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Ty - Upwards

Ty Upwards
Ty - Upwards
(CD/3xLP) Big Dada BD057, 2003-09-29

Taking It Back MP3 Review :
Ils sont vraiment cools les Big Dada, malgré leur nom de grand père. Le nouvel album de Ty vient de sortir en CD et vinyle (triple!), avec un mp3 gratos! Et coup de bol pour ceux qui aiment la black music: pile à la croisée d'un bordel funkadelifiant bourré de scratches, d'un rap old school, funky et plein de respect, et d'un chant R'n'B soyeux , ce "Takin' It Back" les satisfera tous de leur soif de bon gros fonk.
Note : 4/5 Djouls

Tracklisting :
01. Ha Ha
02. Mpoh's Lament (Skit)
03. Wait a Minute
04. I Want 2
05. Awkward Boy Skit
06. Oh U Want More?
07. Rain
08. The Willing
09. Look 4 Me
10. Groovement (Part 1)
11. Expectations
12. Taking It Back | download MP3
13. Hot Spice
14. Dreams
15. Inner Love (Samba)
16. Music 2 Fly 2

Press Release :
"My dad used to say "Son - you're not supposed to win.
You were never supposed to win.
When you understand that you understand everything.
You're not supposed to win. So win everything."
Winning as I always do
I give you some music to fly to..." - Music To Fly To

Many MCs say they're going to "elevate" – you, their skills, the people – but very few actually raise a whole lot more than their bank balance. So it's time to become reacquainted with Ty, one of the most accomplished MCs and musicians around, and with his new album, "Upwards," which takes you so high, lyrically and musically, you won't want to come back down again.

After 2001's "Awkward," Ty made a conscious decision that the next record he made would be self-produced so that he could express everything exactly as he wanted to on the follow-up. As a result, he devoted time and money to tracking down the old keyboards he loved and wanted to use as a basis of the sound and looked around for a production partner to help him realise his vision. He settled on Drew (of Psychic Phenomena and Doze Guys), who had made "The Tale" for him on his first record and together they began working on a new, harder, more upfront sound that could still give room for Ty's varied preoccupations and lyrical excellence to shine in.

The result is "Upwards" and the stakes have most definitely been raised. It's an album that has something to say and pushes the form but yet is still instantly accessible, funny and as much as anything else, heartfelt – a true expression of hip hop culture. With guests inluding legendary afrobeat drummer Tony Allen, Michelle Escoffery, Bembe Segue, Breis and Shortman, "Upwards" shows hip hop's (and Ty's) ability to both reflect and transcend its surroundings - without ever forgetting the music's roots in the party. A unique achievement, this uncompromising, beautiful record is already being muttered about as a classic-in-waiting by those who have heard it.


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