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Ty - Wait A Minute

Ty Wait A Minute
Ty - Wait A Minute
(12"/Remix 12"/CDS) Big Dada BD058, 2003-10-27

Tracklisting 12" :
A1. Wait A Minute
A2. Wait A Minute (instrumental)
A3. Wait A Minute (acapella)
B1. Wait A Minute (Dwele remix)
B2. Wait A Minute (Dwele Remix instrumental)

Tracklisting Remix 12" :
A1. Wait A Minute (Fusion Remix)
A2. Wait A Minute (Sticky Remix instrumental)
B1. Wait A Minute (Sticky remix)
B2. Wait A Minute (Fusion Remix instrumental)

Tracklisting CDS :
01. Wait A Minute
02. Wait A Minute (Dwele Remix)
03. Wait A Minute (Fusion Remix)
04. Wait A Minute (Sticky remix)

Press Release :
You know the story. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl move in together. Boy and girl fall out of love and argue a lot. But you've never heard it told quite like this.

Taken from his superb second album, "Upwards," "Wait A Minute" is one of Ty's all time stand-outs, combining as it does a superb, funny, perceptive lyric with some state-of-the-art drum programming and the most naggingly catchy chorus you're ever likely to hear on Big Dada.

But that isn't all. Throw in the best remix package Big Dada has ever put together and one of our funniest, most eye-catching promo videos and you've got a single to get properly excited about.

First up on remix duties is Detroit's very own Dwele, sometime collaborator with Jay Dee whose own album "Subject", came out on Virgin to rapturous responses earlier in the year. Dwele keeps the original melody but rebuilds it out of Rhodes, samples of his own voice and the odd, sublime trombone riff.

Next to the table is Fusion, whose work with Fallacy on "Groundbreaker" and "Big & Bashy" established him as a major player in UK street production, working at the cutting edge between hip hop and UKG. Fusion re-imagines the original as a stuttering, paranoid cut-up and invites young London MC Microw into the studio to put the woman's side of the argument. And how.

Last but certainly not least comes man like Sticky. Occupying much the same legendary position in UK Garage as DJ Premier does in New York hip hop, Sticky is still best known for Ms Dynamite's breakthrough hit, "Boo!" but anyone who keeps an eye on these things will tell you that he and his label Social Circles, are responsible for much, much more than that. Here he rebuilds the chorus and sets off into a place where UK garage collides with spaghetti westerns and Jerry Dammers – 2sTone anyone?

The promo video for "Wait A Minute" was directed by upcoming duo Tom & Jon (Mutiny) who, rather than let Ty bury his head in the sand, buried all the rest of him and then tortured him mercilessly with that mainstay of the hip hop video – bikinied young lovelies. The result is a visually striking and very funny twist on the "Beach vid" so beloved of our American brethren…

Don't wait – check it now…


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