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Pat Thomas intrduces Marijata

Pat Thomas introduces Marijata (CD/LP, Academy LPs, 2015 reissue)

Born in 1951 in Kumasi, Ghana, the highlife vocalist, Pat Thomas, made his name with his band the Sweet Beans. He began his carreer in 1969 with the Broadway Dance Band, leaving a year later to join the Uhuru Dance Band. Then he played with Ebo Taylor's Blue Monks and finally formed the Sweet Beans in 1973. They released 'False Lover' in 1974, then split and-reformed as Marijata, releasing...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Xmas Goodies 2012

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Xmas Goodies 2012

Happy holidays everyone! This Xmas Goodies mix is #398 of our podcast series, which is getting a little closer to its conclusion with mix #400 happening before the end of the year… Meanwhile, enjoy this soulful, irie and groovy selection of global merriness, featuring some new holiday classics from a year ago from Ugly Duckling, Pee Pee Dynamite or Charles Bradley, some excerps from Cee-Lo Green...

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Stoneface And Life Everlasting - Love Is Free / Agawalam Mba - out on Academy LPs

Stoneface And Life Everlasting - Love Is Free / Agawalam Mba (7") Academy LPs ASS001, 2011-07-29 Academy LPs is proud to announce the debut of it's Academy Special Single series in conjunction with Voodoo Funk (Frank Gossner). First up is a single by Stoneface and Life Everlasting, from the Nigerian Music Scene. This is their only 7 inch, from 1973. This single is a fantastic two side: Love...

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Marijata - This Is Marijata (LP, Academy LPs, 2011 reissue)

Marijata - This Is Marijata (LP) Academy LPs ALP 006, 2011-03-08 The core trio of the Ghanaian funk band Marijata got its start as the Sweet Beans - a highlife combo sponsored by the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board. Hard-hitting, hair-rising, Afro-fuzz from Ghana, This is Marijata is the toughest and most sought-after African Funk records of them all! Recorded in 1976, this album is the standard by...

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The Psychedelic Aliens - Psycho African Beat - out on Academy LPs

The Psychedelic Aliens - Psycho African Beat (CD/LP/4x7" boxset) Academy LPs ALP005/ACD005/ABS005, 2010-10-26 Like most stories involving aliens this one seems, well, made up. For a few years in the late 60's to early 70's worlds collided and aliens walked among us. And made music. Psycho African Beat is the complete recorded output of this amazing group and their unprecedented music that...

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Citizen Dale Platters That Matters Vol 4

Citizen Dale - Platters That Matters Vol.4 - A'fro Down

Citizen Dale - Platters That Matters Vol.4 - A'fro Down (MP3 Podcast on 2010-08-08 "Hey Julien, I hope that this message finds you well and as busy as ever. The mega African mix you just put up is shit hot! Anyway, I must have been on the same wavelength as you as the new mix I've been working on is afro-centric: Platters that Matters - Vol. 4 - A'fro Down! This fresh mix...

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Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Simigwa - out soon on Academy LPs

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Simigwa (LP) Essiebons EBL 6133, 1975 / bootleg reissue by Dix Records, 2010 / soon to be official reissued by Academy LPs, 2010 A very limited reissue of extremely rare Afro beat album from Ghana, 1000 copies only... alas it's a bootleg and you really should wait for the Academy LPs official reissue to happen later this year. Those US guys have a quality standard so much...

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Various - Lagos Disco Inferno

Various - Lagos Disco Inferno (CD/2xLP) Academy LPs, 2010-03-16 Some call it Disco, some call it Boogie, Academy LPs call it the LAGOS DISCO INFERNO: 12 smokin' rarities straight from Nigeria, dating back to '76-82, compiled by Frank Gossner< (aka DJ FRANC O, SOULPUSHER) of VOODOO FUNK fame. Surprisingly familiar, yet intriguinly foreign, these tracks sound just as fresh today as they did 30+...

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Mebusas - Blood Brothers

Mebusas - Blood Brothers (CD/LP/MP3) Academy LPs ALP003, 2009-12-21 Best known for their cut Son of Mr Bulldog which was made available on the recent Afro Baby compilation on Soundway Records, The Mebusas lone LP Blood Brothers combines elements of American soul and funk, psychedelic rock, latin/carribean rhythms and traditional African music. Innovative arrangements, deep rhythms and top-notch...

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Ofege - Try And Love

Ofege - Try And Love (CD/LP/MP3) Academy LPs ALP001, 2009-04-07 Ofege recorded this LP while still in high school in Nigeria in 1973, and with its sweet harmonies, wailing fuzz guitar and virtuoso drumming, it quickly became a classic of the Afro-rock genre. Mastered by Tim Warren from the best possible sources, Try And Love is available for the first time in over 35 years, officially licensed...

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