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Tag - Afrobeat Academy

Paris DJs Wearplay EP 021 Franck Biyong CFA Music

Franck Biyong & The Diamane Bantu Messengers - Wearplay EP#21 - C.F.A. Music (T-shirt/Digital EP bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2017)

Franck Biyong is a Cameroonian musician, composer and singer, creator of the "Afrolectric" sound fusing Afrobeat, Electro-Funk and Avant-garde Jazz. Here are 4 tunes co-produced with Paris DJs' main man Grant Phabao, extracted from the "Ki I Ye Yi" album they released together in 2012. Driven by a heavyweight spatial sound, this music is the missing link between the bold...

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Kologbo - Africa Is The Future

Kologbo - Africa Is The Future (CD/LP/T-shirt, Paris DJs, 2017)

Kologbo - Africa Is The Future Guitar legend Oghene Kologbo was born in Warri, Nigeria in 1957. His father was the well known highlife musician Joe King Kologbo. When Kologbo was a teenager, he began performing with the revolutionary Afrobeat master Fela Kuti. Kologbo went on to record more than 50 sides with Africa 70. He played the hypnotic tenor guitar lines, but often recorded bass and rhythm...

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Kologbo - Africa Is The Future

6th of September - It's Kologbo Day! A 4th track revealed from "Africa Is The Future" upcoming LP, featuring Tony Allen, Pat Thomas & Ayo

Paris DJs followers should be aware by now, we're not joking, every 6th of the month is Kologbo day! Later this year on upcoming 6ths of the month we'll unveil some brand new productions recorded this summer, but until then we're proud to keep on revealing new tunes from Fela's tenor guitar player in Afrika 70 brand new album "Africa Is The Future", to be released at the end of this...

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Kologbo - Africa Is The Future T-shirts

6th of August - It's Kologbo Day! New track revealed and crowdfunding launched for "Africa Is The Future" upcoming LP

Since Kologbo was born on a 6th, we've decided to make every 6th of the month "Kologbo Day" and release a new track of his each time. So, as announced last month, here's "My People", a new extract from the upcoming "Africa Is The Future" album, featuring the legendary Tony Allen on drums, Jamaican deejay Joseph Cotton on guest vocals, Ben Abarbanel-Wolff on tenor and...

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Kologbo - Africa Is The Future

Every 6th of the month is now officially Kologbo day !

Kologbo was Fela's tenor guitar player in Afrika 70. He's been teaching Afrobeat all around the world those last years: Berlin with Afrobeat Academy, Brazil with Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra Iconili or Amplexos, Chile with Newen Afrobeat, Belgium with World Squad, France with Les Frères Smith or Monkuti, and many more. His second long-player "Africa Is The Future" has been eagerly expected...

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Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band (CD/2LP, Strut Records, 2015)

Ben Abarbanel-Wolff is an American saxophonist and composer who lives in Berlin. He has played and recorded with The Poets Of Rhythm, Karl Hector & The Malcouns, The Whitefield Brothers, Franck Biyong, Tony Allen or the Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra. In 2007 he released with his band Afrobeat Academy an album with Fela's guitarist Oghene Kologbo, 'Remember Fela Anikulapo Kuti'. That same band...

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The Faranas & Baba Salah Run Run

The Faranas & Baba Salah - Run Run (Digital album, Everest Record, 2014)

The Faranas is a Swiss-based band we had spotted on Bandcamp with their 2011 album 'Who Are You?', a few tracks of which could have fit Paris DJs afro/tropical compilations. We got in touch but the group asked us to wait for their upcoming new album, which added to the group's line-up the Malian singer and guitarist Baba Salah. In 2009 they were already joined by Senegalese singer and...

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Ebo Taylor New Morning Paris Mars 2014

Ebo Taylor & Afrobeat Academy - March 26th at Le New Morning (Paris)

Guitar player and arranger, Ebo Taylor from Ghana is the missing link between Accra, where highlife was born, and Lagos, the afrobeat Mecca. 100% funky, 100% groove. Well that's how Ebo is introduced for his 2014 tour. What we can assure you, having seen him many times on stage, is that if you haven't check his amazing live show with the Afrobeat Academy yet, then you're missing something. Go grab...

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Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol 8

Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection Vol.8

This heighth Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection is another extravaganza spectacular batch of 50 tracks, with a heavy dose of soul, some Afro funkyness, Reggae grooves, Hip Hop head-nodders and latin vibes… Don't hesitate to pick your favorites, like 'em, share 'm and playlist 'em again!! The 'Paris DJs Soundcloud Selection' is a series we try to do on a bi-monthly schedule, with every odd number a...

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Paris DJs Best Of 2012 Contenders

Paris DJs presents The 20 Contenders Albums of 2012

10 best albums for 2012 was really hard to pin down. We had to leave a lot of very good record on the side. That's totally unacceptable with all the amazing goodies we received every month during the past year. Which is why we decided to select 20 more superb albums from 2012. The contenders!...

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