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zero dB - Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines

zero db bongos bleeps and basslines
best of 2006zero dB - Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines
(CD/4xLP) Ninja Tune ZEN120/ZENCD120, 2006-09-04

Tracklisting :
01. A Pomba Girou
02. Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines
03. Conga Madness
04. Know What I'm Sayin'?
05. Samba Do UmBigo
06. Anything's Possible
07. Te Quiero
08. On The One & Three
09. Sunshine Lazy

4xLP Artwork:

Promocd & miniposter artwork:

Press Release :
Since they started properly working together some 6 years ago, Chris Vogado and Neil Combstock aka Zero dB have been concocting a provocative, innovative and addictive brew of hard jazz, electro, latin, hip hop and house, laced throughout with their now signature dirty, heavy basslines.

After releasing their early records on Vogado's own Fluid Ounce label, Zero dB are now signed to Ninja Tune and ready to step it up, with their debut album, "Bongos, Bleeps and Basslines". Their main starting point is usually jazz, but they dip into a multitude of different influences and work with talented musicians and vocalists to create a track. In contrast to the general climate of somewhat old, tired, formulaic and unmemorable dance music, zero dB's meticulous production forces their audiences to discover previously undeveloped musical places.

"a pomBa girou" kicks off BB&B by combining disorientating echo with ridiculously fat electronic bass stylings and the kind of rhythm designed to get the hips twitching. Title track "Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines" (spelt beats instead of bleeps on your promo!) eschews the usual "nice" factor inherent in all things proto-jazzy, taking the music's rhythmic drive and harnessing it to earth-rumbling bass noises and enough squelching and bleeping to fill a large aerodrome with monged-out ravers. "conga madness" is latino-space music, a pummelling, hard-as-nails rhythm. "know what i'm sayin'?" heads in a slower, more hip hop-influenced direction, verbals being beautifully delivered by Pase Rock, sometime member of Five Deez and regular Spank Rock collaborator. "Coisa De Gringo" returns to the production pair's love of turbocharged, cyber-punk latin, combining – as ever – raw bass with a true musicality which elevates the tune to levels of euphoria it couldn't manage by use of rhythm alone. Heidi Vogel adds the requisite sweetness, the delicacy of her vocal perfectly offsetting the drive of the music. "anything's possiBle" is a super-mellow chunk of hip hop that draws on the classic early nineties school of Premier and Pete Rock, the finishing rap touches from New Orleans native Voice, whose cool school styling and thoughtful lyrics place her in the tradition of Bahamadia, Ladybug and What What? "te quiero" builds with all the beautiful self-evidence of classic house music, a variety of influences thrown into the blender in order to produce something pumped up and downright evil enough to blow away any of the froth which usually passes for latin-influenced dance music. "on the one & three" keeps the flick knife hip shimmies going right to the end, where "sunshine lazy" rounds things off in epic style with sweaty, drowsy, hot weather psych-r&b.

The result is hard-edged and exhilarating, a record which is destined never to end up on the Starbucks stereo. Not least because it would blow up the woofers. As brutal as it is sophisticated, "Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines" is a stand-out work of UK dance music.

Biography :
Even if you've only just heard their name, you are sure to have already enjoyed a hard fruit or more of zero dB's labour, whether one of their early 12" releases such as now jazzfloor classics "come party" and "click" or one of the many quality remixes that these went on to trigger demand for by truby trio, suba, peace orchestra, john kong & moonstarr, grupo batuque, hexstatic, original soul boy, nicola conte, acme, interfearance and even sun ra (co-mixed with gilles peterson). or maybe you simply know them for the bleary head and weary body you were left with after a night out at one of the many parties they've stirred up around the globe?

zero dBoys chris vogado and neil combstock have been concocting a provocative, innovative and addictive brew of hard jazz, electro, latin, hip hop and house, laced throughout with their now signature dirty, heavy basslines. Their early cuts were nurtured by chris' eclectic and experimental record label, fluid ounce, which released their early 12"s as well as a compilation album of their remixes, " reconstruction", their debut artist album, "Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines" will be coming out in Summer 2006. to accompany the album release, zero dB will be embarking on a live "Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines" party tour this spring and beyond, across europe and the rest of the world - y'all wanna come party with them? you have been warned!


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creatino creatino ·  08 May 2006, 08:22


Je suis Franz le graphiste de zerodB... Le titre du album c "Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines" pas

J'espère que la musique et le graphisme vous plait!


Ninja Freaks Ninja Freaks ·  09 May 2006, 05:03

Merci! L'erreur provient du CD promo de l'album, ainsi que du site de presse de Ninja Tune, qui indiquent tous deux "Beats" à la place de "Bleeps" dans le tracklist de l'album...

creatino creatino ·  19 May 2006, 06:39

Oui je sais, ils etaient un peut nul la... merci pour la corection, je te envois le URL du minisite quand elle est publié!

Fred Spiider / PGProd Fred Spiider / PGProd ·  30 August 2006, 12:02

Enorme, le retour tant attendu de Zero DB.

grr!! grr!! ·  16 November 2006, 10:46

I cant find the lyrics for Track2 - bongos_beats_and_basslines !!!

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