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Tag - Akale Wube

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends and Family Vol 2

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Friends & Family Vol.2

Following up where we left off with the first volume, here’s the second part of our "extravaganza" mix digging into the vast selection of current artists, bands and producers from the unique "Paris DJs universe". We’ve left you last week with a 25-tracks selection of American friends, let’s now check out the rest of the world, with 25 more productions and reissues originating...

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Etienne de la Sayette - Maputo Queens

Etienne de la Sayette "Maputo Queens" LP - Support Paris DJs' 4th crowdfunding campaign

Help Paris DJs press a limited edition vinyl LP and CD of Etienne de la Sayette's solo album 'Maputo Queens', along with some new t-shirts & sweatshirts, all illustrated by graphic artist Ben Hito. Support Paris DJs' Crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank...

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Paris DJs Playlist January 2015

Paris DJs 2015 Playlist #1

It's the return of the Paris DJs playlist!! The first week of the year was quite eventful records and releases-wise in our studio. New CDs from Batida de Colónia, East African Krautjazz Alliance or Marabout Orkestra; new vinyl from Brian Ellis, Dexter Story, The Lions, Tito Chicoma Y Su Orquesta; new jam bands amazing live recordings... On the Paris DJs front there's a new digital single from...

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Akale Wube - Memona Etienne de la Sayette Remix

Akalé Wubé - Mèmona (Etienne de la Sayette Remix) (Digital Single, 2015, Paris DJs)

'Mèmona' is a traditional Ethiopian piece from the Tigray Region (the northernmost of the nine ethnic regions of Ethiopia), played at weddings. Akalé Wubé discovered the song as sung by Tèwèldè Rèdda on the 'Éthiopiques 5: Tigrigna Music 1970-1975' compilation from Buda Musique, released in 1999. They covered it in their third album 'Sost', and it has since grown into one of the great rockin'...

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Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - Return Of The Dig-Fu Akale Wube Remix

Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - Return Of The Dig-Fu (Akalé Wubé Remix) (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2015)

Following up on Paris DJs tradition of reworking songs using only their vocal part to build a brand new intrumental to back it, Parisian Ehio-Jazz band Akalé Wubé has decided to try their organic jazz chops on an a cappela from Chicago MC RacecaR. Originally produced by Grant Phabao as an unstoppable afro-funk-hip-hop monster, this 'Return Of The Dig-Fu (Akalé Wubé Remix)' keep its rhymes evoking...

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Akale Wube Fitsum Minwalkulet Racecar

Akalé Wubé + RacecaR & Fitsum Minwalkulet - Friday, december 11th at Studio de l'Ermitage (Paris)

Masterful Parisian Ethio-Jazz band Akalé Wubé wiil be back at Le Studio de l'Ermitage for a show featuring our collaborator MC RacecaR once again! The timing is perfect since we just released a brand new single, with RacecaR on vocals and Akalé Wubé backing him! Check it below or here. >> facebook event...

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Akale Wube - Alegntaye feat Genet Asefa Grant Phabao Remix

Akalé Wubé - Alègntayé feat. Genet Asefa (Grant Phabao Remix) (Digital Single, 2015, Paris DJs)

While discussing the possibility of releasing Akalé Wubé's sax & flute player Etienne de la Sayette's solo recordings on Paris DJs, the idea of getting Grant Phabao to put to good use his reggae-remixing skills on one of Akalé Wubé's songs arose quickly. But what about the Ethiopian horn or vocal harmonies, would they fit on a reggae groove? Well you can't really know until you try, so that's...

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Paris DJs October 2015 Live Recommandations

October 2015 Recommended Live Shows in Paris

The amount of cool shows happening in Paris or close during this month of october is just plain ridiculous. Even ourselves keep on mixing up the dates of all the upcoming ones we absolutely don't want to miss! So we thought it could be useful to chronologically list all the ones we feel could be interesting. Maybe we'll meet at some of those gigs?...

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Akale Wube Lasine Diabate Racecar

Akalé Wubé + Lansiné Diabaté & RacecaR - Friday, june 26th at Studio de l'Ermitage (Paris)

Tonight (friday june 26th) the masterful Parisian Ethio-Jazz band Akalé Wubé are back at Le Studio de l'Ermitage for a show featuring Guinean balafonist Lansiné Diabaté and American MC RacecaR! The gig will also be streamed live on Yvan Amar's 'Jazz Club' on France Musique. So you have two choices: etiher coming to l'Ermitage, or staying at home listening to the show. We'd advise not missing this...

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The Best of 2014

It's already february 2015 and this article comes late - which always better than never! Digital sales have now become a thing of the past for many, since a bit of notoriety gets your music available for free in just a few hours after release, and since the taxation has now changed in Europe for exporting digital products (that's a 20% downfall for us in France on digital exports). Most have...

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