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Various - Fluid Ounce Presents... DVD

Fluid Ounce Presents DVD
Various - Fluid Ounce Presents...
(DVD/Digital) Unfold/Tru Thoughts UNFOLDDVD005, 2008-10-27

Info :
We are pleased to announce the first album and re-launch of UNFOLD. The premier release is by hugely influential UK label (created by ZERO DB) Fluid Ounce. In keeping with their unique style this release will be a 90 track DVD. It will include 90 full length tunes on both 320kbps MP3 and AIFF files. Unfold is part of the Tru Thoughts label network and has been set up to work with like-minded artists and record labels to distribute and promote good quality creative and independent music across the world. This collaboration with Fluid Ounce is the first one... watch this space for some more great tunes.

Tracklisting + links :
01. Aero Soul - So Boogie Acid
02. Aero Soul - On A Little Cloud (pornogroove edit)
03. Arch_typ - Boogie Back Funk
04. Arch_typ - Samba BBQ
05. Arch_typ - Tones For Two's or
06. B.D.I. - Blackstar (Up & Out mix)
07. B.D.I. - Mr Musique
08. Barry Styles - Barry's Revenge
09. Barry Styles - Brazil Soul
10. Barry Styles - Clear Days
11. Barry Styles - Jazz Dancer
12. Barry Styles - Ooh Baby
13. Barry Styles - She's Gone
14. Barry Styles - The Rain
15. Barry Styles - The Soul Man
16. Barry Styles - You Don't Understand
17. Barry Styles feat. Ayesha - It Doesn't Matter
18. Beatspoke - Beat de Nit
19. Beatspoke - Dubcore
20. Beatspoke - Gotta Move Up (inst.)
21. Beatspoke - New Daylight (inst.)
22. Beatspoke - Romance
23. Beatspoke - Sovereignty or
24. Colorblind feat. Real Fake MC - Green Paper (Deepchild Mix)
25. Colorblind feat. Sena & Ghostnote - Ordinary Culture Bound (Bama Soundmachine Mix)
26. Colorblind feat. Sena & Redrum - One More Reason
27. Colourblind feat. Sena - Keep We Guessin' or on
28. Daisuke Tanabe - Blue Towel
29. Daisuke Tanabe - Stuck
30. Daisuke Tanabe - Voice Wave or
31. Dave da Gato - Carbon or
32. DJ Gomor - Cage Torazik
33. DJ Gomor - Hair Bag
34. DJ Gomor - Trottoir Flash
35. Galaxaphone - Everybody
36. Hipster Wonkaz - Mexican Bordel
37. Hipster Wonkaz - Spaced Out Mums
38. Kidboy - Automapor
39. Kidboy - Blue Shuffle
40. Kidboy - Jazzy Trumpetero
41. Kidboy - Outro
42. Kidboy - Pinchaor's Groove
43. Kidboy - Sweet Suite
44. Kidboy - Vibrafroblues
45. Kid Swing - Green
46. Kid Swing - I Hate Bling Bling Rappers
47. Kid Swing - Kids Love Ra
48. Kid Swing - Same Old Shit
49. Kid Swing - Yeah Yeah Baby
50. Kids In Tracksuits - Ape Shit
51. Kids In Tracksuits - Campfire Song
52. Kids In Tracksuits - Eyes Like Tea
53. Kids In Tracksuits feat. Genetic - No Hooks or
54. Madnus & Scogil - Carpet Volé
55. Madnus & Scogil - Undervibes
56. MeNeO - El Culo
57. MeNeO - Quiero Original
58. MeNeO - Tourist or
59. Nery Bauer - Dolce Far Niente
60. Nery Bauer - Floyding At The Cage
61. Nery Bauer - Rainy Saturday
62. Nery Bauer - Snakes In The Road
63. Nery Bauer - Vitamines or
64. Nic Bossa - Sixty One
65. Nice Kalendar - ISO
66. October & Borai - The Letter I
67. October - Blocks
68. October - Drugs
69. October - Everything Will Be Alright
70. October - Is Love
71. October - Spandex
72. October - Stay Inside
73. Pablo Azevedo - Paris One or
74. Paul Freeth - 2 Left Feet (Pts 1&2)
75. Paul Freeth - Rumble
76. Paul Freeth feat. Fiona Mahon - By Your Side and
77. Raj - Goranja Centre
sorry couldn't find any link...
78. Raymond in Space - Galactica
79. Raymond in Space - Innerspace
80. Raymond in Space - Suno
81. Scott - Bah
82. Scott - Teischord or
83. Seq 9 - Interstellar Freq. Pt 2
84. Seq 9 - Licorne
85. Seq 9 - One Of Us
86. Taote Kid - Maïoun Do Be-Bop
87. Taote Kid - Reasonably Naïve Melody
88. Taote Kid - Smooth Cruise For Loose Grooves
89. Yellowtail - Dump Da Stump or
90. Zzouf - No.3

More Links :
Buy it soon on (official) (fansite)

Press Release :
The brainchild of Fluid Ounce head honcho Chris Vogado - aa one half of Ninja Tune's zero dB - 'Fluid Ounce presents...' is a groundbreaking compilation: 90 (yeas, nine-zero) tracks of exclusive, exciting, original and genre-rampaging music presented in high quality formats on one DVD. And here's how it came to be...

It's 2008; you know how it is; the music industry is flickering in its own embers; compact discs dangle to scare off birds whilst vinyl gathers dust; recordings of music can be heard but not seen.

Chris Vogado struggles back from another gig, another airport, another journey, with two excessively heavy record bags full of vinyl gems. As he enters Fluid Ounce HQ and relieves his sloping shoulders, he detours into the vaults where demos bulge off every shelf and remind him of the mammoth task in hand. For years he's been receiving, auditioning, reviewing and ransacking an ever rising flood of demos, sent with care from around the world. And for the past two years, he's concentrated great efforts into scooping off the cream and liaising with the artists to optimise their often already exceptional if sometimes under-nurtured sounds. But to release all these nuggets on 12" heavyweight vinyl, as the quality of the music deserves, when no miserable sod can be bothered to put their wallet where their apprecition of this unsurpassable format is? NON! NO! NO MORE! NOT IN THIS GAME! Chris vogado, realising he is shouting at nobody, gathers his thoughts and calmly vows to make a change.

Suddenly, through the haze of sunlit dust specks a vision appears (and for once, it is not a naked lady). It could just be the solution: put out a massive colection of the very best of a damned good lot and show the world that quantity and quality can coexist in a small, neat package. Si, si, señores y señoras, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - Fluid Ounce presents... these exclusive, outstanding tracks, from no less than 29 different, mostly new, but always uniquely fresh artists, all carefully plucked and finely tuned by the clean and unforgiving ears of A&R guru Chris Vogado.

"I know I'm hard to please", sigh Vogado now, "and I know I've been a real pain in the arse for most of the artists featured here, meddling to the point of great interference, but it really has been worth it, as they, we - and hopefully you - will all agree."

Unfold is part of the Tru Thoughts label network and has been set up to work with like-minded artists and record labels to distribute and promote good quality creative and independent music across the world. This collaboration with Fluid Ounce is the first one... watch this space for some moe great tunes.


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Aerosoul aka Dj gomor Aerosoul aka Dj gomor ·  23 September 2008, 11:44

Hey the 1st myspace link is not good ! i don't have any myspace called wasn't me .

My space adress is

take care !!!!

Djouls Djouls ·  26 September 2008, 15:56

My mistake, I've corrected - thanks!

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