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Vibert - Simmonds - Rodulate

Vibert Simmons Rodulate
Vibert - Simmonds - Rodulate
(CD/2xLP) Rephlex CAT194, 2008-06-30

Tracklisting :
01. Open File
02. Room 28 Rap
03. Space Mist
04. Asteroid Blet
05. Go to Sleep (Everything Is Alright)
06. Rodulate
07. Story
08. Rare Pee
l 09. Hurtin' Cyst
10. I Said Acid, Then I Said
11. V.A.J.
12. Fishing Ray

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Press Release :
You are reading the promo notes for a legendary album of previously-unheard material from the Rephlex archives, produced by two of the label's favourite artists, both Cornishmen. Rephlex proudly announce the second album from Vibert-Simmonds. Entitled "Rodulate", it is a superbly-entertaining collection of tracks, lovingly selected by the artists themselves.

Luke Vibert is known for his work in many genres of music & has recorded under several different aliases, including The Ace Of Clubs, Amen Andrews, Kerrier District, Plug, Spac Hand Luke & Wagon Christ. He has released albums with Astralwerks, FFRR, Mo'Wax, Ninja Tune & Warp among others and has become known for his superslick beatmaking and positive expression. He's also a prolific Remixer, adding his own particular sparkle to hits from Moloko, Meat Beat Manifesto, Howie B, David Sylvian, Black Devil & Nine Inch Nails, to name a few.

Vibert originally became involved in electronic music through his interest in funk and hip-hop, as well as the environment of bedroom experimentalism associated with the swelling U.K. Dance scene (circa '86-92). Luke and a friend, Jeremy Simmonds, released their debut collaboration album, "Weirs", under the name of Vibert/Simmonds in 1993 with Rephlex and it remains a seminal masterpiece of that special era.

Simmonds, aka Voafose, has remained a collaborator, background influence and spiritual advisor to Luke for years and released his debut solo album on Rephlex at the end of 2006; a collection of ambient solutions, sonic curiosities & psychiatric realisations. Jeremy's recording experiments started years before collaborative music - from childhood experiments & playtime with discarded, hand-me-down tape recorders, capturing sounds from radio/tv & the outside world. He is a known as a master of sonic texture and timbre.

'Together they assimilate such diverse elements as hip hop, house, techno, jazz & musique concrete into a unique take on electronica. With the first album, they tweaked and kick-started a virtual insurrection in sound around the world. And "Rodulate" starts where that left off.' The duo's credentials are undeniable. Their knowledge, experience and skill are obvious. So now it's time for you to check out this new release of early classic material that has been zealously indulged by Rephlex afficiandos for all these years. As Music goes, it's magic.


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