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Ty - Case The Joint

Ty Case The Joint
Ty - Case The Joint
(Download Only) Big Dada BDCDTY012, 2005-02-01

Tracklisting :
01. Case The Joint

Press Release :
So. Imagine the scene. Back in the early days of planning "Ocean's 12" before everyone involved just decided to have a laugh and to hell with the consequences, back in those distant heady days, when everyone still thought it might actually be a good film that real people might pay to go and see, back then, all-round star, great actor, but Dick-Van-Dyked English accent man Don Cheadle was told he would have to rap in the film. In fact, that George Clooney would find him in a bar rapping when he was putting the old team back together. So Don did some research. He asked round, he got on the internet. And then he called Ty.

And the essence of this call was, "Ty, you're my man. I have checked out the wealth of UK hip hop and you are my kind of hombre. I would forthwith like you to drop all else and write me a tune about being a thief which I can rap for myself in Mr Soderburgh's forthcoming masterpiece." Ty and his production partner Drew got down to it and together they wrote "Case The Joint". Don loved it. Don's people loved it. Don's people's people loved it.

Don, we presume, started practising – both rapping and wrapping his chops around the English vowel sounds (not that he got too worked up about it in "11"). And then, in the end, everyone got drunk, went out for a party, stood round having "Who is the handsomest?" competitions. And Don mimed it. But it didn't really work, so its only on the DVD extras, and he doesn't even pretend to rap it in the film.. Which is why it's the only bit in the film where he sounds English.

So, because we thought you needed to hear Ty say "I'm a hustler, baby" (in character, mind). Because we thought something good should come out of this train wreck of a picture. Because it gave us an excuse to photoshop Ty's head onto Matt Damon's body. Because Ty is Mercury-nominated, award-splattered and generally THE KING of all he surveys. Because because because because because of the wonderful things he does. And because it's actually really rather good. We're letting you download it. For money.


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