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Various - Zentertainment 2006

Zentertainment 2006
Various - Zentertainment 2006
Sampler for Ninja Tune, big Dada & Counter Records
(promo CD) Ninja Tune ZENCD2006, 2006-06-10

Tracklisting :
01. Coldcut - Walk A Mile (french radio edit) [NINJA TUNE]
02. zero dB - Beats Bongos & Basslines [NINJA TUNE]
03. Spank Rock - Top Billin' From The Far Left [BIG DADA]
04. Pop Levi - Blue Honey [COUNTER RECORDS]
05. Roots Manuva - Seat Yourself (Miami mix) [BIG DADA]
06. Daedelus - Vida Vida [NINJA TUNE]
07. Fink - Pretty Little Thing [NINJA TUNE]
08. Bonobo - Nightlite (feat. Bajka) [NINJA TUNE]
09. Loka - Tabernacle 2 [NINJA TUNE]
10. Ammoncontact - Drum Riders (feat. Cut Chemist & Brother J) [NINJA TUNE]
11. New Flesh - Home Movie [BIG DADA]
12. Yppah - Again With The Subtitles [NINJA TUNE]
13. Coldcut - Walk A Mile (Tiga remix edit) [NINJA TUNE]

Promo CD artwork :
Zentertainment 2006Zentertainment 2006Zentertainment 2006Zentertainment 2006Zentertainment 2006

Press Release :
Coldcut 'Walk A Mile'
Coldcut return with the stand-out single from their critically-acclaimed album, "Sound Mirrors". The pioneering duo take Joe South's classic 70s hit "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" and re-work it in the tradition which started with their own "Autumn Leaves" and incorporates Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy" amongst others. The version of the tune included on the single ties the epic nature of Coldcut's production to a skipping, swinging house rhythm and the kind of anthemic build that leaves you exhausted. It's a truly beautiful piece of music, the contrast between the delicacy of Owens' voice and the weight of the orchestration perfectly realised.

zero dB 'Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines'
zero dB have been for 6 years concocting a provocative, innovative and addictive brew of hard jazz, electro, latin, hip hop and house, laced throughout with their now signature dirty, heavy basslines. Never has this been more clearly shown, than on this eponymous taster for the forthcoming longplayer. "Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines" eschews the usual "nice" factor inherent in all things proto-jazzy, taking the music's rhythmic drive and harnessing it to earth-rumbling bass noises and enough squelching and bleeping to fill a large aerodrome with monged out ravers.

Spank Rock 'Top Billin' From The Far Left'
Drawing on the music of their hometown, Baltimore, Spank Rock make something genuinely unlike any record you've heard before. Of course there are antecedents – Missy's first album, 2Live Crew, the Beastie Boys and Dizzee Rascal all spring to mind – but "YoYoYoYoYo" demands to be approached on its own terms. "Top Billin' From Far Left" is a pure Club cut-up that's as clever and catchy as it is offbeat, a theme taken to yet another level by this track.

Pop Levi 'Blue Honey'
Pop Levi is part of our sprawling Ninja Tune Liverpool psych-rock collective Super Numeri. He casually handed over demos for a record he was working on that showed a modern spin on rock & soul (somewhere between Marc Bolan & Prince... for real) and we immediately knew that there was no way we could pass on it. That we were impressed enough with it to shirk a 16 year old label agenda and give the record its own imprint should tell you right away how incredible it is. So it's a new sound coming to you from us, backed by 16 years of experience and knowledge as a label. Watch for Pop Levi "Blue Honey" single to be released on August 28th '06

Root Manuva 'Seat Yourself (Miami Mix)'
"Alternately Deep" is the same record as "Awfully Deep" transported to an alternate universe. Much more raw and stripped down, many of the underlying themes are the same, but dealt with in different ways. Collaborators here are grime producer Jammer, Lotek, Colossus, Easy Access Orchestra and live vocal partner Ricky Ranking, but, as ever, the record is definitively the work of Roots Manuva, a fine addition to a remarkable body of releases.

Daedelus 'Viva Vida'
Daedelus aka Alfred-Weisberg-Roberts returns to the fray with "Denies The Day's Demise," a new album of electro-tropicalia. "Viva Vida" sounds like carnivalé in halftime, all lament, and redemption. A thematic and musical tour de force which repays repeated listenings, Daedelus' "Denies The Day's Demise" is all about raging against the dying of the light, the romance of the night and the sheer arse-waggling marvellousness of latino rhythms. Don't dorm…

Fink 'Pretty little thing'
"Pretty Little Thing" was recorded in Fink's 7Dials attic studio - bursting with records, guitars, computers, mics, and on occasion, his band... "Pretty Little Thing" was the first track Fink recorded for the project and is pretty much a solo affair - he started it on a Friday night and by Monday morning the direction of his music had changed forever. Pretty Little Thing was the start of it all, a song about a guy, a girl, and a party....

Bonobo (feat. Bajka) 'Nightlite'
This track shows in all its glory the varied, yet entirely coherent sound that Bonobo has made his own. 'Nightlite' features the unique, indefinable voice of Bajka. Bajka grew up as part of a traveling music commune called Embryo in places such as Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan. A massive and varied talent, here her soft-to-sharp vocals sit perfectly over a trademark falling chord change. Bonobo's third album, Days To Come, is due in October and is his best album yet.

Loka 'Tabernacle 2'
"Fire Shepherds" is an album outside of time, immune to trend. You'd be on safe ground stating that like Jaga, Loka are concerned with the point where rhythms cease to be generic and just become propulsion. But neither of these references can fully do justice to Loka's love of cascades of emotive strings and the jazz/rock experiments of the late sixties and early seventies. "Tabernacle," Loka reach again and again for euphoria. Strange, out of place and beautiful, with the long-awaited "Fire Shepherds" they find it.

Ammoncontact (feat. Cut chemist and Brother J) 'Drum riders'
"With Voices" is the album that Ammoncontact have been waiting to make - the point where the duo's own loping, deep production style could be melded, as the title has it, with the voices around them. The results are scinitillating, a hip hop album bursting with spirituality and positivity and a unique ambience. In 'Drum riders', Cut Chemist adds some cuts to the X Clan man's "Drum Riders". And to round out the mix, there are constributions from Daedelus and Mia Doi Todd, who could be said to represent the more esoteric side of the music which has grown around the lynchpins.

New flesh 'Home Movie'
NEW FLESH have always been more than a step in front of the opposition, and from the opening bars of "Backyard," probably the freshest dancehall tinged riddim heard from the UK, it's clear that "UNIVERSALLY DIRTY" is going to be something very special. Toastie, on the other hand, uses his solo track "Home Movie" to suggest a little naughtiness with a video camera, a perfect summary of the yin and yang which makes these two vocalists so complementary.

Yppah 'Again with the subtitles'
24 yr old Texan Joe Corrales drops this sublime piece of filtered breaks and organ as a taster from his his forthcoming mini album on Ninja Tune. It's a monster!!!

Coldcut 'Walk a mile' (Tiga remix edit)
Tiga takes the original, strips out the music and replaces it with technoid pulses and a harder dancefloor rhythm, the sweetness of Owens' voice cutting through the intensity. Already hailed as a classic, "Walk A Mile…" is the perfect summer reminder of the strength of Coldcut's "Sound Mirrors" album and a hit in the making. Listen…


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Bobby Bobby ·  14 July 2006, 11:26

csá! Szerintem ZSiR az összeállítás, a NiNJA TUNE megint hozta a formát!

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