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Withnail & I Remix Album

Withnail & I Theme - Marwood Walks (Jon Kennedy remix / Jung Collective remix)
withnail and i remix album
Various - Withnail & I Remix Album
(CD) 2006

a project directed by Alan Gubby (Jung Collective)
"For years I had thought about remixing music & dialogue from Bruce Robinson's comic masterpiece, 'Withnail & I'. In 2001 I finally embarked on the project and have since developed a number of remixes by myself and several UK producers. I obtained permission from EMI in 2002 to reinterpret the lovely acoustic theme Marwood Walks (when Marwood leaves Monty's cottage to explore the lake district for the first time). I have also collaborated with several UK producers (inc. Jung Collective - Nanny Tango / Paul Murphy - Afro Art / Jon Kennedy - Grand Central and others) to produce ambient, jazz, dance and electronic versions of the music and new tracks including dialogue from this classic film. David Dundas (co-composer of the original film score) introduced me to his nephew Rob Kettlewell, in 2003. Rob is now helping us negotiate all neccessary rights for a tribute / remix album to be released in 2006. This should co-incide with a 20th anniversary relaunch of this timeless cult classic on DVD, video and possibly in cinemas. (...) Several mixes are complete & ready to go but the powers that be are insisting we wait until 2006."

Tracklisting includes :
Marwood Walks theme (Jung Collective Percussion Rehash)
Marwood Walks theme (Jung collective Chilled Rehash)
Marwood Walks theme (Buff Plaza Electro Melody Mix)
Marwood Walks theme (Eulogize Trans-European Mix)
Marwood Walks theme (Jon Kennedy Remix)


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Lola Lola ·  20 March 2006, 11:13

Hello, and thanks!

andrea andrea ·  31 January 2007, 17:12

Hi! We are urgently trying to contact David Dundas or his representation regarding the licensing of the song "Withnail's Theme". We are hoping you might be able to help since we assume that you have done the same regarding your remixes. If you have any info. you could pass along, we would be ever so SO grateful!!!!

Thanks so much,
The Talent House

carmatic carmatic ·  18 August 2007, 21:50

dont you know about the song called 'solar coaster' by Solar Stone? listen to it, and compare it with the withnail theme

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