega returns with a new EP from his critically acclaimed debut album, Nothing Else. One of the standout tracks from a breakthrough record, None An Island combines Lorn's trademark overt emotionalism, brutality and bleakness into something transcendentally beautiful. Brainfeeder labelmate Samiyam then takes...

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Lorn - Nothing Else

Lorn - Nothing Else (LP/CD/Download) Brainfeeder BF007/BFCD007/BFDNL007, 2010-06-07 The second artist album from Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint is a deep, deep, dark and uncompromising suite of music, produced mastered by Clark (Warp Records). The only Brainfeeder artist to neither come from or ever to have lived in L.A., Lorn has already developed an international following for his music....

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Lorn - Cherry Moon - out on Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus' label)

Lorn - Cherry Moon (Download) Brainfeeder BFDNL008, 2010-05-31 The first single from Lorn's debut album, Nothing Else, Cherry Moon sets the tone for what will follow. Marcos Ortega aka Lorn is the first non-LA resident to be signed to Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder roster. It's easy to hear why. His debut album (and the first full length on the imprint) is a remarkable, transcendent achievement. No...

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Daedelus - Righteous Fists of Harmony EP

Daedelus - Righteous Fists of Harmony EP (12"/Digital) Brainfeeder, 2010-03-22 In this release for Flying Lotus' up-and-coming label Brainfeeder, Daedelus presents a soundtrack-of-sorts to the Boxer Rebellion. What, you ask, could make such ancient history an inspiration for modern electronics? Well, Daedelus has found a strange relevance to our modern malady in these epic events of long...

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