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Speech Debelle Studio Backpack Rap

Speech Debelle - Studio Backpack Rap - Free Download from Big Dada Recordings!

Speech Debelle - Studio Backpack Rap (Free Download/promo CD) Big Dada Recordings BDDNL192, 2011-11-10 Speech Debelle's new single and a FREE DOWNLOAD! Two years since winning the 2009 Mercury Music Prize for her debut album, Speech Therapy, and having ridden a rollercoaster through life since then, Speech Debelle is ready to drop her second collection of music. Entitled Freedom of Speech, the...

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Roots Manuva - 4everevolution - out on Big Dada

Roots Manuva - 4everevolution (2xLP/CD/Download) Banana Klan/Big Dada BD190/BDCD190/BNDNL190, 2011-09-26 On September 26th (in the UK and Europe, October 11th in the USA) Roots Manuva will release a brand new studio album, 4everevolution, via Big Dada/Banana Klan. The album is just a few seconds under an hour long, consists of seventeen tracks and covers every style from wonky reggae through...

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Roots Manuva - Get The Get - out 2011 on Big Dada

Roots Manuva - Get The Get (Digital Single) Banana Klan/Big Dada BDDNL188, 2011-09-26 Roots Manuva comes storming out of the blocks with the first full single from his forthcoming album, 4everevolution. Get The Get is a hyped up, clever party tune, which sees Mr Manuva apparently encouraging you to drink Italian wine ("soave") whilst actually telling you to "get suavay" - a...

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Wiley - Link Up - out on Big Dada

Wiley - Link Up (Digital single) Big Dada BDDNL191, 2011-09-12 One of the many wonders of Wiley is how he manages to make so much music whilst pursuing an equally hectic social life. Link Up goes some way to explaining; he just can't resist making new links. The song is the second single from his new album for Big Dada Recordings, 100% Publishing, (we'd tell you when, but we might make ourselves...

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DELS - Capsize - out Big Dada

DELS - Capsize feat. Joe Goddard + Roots Manuva (12"/Download) Big Dada BD183/BDDNL183, 2011-06-27 Kieren Dickins aka DELS comes blasting back out of the blocks with the massive Capsize. After the critical acclaim which has met the release of his debut album, Gob, DELS has teamed up with two of his biggest name collaborators for the huge tune, Capsize. Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) has hooked up a...

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Toddla T and Roots Manuva - Watch Me Dance - out on Ninja Tune

Toddla T and Roots Manuva - Watch Me Dance (12"/Download) Ninja Tune ZEN12286/ZENDNLS286, 2011-08-08 As Toddla T prepares to release his second artist album of the same name, Watch Me Dance, is the follow up single to the brilliant Take It Back feat. Shola Ama. This release does not simply feature Roots Manuva on vocals but is more a collaboration between the two producers. In fact, it was...

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Wiley - 100% Publishing - out on Big Dada

Wiley - 100% Publishing (CD/2xLP/Download) Big Dada BDCD180/BD180/BDDNL180, 2011-06-20 Big Dada are very pleased to confirm that we'll be releasing another album by the brilliant, mercurial Wiley. The title, 100% Publishing, was chosen to reflect the fact that for the first time ever, the album is produced and vocalled entirely by Wiley himself. The result is his masterpiece; the freewheeling,...

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Bang On! - Got It - out on Big Dada

Bang On! - Got It (Digital Single) Big Dada BDDNL178, 2010-06-20 The twenty year old scally genius Bang On! returns on a hard hip hop beat courtesy of the appropriately-named Liverpool production hermit Reklews. Reminiscent of classic, bass-heavy hip hop at its very best (think "Shook Ones"), Bang On! uses Got It to spray a series of increasingly surreal and stinky barbs at an "X...

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Offshore - Pacer EP - out on Big Dada

Offshore - Pacer EP (12"/Promo CD/Download) Big Dada BD185/BDCD185P/BDDNL185, 2011-07-18 Aberdonian-in-London Ewan Robertson aka Offshore returns with the third of his "EP" series, his second for Big Dada, and it's another massive stride forward for this multi-talented producer. The EP begins with title-track Pacer, supple and dancefloor friendly but with enough of Offshore's...

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Elan Tamara - Organ EP - out on Big Dada

Elan Tamara - Organ EP (12"/Download) Big Dada BD182/BDDNL182, 2011-06-06 Everyone witters on about the latest female singer-songwriter to plop off the major label production line but the truth is this: most of them sound the same. Weak re-treads of classic soul or classic folk or classic this or that. As a whole, people are more interested in how they look than whether they have anything to...

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