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Tag - Alice Russell

Paris DJs Soul System - Live Dub Session 2018

Paris DJs Soul System - Wearplay LP#29 - Live Dub Session 2018 (T-shirt/Mix bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2018)

Back from their gig at the Glastonbury Festival in 2013, the Paris DJs collective decided to up the game with a brand new stage concept called the Paris DJs Soul System, an innovative show blending deejaying and old school dub session, all with original tunes and remixes, taken from nearly two decades of music production. From Jamaican soul, ska, rocksteady & reggae to American funk &...

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Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno - A Life Worth Living feat U-Roy and Alice Russell

Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno - A Life Worth Living (feat. U-Roy & Alice Russell) (12", Tru Thoughts, 2016)

As a preview for '1000 Watts', the third album from his cumbia-reggae-dub project Flowering Infernow (out of a total of 17th full-lengths!) scheduled for mid-june, Quantic releases a month before on 12 inch vinyl a superb first single, with guests Jamaican deejay and godfather of the style U-Roy, and for the chorus, soul singer and long-time collaborator Alice Russell. A first, very successful...

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Various - Tru Thoughts Covers 2

Various - Tru Thoughts Covers 2 (CD/LP, Tru Thoughts, 2015)

The first volume of the 'Tru Thoughts Covers' compilation series was released in september 2009 (info here), it was quite an essential collection of versions of standards and neo-standards. 6 years later comes the follow-up, aptly titled 'Tru Thoughts Covers 2', available as a 17 tracks CD or 7 tracks LP (with a card to download the full CD). Once again, the selection gathers some great covers...

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Alice Russell Seven Nation Army Grant Phabao Remix 45 hand stamped

Alice Russell - Seven Nation Army / Humankind (Grant Phabao Remixes) (2nd pressing, 7", Paris DJs, out june 12, 2015)

For the second pressing of the Alice Russell 45 with the Grant Phabao reggae remixes of 'Seven Nation Army' and 'Humankind', we've opted for a different sleeve look, with some red hand-stamped 'Vinyl Is Good For You' design by Ben Hito on a thick 180g white discobag! (the same one we did on the Jungle Fire repress 45). The repress is strictly limited to 300 copies, same quantites as the first...

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The Best of 2014

It's already february 2015 and this article comes late - which always better than never! Digital sales have now become a thing of the past for many, since a bit of notoriety gets your music available for free in just a few hours after release, and since the taxation has now changed in Europe for exporting digital products (that's a 20% downfall for us in France on digital exports). Most have...

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Tru Thoughts 15th Anniversary

Various - Tru Thoughts 15th Anniversary (2CD/3LP boxset, Tru Thoughts, 2014)

Brighton's finest Tru Thoughts Recordings is already 15 years old, and still one of the leading labels in the UK after all these years. Paris DJs has been having a long and lasting relationship with this imprint for most of those 15 years… Our most faithful readers might remember the 'fansite' that we used to run for a few years (now closed but the content of which has been fully...

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Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 - In The Kingdom Of Dub

Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 - In The Kingdom Of Dub (CD, Tru Thoughts, 2014)

Along with Ticklah in the US, Grant Phabao in France & a very few others, Prince Fatty from Brighton, UK, has found his own sound in the reggae niche. Having recorded many Nostalgia 77 records in the past, it was logical to see him tackle some reggae/dub remixes of his close friend (who's also from Brighton). Quoting the title of a Scientist album from 1981, 'In The Kingdom Of Dub', implies...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Vinyl Is Good For You

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Vinyl Is Good For You (Limited 6x45 Boxset, Paris DJs, 2014)

This 6x45s boxset is heavily limited, a true collector's item. Featuring Afrodyete (The Breakestra), Alice Russell (courtesy of Tru Thoughts Recordings), Brownout, Grant Phabao, Jungle Fire, The Lone Ranger with Carlton Livingston, The Jays, this selection gathers the best DJ tunes from Paris DJs' digital releases of the past two years. It was crowdfunded through a campaign of pre-orders which...

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Paris DJs Playlist May June July August 2014

Paris DJs Playlist - May/June/July/August 2014

This playlist has been a few months in the making... We were kinda busy with our crowdfunding campaign this summer, but managed to get back on our feet and finally publish this mega-post filled with 49 short or not-that-short reviews of new singles, albums and compilations we received at Paris DJs those last months! As usual, this playlist focuses on the physical records sent to us, promo CD of...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Vinyl Is Good For You Boxset

VINYL IS GOOD FOR YOU 45 Boxset - Paris DJs Crowdfunding Campaign

Paris DJs need your help to fund the manufacturing of this beautiful six-45s boxset designed by Ben Hito. Strictly limited to a 100 copies, this collection of 7 inches will only see the light of day if this crowdfunding campaign is a success so we need your support ! Included are exclusive Grant Phabao remixes and productions featuring Afrodyete (The Breakestra), Alice Russell (courtesy of Tru...

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