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Various - Daisies (Original Soundtrack)

Daisies Original Soundtrack
Various - Daisies (Original Soundtrack)
(CD/LP) Finders Keepers FKR013LP / FKR013CD, 2007-11-26

Info :
Soundtrack to Vera Chytilova's groundbreaking sixties Czech New Wave classic.

Tracklisting :
01. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Sedmikrasky (1:55)
02. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Peach Tree Thieves (1:03)
03. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Red Carpet (0:40)
04. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Three's A Crowd (2:07)
05. Eva Pilerova - Drunken Disorderlies (2:05)
06. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Dead Men Tell No Tales (3:06)
07. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - The Juggler (2:02)
08. Jan Klusak - The Butterfly Cabinet (0:41)
09. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Sugar Stealers (1:15)
10. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Burning Ribbons (Phone Call 1) (2:33)
11. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Girlies Girlies (1:29)
12. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Man With A Typewriter (Phone Call 2) (2:26)
13. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Bath Of Milk (2:40)
14. Marie Ceskova - Roses Red Roses Red (0:54)
15. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Cuckoos (2:06)
16. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Scissors (1:49)
17. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Beggars Banquet (2:17)
18. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Food Fight (1:27)
19. Jiri Slitr & Jiri Sust - Strip-Teas (2:04)

Links :

Press Release :
"Back in the latter half of the 1960s, the burgeoning idiosyncratic group of alternative filmmakers coming out of (then) Czechoslovakia known as the Czech New Wave were taking art house cinemas in Western Europe and America by storm. The hour-long films that came out of the infamous Barrandov production house played a competitive rival to that of the French and Italian new waves with their very own immaculate and spell-binding takes on cinema verité, film noir, surrealism and cinema concrete. But after the Soviet Union invaded Czech in August 1968, the clampdown on non-conformist creative arts saw over 70 films either banned or withdrawn from production in a mass culling of film reels until 1970. It is not until recent years that the genre has become widely recognized as a veritable and virtually untapped source of inspiration for fans of experimental cinema, psychedelic cinematography, baroque costumes and scenery, music and graphic design. Daisies pulls together what you might call the 'Holy Trinity' of the Czech New Wave -- director Vera Chytilova, costume and set designer Esther Krumbachova, and cinematographer Jaroslav Kucera -- arguably the three most forward-thinking and truly experiMENTAL minds in the whole of the CNW collective. The follow-up to the critically-acclaimed release of (the previously unreleased) Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders -- another Czech masterpiece -- this release was previously unprepared for public consumption and taken from the original reels. This immaculate release has been compiled in close accordance to the original storyline and comes complete with unseen archive images, original international poster designs and new and extensive sleevenotes by Andy Votel and Professor Peter Hames. This release also carries personal endorsements from Jarvis Cocker, Trish Keenan (Broadcast) and Jim O'Rourke."

"They said it couldn't be done but the people at Finders Keepers have proved the nay-sayers wrong. Here, at last, is the the soundtrack to maybe THE underground film of all time in all its crazy daisy glory. Monsieur, you are spoiling us." - JARVIS COCKER

"Meet your new best friends - Jezinka and Jarmila. Watch them con rich men, catwalk a buffet table squashing vol-a-vonts and cream cakes in high heels and then cut off each others heads in a special effects scissor fight. They are ridiculous, unruly and a right laugh and at the end of the film you'll feel proud to have known them." - TRISH KEENAN (BROADCAST)


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