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zero dB - Heavyweight Gringos

zero db Heavyweight Gringos
zero dB - Heavyweight Gringos
(CD/MP3 Download) Ninja Tune ZENCD139/ZENDL139, 2008-02-04

Tracklisting CD :
01. A Pomba Girou (Dave De Gato Remix)
02. Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Raymond In Space Remix)
03. Know What I'm Sayin' (Nery Bauer Remix)
04. Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Dibaba Remix)
05. Te Quiero (ATFC Remix)
06. Know What I'm Sayin' (Kids In Tracksuits Remix)
07. Sunshine Lazy (Tony Nwachukhu Remix)
08. Anything's Possible (Xrabit Remix)
09. Te Queiro (Peter Kruder Remix)
10. Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Goetz Remix)
11. Sunshine Lazy (Daedelus Remix)
12. Coisa Do Gringo (Yppah Remix)
13. Conga Madness (Toshio Matsuura Remix)
14. Sunshine Lazy (Raphael Sebbag Remix)

Tracklisting MP3 Bundle :
01. Sunshine Lazy (Raphael Sebbag Remix)
02. Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Raymond In Space Remix)
03. Know What I'm Sayin' (Nery Bauer Remix)
04. Conga Madness (Toshio Matsuura Remix)
05. Anything's Possible (Xrabit Remix)
06. Sunshine Lazy (Daedelus Remix)
07. Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Dibaba Remix)
08. Te Quiero (ATFC Remix)
09. Sunshine Lazy (Tony Nwachukwu Remix)
10. Know What I'm Sayin' (Kids In Tracksuits Remix)
11. A Pomba Girou (Dave Da Gato Remix)
12. Coise Do Gringo (Yppah Remix)
13. Te Quiero (Peter Kruder Ruff Mix)
14. Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Goetz B Remix)
15. Sunshine Lazy (DJ Kentaro Remix)
16. Know What I'm Sayin' (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
17. Conga Madness (Inverse Cinematics Remix)
18. Anything's Possible (Mark Force Remix)
19. Te Quiero (ATFC Extended Remix)
20. Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Dibaba Extended Remix)

Links :

Press Release :
As any recording geek knows, zero dB is the optimum level for recording. Yet the duo who have taken this studio jargon as their moniker place no limit on their production other than to flap ears, trigger nods and shake tail feathers wherever and whenever it's played.

Rewind to September 2006, when 'Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines' hits the streets sprinting, hurdling genres and kicking its analogue spikes into the bland face of all who stand in its path. This debut artist album, "Ninja Tune's best release ever" according to Trevor Jackson, had dirty jazz&bassmeisters zero dB propelled overground long enough to tour their bangers and mash it up at parties around the world, before burrowing back underground.

It's from here that Chris Vogado (one of the dBs and Mr. Fluid Ounce, the label that launched these boys back in 1999 with 'Come Party') masterminded the remix album, 'Heavyweight Gringos'. Vogado approached 27 members of the Fluid Ounce Friends & Familia crew plus Ninja and Big Dada stablemates and laid the whole 'Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines' album at their disposal. These heavyweight remixers plundered the dB drives and picked their perfect partners for the dance

This release includes remixes from...

DIBABA (Fluid Ounce / F-Com) took 'Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines' out to Stockholm, threw a few vodkas down its neck, tied it to a tree and threw snowballs in its face until it cried. zero dB thought that they'd given this track the hardest edge possible, only to be proven wrong by this deranged monster emerging from the blizzard.

DAVE da GATO (Fluid Ounce's enigma with remixes for, Quantic, Javi Pez, Saffrolla, Far Out records and a release planned for 2008) marked his territory on 'A Pomba Girou' before subjecting it to his feral ferocity and his Carnival licks... days later it was found with its batacada barely intact. This heavyweight fat cat definitely knows how to ruff up a tune.

NWACHUKWU (Attica Blues then, CD-R founder now), found the soul in Sunshine Lazy (featuring Nouvelle Vague's quirky front girl Phoebe 'Killdeer' Tolmer) and did what only he can - extended it into one long, filtered, dubbed-out bruk joint. The result is a personal fave of Mr. fl.oz...

RAYMOND IN SPACE (dub creature from Bristol with forthcoming releases on Fluid Ounce's 'Platform') stripped 'Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines' down to its indecency then funked it to the moon and back.

XRABIT (Big Dada) took the vocal to "Anything's Possible," mixed in his trademark brew of hyperactivity, old school flourishes and thundering bass dives to show that there's life in the hip hop blueprint yet...

A.T.F.C. (top 10 Midas-touch boy for Fat Boy Slim, Adeva etc) dipped 'Te Quiero' into a bubbling cauldron of Cheddar fondue... it came out so hot, it had to take its shirt off and jump on a plane to Ibiza.

GOETZ (Remixer of Coldcut and many more) also got busy on "Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines," bashing conga-house and alto-sax mash up against metallic atmospherics and an insistent drive towards Euphoria (you'll find it on the map just after "Further").

TOSHIO MATSUURA (UFO, Brownswood of old) was robbing banks in Tokyo to pay off the musicians from his legendary Soil & Pimp Sessions. Instead, he couldn't resist recording them all again on his straight-up jazz reimagining of 'Conga Madness'.

Fellow UFO-er RAPHAEL SEBBAG has always been a huge fan of zero dB, even more so since the Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines album. In contrast to his sometime collaborator he took the 'Lazy' out of the 'Sunshine' and put tension in its place. Spy music for those too-cool for Bond.


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